Saturday, February 6, 2016

Prayers Needed

Prayers are needed for my oldest brother who went into hospice care at home yesterday. I am not ready to lose him, but I know that he will be at peace and he is ready to go. Neither he nor his wife have been in good health this past year. We think that they will be here forever, but that is not the case. He is one of my brothers who help take care of me when I was a baby and growing up. He help feed me and change my diaper. Him and his wife were the first in our family to have a television set. It was black and white, but who care about that. We would go to their house in town while my mom and dad did their shopping to watch cartoons, western series, and had a good time. When my parents passed away, he took over as head of the family being the oldest getting a place for our family reunion. He always said the prayer before we ate at our family reunion. 
  Now on to happier times, my grandson won first place at the Pine Wood Derby at the Mall today. He will have one more year that he can race a car before he becomes to old. We even had a 4 year old that got second in the open class. Grandpa had built his car. Some that they were hoping to see didn't come, but there were new faces. Hew people to meet. He even got accused of cheating that his car was to heavy. It didn't even weigh a complete 5 ounces that it could. Why do people have to be that way? Why don't they teach their child good sportsmanship instead of being an embarrassment to their child whether a parent or grandparent? I know if my family acted that way I would be so embarrass. 
  I spent two days with my middle grandson this past week. Brother had his technical school in the afternoon and little brother could not stay by himself. He was good for me helping with the laundry and even fixing grandma's lunch. He made fried eggs for a sandwich. He likes to cook. I have heard he wants to be a chef when he grows up. He will be going to Mary Poppins performance for one field trip this next week. He is really excited because their valentine party will be a ski trip. He will go Snow Creek near Weston, Missouri for the day. Their 5th grade gets to do that. 
  Hope all of you are safe and getting dug out of the snow by now.
Take care. 

Monday, February 1, 2016

Will it or Won't it?

  Will it or won't it snow in our area later tonight that is the question? One says that we will get snow and another says that it will just be rain. I don't want the freezing rain. 
    My picture is of my magnolia tree covered with a wet snow a couple of years ago. We have been lucky so far this year and not really had that much. 
   I survived my very busy weekend and was very tired when I got home about 8:30. The boys won their ball game 23-11. They played a good game and my grandson scored the first 4 points of the game. With them in the lead it put the pressure on the other team which made me happy. They weren't having to try to come from behind. It also showed what the boys have learned. They have learned to play every position with there only being 6 players. The chili fundraiser was for the coaches family. Their son has a health issue that is taking them to Arizona to get him help because its involving the brain. We ask for prayers for them. He is 11 years old. It is sad when you have the hospitals in your own area that can't help but brag about their doctors. Their little team all set at the table together talking and enjoying each others company. It has made them really close. 
   My youngest grandson took 1st at the Pinewood Derby at the church Saturday. They had an open race in which mom took 3rd, he took 2nd and dad took 1st. He is going to play ball this summer so I will ball gaming besides watching the boys ride. It will be a fun summer spent with the boys. This coming Saturday is the Pine wood Derby at the mall which there will be kids from all over the city will be racing their cars. I will go watch him. 
   One custom order is done, the second one will be done as soon as I finish the border on it,then on to the next. 
   It seems like I pick up the paper every day and see someone I know has died. I was at a graveside funeral Saturday morning and then I came home to see where my friend Gert lost her Tom. Needless to say I cried, it makes me think about my own with him being in the nursing home and what is going on with him at the moment. His ammonia level is down, but not near where it needs to be. We just keep praying and take every day that we get. We know that one of these days his liver will shut down.
   Weather permitting I will go see him tomorrow because it is his birthday. He was born on Ground 
Hog's Day. We always blame him if we have bad weather to tease him. He said that he was going to stop having birthdays. Of course this is leap year, we have a cousin that was actually borne on the 29th of February. We tell him he only gets to celebrate every four years. 
   It has been cloudy dreary damp day. What happen to the sunshine? If you have any would you share some and send it my way. I guess the nice December sorta spoiled us. 
    Well back to my custom order. Take care and if you are in the way of the storm they are predicting please be careful and safe. 

