Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Crazy Weather

We have had some of the craziest weather. You don't know whether you want to dress for cool or warm weather. We have been starting our days in the 50's and sometime we reach in the low 80's. I thought it was to early to wear layers, but that is the only way you can deal with the crazy weather.
My heart goes out to those that have been having all of the heavy rain and flooding in Texas because of the Hurricane's. I saw that Dallas had a tornado. I think about the family that we have that lives in Texas.
They keep saying the rain is coming our way, but who really knows what direction it is going to go.
My followers are growing and I appreciate each and everyone of you who read my blog. I love comments because that is my way of traveling to places that I would not get to go. I have met so many wonderful Friends through blog land for which I am thrilled for each of you. I just don't get to spend quite as much time as I would like to visit each and everyone of you, but I try to spend sometime visiting each day for a while.
It gives me something else to think about besides what is going on in my life. As most of you know I have allergies, and the weather has really caused them to flare up to where you feel miserable. My eyes water and you would say I was crying, but not really. Finding medicine that works with the other medicine that I take is a challenge. I don't want to take shots because I don't know how they will react.

All of the boys are now going to school. My youngest started back to preschool this week. He was so ready to go. When you would talk about it, he would say that he was going tomorrow. Well that tomorrow has started and there was no problems getting him up and around for school.
They are so much fun to listen to them talk about what they are learning.
I thought I would show you another one of my tea towels. I have one block left on the lap quilt I am working on. It is made up of twelve different blocks and has been enjoyable. My husband can't understand how I can work it without looking at the pattern. The pattern is repeated through out the block, that makes it easy. You all have a great day.


LuLu Kellogg said...

You are so talented! I love these wee birdies.

Our weather here is crazy day it was 65 and the next day it was 98! I am ready for fall right now!


Michelle May said...

The weather is so crazy. I don't have any "in between" clothes.
Hope you get to feeling better sweets. Sugie bun bun has a watery eye too.
Love your tea towel. It's just darling.
Thinking of you.
xx, shell and sugie bunny