Friday, October 24, 2014

I'm Back

  I got my Internet back up and running. You never know how much you miss it until it is down. I got rid of my house phone and dsl. I got tired of being told it was always my phone line that was causing my problem. I just use my cell phone now for my main phone. Don't you get tired of all of the scams, political, and sales people trying to sell you something or being asked how you are going to vote. It is no body's but my own business how I vote. 
    I am going to try to catch up with some more of you. Do you ship international? How do you handle the expense? I know it was a learning experience when I shipped to Ireland. I guess you are never to old to learn. My custom order is on its way to a new home so I have a little time to myself. Not as much as I would like, but you can't have everything. 
   We had heavy fog this morning and then we warmed up this afternoon. It was cool of a morning and warmed up in the afternoon back when hubby and I got married 51 years ago this past Sunday. It stayed that way while we were on our honeymoon. You wonder where all of the years have gone with roughly having a little over two months left in this one. 
   Parent teacher conferences are over and all the boys made the A-B honor roll. Grandma is very proud of them and their achievements. They had the day off from school, but it was dad's day off so he had the boys. My youngest spent the night with his other grandparents so he could sleep late. 
   I just thought I would let you know I am back. Take care and have a great weekend. I had a good one last weekend. I went to a luncheon on Friday with 13 of my high school classmates and then to a dinner on Saturday evening honoring classes from 1935-1960 when the high school closed. I saw hubby before I rode up with one of my classmates. That was really nice.


Sunday, October 12, 2014

My Weekend

   Today I spent a cold damp day at Pumpkin Fest where the club sold Dutch Oven Cobblers for three days. Starting on Friday afternoon and evening. The weather didn't cooperate with us that is for sure. The wagon was one of the decorations at the Pony Express Museum. If you love history and visit our city, it is one of the places that you should check out along with the Patee House Museum located close by. Our city has the history for people who enjoy that kind of things. 
   Today we sold quite a bit of coffee, hot peach, berry-berry, cherry, pumpkin cobblers and apple crisp all cooked in a dutch oven with the charcoal. You could have ice cream on top if you wanted. It hit the spot while it was still hot. The weather didn't cooperate this year with mist part of the day and started to rain as it was coming to the end.  
 I couldn't get a close up and get all the pumpkins in that were carved by a lot of people. They lit the wall on Friday night, but the evenings was just to cold and damp for me to go and try to get a picture. They had a lot of bales of hay for people to sit on to watch them.You could take a carriage ride if you wanted to do so. My oldest grandson helped take the   pictures. I have some more of the wild west characters that were roaming the grounds that I will show you in another post, but I need permission first. 
   The clubs booth was up the street behind the horse and carriage. I thought about taking a ride, but didn't.
   Yesterday I spent the day at the Nursing home. They had a car, truck, and motorcycle show. A lot of them brought back the memories. They had free hot dogs, chips, drinks and ice cream. It was warmer and you had sunshine, but I forgot my camera so I didn't get any pictures. Hubby could watch the cars, trucks, and motorcycles arrive out his window. It filled the area where we normally park when we go visit. It was cool to start with frost, but the sun warmed it up later.
   It was an enjoyable day taking hubby outside several different times. I just wish I had taken my camera so I could have taken a few pictures of the neat looking cars. 
   My son and grandson came and picked me up today so I didn't have to drive. Needless to say I brought cobbler home with me and if I want it warm all I have to do is warm it up in the microwave. 
  It sure wasn't this kind of weather 18 years ago when our daughter got married. It really doesn't seem that long ago. This year has absolutely flown by and I don't really know where it has gone. This month is half gone already. 
   I hope you all had a good weekend. I would just liked to have seen a little more sunshine. We even managed to have some rain in the mix. You all take care and have a good week.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Chilly Weather

  Fall is definitely in the air with the cool temperatures that we have been having the last few mornings. We just haven't been warming up as much as I would like in the afternoon. We have birthdays and anniversaries to celebrate this month ours included. 
   I thought I would show you some of my latest things that I have been working on to keep the fingers busy so that I don't have time to dwell on other things. 
   You had several things that you could do this weekend. You could go watch Nascar racing at the Kansas Speedway or you could go watch the Royals play this evening. The Chiefs were playing in California today.
    If you have been watching the Royals play, you have had some late nights. The last time I looked they were up 6-2. We shall wait and see if they win. 
   Halloween and Thanksgiving will be here before we know it. I have been working on first one thing and then another. I want to get some more Christmas ones made. 
   The fund-raisers have started. My youngest grandson is selling popcorn for boys scouts. My oldest is sell Fruit, cheese, and cookie dough for FFA. I don't know about my middle one if he is selling anything or not. I try to get something from each one so that I am not leaving one out.
   My middle one  turns 10 later this month. He wants to take a trip for his birthday. He hasn't told me where he would like to go yet. It is so amazing what they come up with now days. 
    I have been reading on Medicare and you for the coming year. Do you ever feel like you are reading something that when you get through you still don't understand what you read? It talks in circles, sometimes I think it is done on purpose so you get confuse and will give up. 
   Trying to understand what is covered and what is not is something else. I know that our prescription d part of our insurance has almost double. I wonder what our other insurance is going to do. They say they don't want to put people in the poor house, but with all of the prices going up they sure are. 