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Month Almost Gone

  Where oh where has this month gone? It seemed like it just started and it almost Thursday of this week. The time is flying or is just because we are getting older. 
  I thought with all the snow and crazy weather we needed a basket full of roses. You can almost smell them and maybe make you think of warmer weather.  I know I am ready, but I keep getting told that it is only January. I know, I know, I am only trying to rush through the cold weather. 
  We went to the eye doctor with hubby today. He could read two lines further on the eye chart better today then the last visit, but they say now that there is a little damage from being a diabetic. It was something that I had thought about because his blood sugars aren't controlled that well plus he takes a medicine that will raise the blood sugar. We will be going every 6 months to keep track of his eye sight. It is the pits as we age. Little things that didn't really bother us has now gotten to the point where they are a little more concern or is it just to make more money from the office visit. You wonder at times.  I know that the family medical history sucks to put it politely. 
    The horse season schedule has been set and have started talking about the year. They are looking forward to the year and hopefully won't be as wet as it was last year. Both boys will show again this year. Of course I will go watch as much as possible. 
    One of the boys on my grandson's basketball team had a birthday/slumber party. They were going to stay up all night. They made it to 4 AM. My grandson crashed on Sunday only getting up to eat and then back to bed. He didn't really want to get up on Monday to go to school. They were having basketball practice tonight and again tomorrow night.
   I know I will have a very busy Saturday and probably crash on Sunday. My morning starts with a graveside service for one of my daughter's friends father, then pinewood derby racing
at the church, then basketball, then a chili supper fund raiser. Sometime I got to figure out how I am going to fit lunch into the schedule. It may be a sandwich in the car as I am driving. We just lost my friend's husband this past Saturday. We keep wandering who is next. I know that my son-in-law's grandmother is not doing well at the moment. There is a really bad stomach flu going around right now. It is effecting people who had the flu shot. Supposedly it is a different strain then what the shot was for. We didn't get one this year. My hubby doesn't have an immune system so we got scared and decided against it and just pray a lot. 
  Well I need to get back to embroidering, but I wanted to let you know I have just been busy. Thoughts and Prayers for all of the people in need. We can never have to many prayers to see us through. 

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Staying Inside

  Another day for staying inside and staying warm and embroidering. What they are predicting for our area hasn't arrived yet. They are saying we are going to get freezing drizzle and people don't know how to drive in it. If the speed limit is 70 then they drive it or faster. My car has a little snow on it that I need to clean off. I just don't want to get caught with freezing drizzle coming down away from home.
 I have already talked with hubby and he is fine that I am staying at home. I just don't get out unless it is absolutely necessary. I think the snow is pretty, but I would sooner look at it then be out in it. I did start my car and cleaned the snow off twice. My driveway has been pushed twice so that there is room for the next go around. 
  The fingers are staying busy to not only give me something else to think about, but to keep them from getting stiff. As we age we have bones that tend to not like the cold weather, and have to stay active or they would stiffen up. I have had a few times when I had to physically bend my fingers on my one hand. That is definitely something I don't like to do.
   I have already marked my calendar for the next two Saturday
s with basketball, pinewood derby races, and a chili supper fund raiser for one of my grandson's friends all in the same day. 
   January is flying or at least that is the way that it seems to me. I just want the snow to go away and lets get back to sunshine and warm weather. Mother Nature doesn't care where you live that is for sure. My oldest lives where they were predicting severe weather. I am praying that it doesn't happen.
   So far other than an early out for my oldest grandsons, they haven't had snow days. They are trying new treatment on the streets salt mixed with something else. It looked strange to see that being put on our street because the maintainers were usually the ones that pushed the snow. At least they did that before my driveway was pushed. 
   I thought I would check in to let you know that I am doing o.k. and try to visit some more of you while I take a break from what I was doing.
   My thoughts and Prayers are with those in need. Prayers help us through some very difficult times. I think we get stronger because of those that pray for us too. God is listening even though sometimes we wonder. Take care and be safe if you have to be out in the bad weather. 


Sunday, January 17, 2016

Cold Sunshiny Day

   Well we got the snow last night and extreme cold to go along with it. My snow removal guy came and cleaned my drive way and steps, but I have only stuck my nose out to get the paper and pay him. It was just to cold to venture anywhere and my car is covered with snow. 
   I am just staying in where it is warm. My pictures don't do them justice, but I thought I would show you what has kept my fingers busy while I was without a car. I have worked on whatever tripped my fancy. I never know exactly what I will work on until I pick it up and start. At the moment it is a custom order for a graduating nurse. It is coming along nicely.
   I went to the nursing home yesterday to see hubby. It was cold in the building. They had a little excitement the time before. They had a fire drill, but the fire truck, police, and sheriff all came to the nursing home. The sprinklers went off in the west wing flooding the place. A pipe froze up and broke. I have been there before when they have fire drills, but nothing like that had happened .
   Yesterday was Saturday Morning basket ball games. I go and watch my middle grandson play. They won 22-8 and he scored the first score of the game. They only have seven boys on the team so no one does all of the scoring. They all play together.  We are so proud of this little team because they play with their heart in it. 
   He had to see grandma's new ride. He was the only one in the family that hadn't seen it yet. I have stayed away from their house because dad has been not feeling good. He thought he had caught the stomach bug that has been going around. I just know that I don't want it. 
   I have only been going out if it is really necessary. I don't like the cold weather. I am ready for spring and 72 degrees. I like the snow, but then I always want it to go away in a hurry. 
   Kids are all out of school tomorrow for Martin Luther King day. Dad is staying with the two oldest grandsons because he has the day off.  That is o.k. I will just stay in and even sleep late if I want . 


 Mr Rooster and Mr Snowman are both tea towels and Mrs Cow is a pillow case. I need to make a baby quilt, but I have been lucky and sold the last two before I even had them completely finished. It make me happy to be part of their family. One little boy and one little girl. They take longer to do. Of course the amount of time depends on the pattern and what kind of edge they have. I just want to keep the fingers busy and have other things to think about instead of what else is going on. 
   Have any of you been watching the Bachlor (sp) on tv? Is it my imagination, but wouldn't you be a little embarrassed to act like they are? I thought  he was looking for a wife. If it was my daughter, I wouldn't want her acting like they are. I guess I am just old fashioned and not up with the times. 
  You know now where I have been and what I have been doing. Prayers and Hugs going out to those in need. Take care, stay safe and warm.

Saturday, January 9, 2016


    The cold weather has finally arrived today. We had been having rain and reaching the high of 40 the last few days. The fog was there when you had to leave the house early and trust me you couldn't see very far at all.  I know the dampness makes the bones hurt and that is when I missed  my electric seats, but you can't have everything. 
   I got out this morning to go watch my grandson play basketball. He made an awesome shot from his knees in front of the basket.  Everybody was surprised about that one. I wish I had it on camera, but no luck there. They won which makes them happy. He collided with another little boy and they both went to the floor. He got up and shook it off. The other one had a nose bleed. Today's game was a little rough and they didn't have practices during the break so it took a little time to get back to playing. 
   I came home afterwards and had a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows and soup to get warmed up. For a little bit I thought I was going to have to stay home. My car door was froze from the drizzle and rain we had yesterday, but I got it opened. They were a little concerned because I am normally early and today I was running late. I made it.
  I only get out when it is necessary during this time of the year. You never know what the weather will be and it can change in a quick hurry. They are letting my oldest grandson drive in this  weather. That is only the way he is going to learn.  They probably won't if it is icy. It is something to get in the car and be told that you could possibly have slick spots. Rather nice in that respect. 
  The fire trucks, first res-ponders, and the ambulance just went flying by the house. We have so many in our neighborhood that have health issues. They the addresses marked at the fire station so they can get there faster. We have one who is a diabetic and doesn't take care of himself  like he should. I really feel sorry for his wife. We only had one episode where he ended up in the hospital because of it, but it is scary.  He woke up and wanted to know why he was there.
  Since the Kansas City Royals won the championship, just maybe it might make the Kansas City Chiefs want a championship too. They won 30-0. We shall see what happens the next game. Taking it one game at a time. 
  Hope all of you are staying warm and out of harms way. I know some of you have a mess to clean up with all of the flooding and everything. Mother Nature hasn't cared where you lived this year. This is first year in a while that we haven't seen that much bad weather and hope it is a milder winter then they were originally saying. 
   Well it is back to my embroidering. Take care. 