 This last picture is of the broadcast crew from our last Friday night games. They did barrels, poles, and down and back and had fun. The kids got to tell them their times. The two boys are my grandson. The blonde hair one is my youngest who is bigger then his cousin. They had fun

  Take care and have a good week.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Catching Up

      Matt and his horse Fergie have had an exceptional Buckle Series. He doesn't do the games or it could have been more trophies. Watching him do the Novice Extreme Challenge put the end to the horse riding at our arena. He learn what Fergie didn't like, but she didn't buck with him. It was interesting to see what horses would do what was asked of them and what horses wouldn't. Several didn't like the big panda bear that they had to side pass to and put a cap on his head.  The evening was finished off with the awards dinner where trophies, ribbons, and belt buckles were presented to the kids.
      What he accomplished makes grandparents and parents very proud of him. His dad being the President of the club got to present all of the trophies and belt buckle to him which made it all the more better. I found out when I went with them to his last appointment how to read his face when he was having a dizzy spell. It is getting a little better, but he won't be through all of his sessions with the physical therapist until after the first of the year. 
     Jake and his partner got a trophy each for team of two barrels. The picture is of them waiting their turn to ride. She has two horses one that she shows elsewise and her game horse. Jake did his Johnny Fry leading the Pony Express 5 K run on Saturday. Tomorrow is his first contest of the year in soils. He says that he is ready for it and I am going to pick him and his buddy up in the morning to take them to school so they don't miss the bus. 
   Their bus to the house is not reliable at times. It is either early or late. Plus he didn't really want to wear his contest clothes on the bus to get them dirty. 
   Dad even got to ride Saturday afternoon on Charley. He had been farmed out this summer to a lady who gave riding lessons. The girls loved him. First one and then another were riding him around. He liked all of the attention. 
   I took a "me" day today. My day started off with a thunderstorm with lots of lightening and rain.I even lost my electricity for a little bit. I know the lightening sounded awfully close to the house. I don't sleep good when that happens. They say that we can expect some more storms tonight. That is just what I need. 
   I have spent three days up with hubby. We now have his eye injection scheduled for a week from today.We are trying that first to see if it works before they do surgery. They did a x-ray of his knee today to see if we can figure out why it won't support him at times. We have an appointment later in the month with the doctor for that. At least he hasn't been sick for a few days. Somebody brought a bug into them. He wasn't the only one that was sick. 
    The fingers have been busy to keep from getting stiff. I have to get my pictures taken of my latest towels. It gives me something else to think about. 
    A special prayer going out to those that are suffering from that nasty word  Cancer. I found out today that two of my classmates's cancer has returned. You just never know when that will happen. This month is Cancer Awareness month. 
   The Royals, Chiefs, both won their ballgame. The first time making the playoffs in 29 years. We have Nascar coming to Kansas City this weekend. Just a lot of activities lately. The Royals stadium was packed last night looking at the pictures on the news. 
   Hope everyone is enjoying their week so far. Have a good one and take care.  


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Fall is here

    It is official that fall has arrived. The year is flying and I really don't know where it has going. It is going way to fast whether we are ready or not. It is going to be cool this evening again. My grandson is here mowing my yard hopefully for the last time of the year. He is going to portray Johnny Frye for the Pony Express 5K Run with Fergie again this coming Saturday. He likes doing it. 
    I went yesterday with my dil and grandson to Children's Mercy Hospital for his physical therapy treatment. It will either make them wore out or bouncy off the wall as the saying goes. It really wound him up. He got some new exercises to do before he goes back. He was swinging from the ropes before we left and dropping on a mat. I can see what my dil meant by somethings after watching. The physical therapist says that he has lived with the problem for a long time and has now come to the point where he gets physically sick. They won't address his hearing issue until she gets through with him. If I get another opportunity to go, I will go with them again. He sure knows his way around down there. I would get lost. The people that work there that I met were awesome and so caring.
   Hubby was really sick yesterday going both ways. He was still keeping soup down today. They said that his color was better, but yesterday was bad.  Somebody brought a bug into the nursing home. Why do people either come to work sick or visit a patient that way is beyond me?
   My craft show wasn't that good Saturday. There was just way to much competition. I did come home and go to the Southside Festival with my daughter and her family along with one of her friends that I hadn't seen for a long time. The only thing that my youngest grandson wanted to do was ride the ponies. At least they had a bigger horse for the bigger kids to ride. After seeing how they did the vendors, that is one craft show I wouldn't do. You would have to have a tent which would be hot. Theirs is a 3 day event.  It was an enjoyable evening.   I didn't spend much money. 
    Tomorrow is the eye doctor appointment. We find out if they are going to do injections into hubby's eye or if it will require surgery. Both of them scare me because I don't even like putting drops in my eyes, but I do so I can't imagine what it will be like that they are going to do to him.. I don't know what he would do if he lost his eye sight. I am praying for the best. 
   My grandson is through mowing the yard so I need to bring this to a close so that I can take him home. Have a wonderful rest of the week and enjoy the fall weather. Take care.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