Tuesday, January 5, 2016


  How has your New Year started off? My oldest made it back to Louisiana and I had an enjoyable visit with all of my family. I got my independence back on Saturday before he flew out on Sunday. Car shopping was a different experience with all three of my kids, my oldest grandson, and my son-in-law checking out the car I got. My oldest would have been my co-buyer if I needed him, but I got it all on my own. Of course hubby was not happy about it, but I had told him that I got to pick this one and he had no say in it. 
   Enough suspense, I got a used 2015 Chevy Cruze. White in color which wasn't my choice of color, but the kids thought that I needed a lighted colored car. It doesn't have the bells and whistles that my other one does, but it will get me where I need to go and was affordable. They all gave their approval and my oldest grandson called to see if I was home yesterday. He wanted to come by and check it out closer then he got to on Saturday. They all have called to check to see how I am doing with it. Family helping family. I feel for those who don't have the support and closeness of family. You have ups and downs but when needed you all pulled together.
   All of the grand kids are back in school. I think they were ready to go back. My oldest is suppose to send me pictures of his boxes that he has made and sold. He made two walnut boxes with a light color bows and lined the bottom of them with felt. I will post pictures when I get them. 
    I am so happy that I can now go when I want, where I want, do my shopping when I want, get a haircut without having to have some one come take me. Oh! they would do it and I will probably miss it, but to know that I can be self-reliant again gives me a good feeling. To be able to make visits more often to the nursing home to see really what is going on.
   We have sunshine today and it is warmer then we have had, but the weather is suppose to change again. Needless to say we have been lucky in our area, but others have not. As my middle grandson likes to say, you can't replace people, but you can replace other things just may take a while. 
   He has a ball game on Saturday that I will go and watch. I missed his last ball game, but if the grades aren't there he may not play. He thinks mom and dad are bluffing, but they are not. He reminds me so much of his dad in that respect. He is very smart, and gets bored easy. He doesn't care for math, which is the most important and you need it for everything you do. They say they all go through that phase because dad works at a job that uses math every day. We all do. 
    My oldest grandson and his best friend put a starter on his friend's vehicle. It took them a while, but they got it accomplished so they were proud of themselves. He thinks he wants to go to a technical college when he graduates to continue his education on how to work on vehicles. He is very good about researching what he is working on. 
   I need to get my self in gear and run an errand. Go check on hubby because he didn't feel good yesterday. Prayers being sent for those in need. Take care. Stay safe and warm.


Friday, January 1, 2016


   The year came to an end with a lot of fireworks being shot off at midnight. I didn't have to worry about staying up late. I knew that he would set them off because he does it every year since they moved in the neighborhood. We have had a heat wave today. It is nearly 38 degrees, but will be back in the teens tonight.
   I spent time with the family last night at my daughter's house. Our oldest has one more day and then it will be time to fly back to Louisiana. I am glad that he spent the holidays with us, but will miss him when he goes back. 
  He did rather well with the asthma. He had a little problem when he went to see his dad, but then he had another one when they went to dinner one night. My daughter knew he was going to have a problem because of the lady's perfume was strong. There was no way to escape and that is the risk that he takes. His company has already called wanting to know when he was getting back in town because they want to send him out of town. He spends a lot of time out of town, but then he is working and that is important to him.
   I had to laugh watching the kids play games. I just wanted to set back and watch making memories. They played with new games that they got for Christmas. They all got way to much, but then that is kids. My middle grandson made fruit kabob's  to go with dinner last night. Mom cut up the fruit and he did the rest. He likes helping in the kitchen. My oldest dried dishes the day after Christmas for his aunt. That was a first. She told him to grab a tea towel and dry her dishes. I should have taken a picture, but I didn't have my camera with me. 
   My son and his two boys took me to do my  grocery shopping the day before New Year's eve. You never know what they are going to say or do when they are with you. They were giving me pointers of what I should buy that was more healthy . Really as though I can't decide what I want to eat.  I did get a few things incase we would loose electricity.
   I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.  I am going to try to spend more time visiting you all. It will be rather quiet. Take care, stay safe and warm wherever you are at. Prayers for all of those in need are being sent. Mother Nature has not been kind this last year. 