     I have been missing for a few days. Just to many things going on in my life right at the moment. Dealing with hubby's eye problem. He has an eye that is blurring. They say the film that covers your eye has a bubble in it. They are talking about injections or worse case scenario is surgery, but would not be invasive. We meet with them the 24th. Of course, it makes you worry as if I don't have enough to worry about. 
    Horse show season is winding down. The rain has not helped us in that respect. I think the boys are going to one October 4th, but not positive. Their last one wasn't a bad day. Jake and his partner have won team barrels the last three shows for which we are very proud of them. He did his volunteer job of leading horses while kids rode this past Sunday. They do a good job in that respect. They had 4 horses there, but he did not have his own horse. He will be portraying Johnny Frye again for the Pony Express 5K run. Mom is having him a shirt and vest made so that they don't have to borrow one. 
    Matt figured a new way to open and close the gate for trail. He just lets Fergie use her nose. It is not the right way, but the judge gave him points for doing something different. Everybody was talking about him. Of course, they do anyway. You never know what he will do. You need to watch out if he has the camera taking pictures when you least expect it.
    The fingers have been very busy getting ready for the first fall craft show. It is suppose to rain and probably will because it is Southside's Fall Festival. It starts Friday and goes through Sunday. I don't know what this year will bring being it is the same time as the festival, but last year I had a nice day.  The parade is Saturday. Ethan's scout troop will have a float in it. It will be televised. I will have to watch it when it is reran later in the evening. 
    They wanted to have part of the craft show out on the church grounds, but I don't think that will happen. I am inside. I only do inside shows when I go because I don't tolerate the heat very good. Only now with some of the temperatures we are having with the damp weather, it can make arthur hurt. 
I don't know which is worse. 
   Depending on where you are at, it is raining today. It is only 64 and not suppose to warm up much more. You wonder if we are going to have an early winter. Some say that we are going to have a bad one, but you never know. I think sometimes they just guess at the weather. 
   I will try to pop in and out. I have been doing some reading, but not leaving comments. You all take care. 

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Taken by my niece while camping.
You don't need saddles to do grand entry do it bare back taken by MA Donaldson
    My niece and her husband went camping and this was one of the pictures that she took. I thought it was so pretty. 
   My day started off with another round of thunder and rain. At least we didn't have the wind and lightening. Just the heavy rain which made it hard to see if you were driving. I didn't do my errands until this afternoon when the sun came out. It warmed up to the 80's after starting in the 60's.
My Youngest grandson at the Royals
    You don't have to have a saddle to do the grand entry. Teenagers, you never know what they will do. We have several that either have their permit or driver's license. I don't  know if I am ready for that or not. I know that it makes me feel old. Hopefully the arena will dry enough that we can get both Saturday and Sunday in this coming weekend. Saturday is a fun show to help with therapeutics riders so they can have fun too. We will have raffles and other fun stuff to help so they can continue to let the kids ride. There is always one show for them. They will have their time with their helpers to be in the arena. 
My youngest grandson went to the Kansas City Royal's game. They might make it to the playoff's this year. It is the best that they have played in quite some time. They even had some games that they had sold out crowds. They were playing when the storm went through on Sunday evening.  I sure don't like those kind of storms. I just say lots of prayers. 
My middle grandson helping at the horse show taken by MA Donaldson
   My middle grandson didn't do games at the last show, but he wanted to help so he put the flags in the can for the flag race. He likes being out there and even help put the barrels in the arena for the barrel race. He may be little, but he has the muscles. He didn't really have the bruise that you would expect when Fergie bucked with him causing him to hit his saddle horn. The weekend is suppose to be cooler which I hope they are right, but we will wait and see if we get them in. 
   I spent the day with hubby and thought maybe I got things squared away, but I think I am partially getting lip service. I will give it a few days, but I am still not happy. I still think one is giving his meds with a med instead of water. I know it was given with orange juice that had the med mixed into it. Plus you don't give a diabetic orange juice to take his medication with. Why can't they just do the job like they are suppose to?
   Sending prayers to those in need. You can never have to many. I still think that is what has kept us going for so long. Hubby got sick in November 1999. Saying prayers that the right decisions were make. 
   You all take care and have a wonderful rest of the week.