Monday, December 28, 2015

Rain, Sleet, and Snow

   We have had it all starting  yesterday with rain, then during the night it went to sleet, then to snow. We aren't as bad as though to the north of us. My heart goes out to those who suffered in the tornadoes, floods, and blizzard conditions. I had an appointment today, but I cancelled it for a week. I really didn't want my daughter to get out in this mess. They treated the streets making them slushy. It was a good day to work on my new pillowcase for some little boy or girl. I will post a picture when I get it done.
    We picked up our oldest son at the airport on Christmas Eve in the afternoon. It was so good to see him and have him home until the 3rd of January when he flies back home. Thank goodness he wasn't in the mess at the airport today or he would probably be having a severe asthma attack with all of the perfumes, and etc. I use all unscented cleaning supplies here at home. 
   We did make it up to see his dad yesterday. We took him lunch and Christmas. It wasn't a long visit. He stayed as long as he could until the cleaning supplies and etc started causing a problem. He has very sensitive lungs thanks to the Persian Gulf War. They don't want to admit the boys came home with problems.  The weather cooperated and we made a few stops before they brought me home. 
   All of the kids and grandkids being together was the best Christmas present that I could ask for.  It was so much fun watching them open their packages. My middle grandson thought he had clothes in one box and it turned out to be match box cars. It made it special for me. We didn't have the traditional Christmas with turkey and ham. Instead on Christmas Eve we had home made Chicken Noodle Soup, sandwiches, and chips. Then the day after Christmas, we had brisket cooked on the  grill, veggies, potato casserole, broccoli and rice plus desserts. We have picky eaters with some. So to get certain things, they have to try something that they say they don't like. It is amazing what you can get them to try. 
   The family will be together on New Year's Eve before our oldest flies home. I don't know what the menu is for it. It is another of mom just has to be there. It makes it rather nice. I still don't have a car as of yet nor have I got everything I need from the insurance company as of yet. 
   I miss my independence, but then I wouldn't go in  bad weather. I spent time looking at the pictures of the flood water in Branson, Missouri. When I look how high the water was at the Landing. It is wow. Plus they had all of the flood gates opened on the dam. Finding a way to come home would be a big problem with all of the flooding. It would make a bit of problem to get around down there. 
   I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. I am saying prayers for all of those in need. Take care and Happy New Year.

Monday, December 21, 2015


    Merry Christmas to all of my blogging Friends. It is quickly approaching and in two more days I get to go with my daughter and grandson to pick up my oldest at the airport.  It is that special time of the year for family which I realize not everyone is lucky to have that. If you know someone alone, then take the time to wish them a Merry Christmas. Pick up the phone, call, talk to them. Some even include them in a family meal.
    Loosing family during the month of December can be hard on a family. I know that from my own experience.  It makes it even harder if it is on Christmas Day. You keep your spirits as high as possible for the rest of the family and enjoy the time with them. It is not about what you get as a present but it is the family time.  Talk with one and another, it really isn't that hard to do if you set your mind to it. 
   Please say a prayer for my oldest brother who is losing his eyesight plus having blisters on his legs due to diabetes. You can see them go down hill and it does take a toll on people even when you are trying to do the best you can. He is like the head of the family and took that responsibility after my parents passed away.  
    I didn't get to watch the basketball game on Saturday. I was finishing my shopping with my daughter and youngest grandson. We lost her in our Kohl's store. She was on the phone so we went looking at what I was wanting for my hubby. She went one way and we went the opposite way to find her.  Cell phones work great to find people to see if they are ready to go or not. It was funny. My grandson was to keep track of me. He did. He went right along with me.
   Then we went to the nursing home to see hubby. I had got a box of candy for the girls to share  who takes care of him. He set and watch the birds with our grandson for awhile before we left. They have finches there in a glass enclosure. They usually sing when they have the church services.  We went to lunch  before they brought me home after we went to pet store. He thought grandma needed a pet. I told him I didn't think so. 
   Car shopping will wait until after the first of the year. It just doesn't fit anyone's schedule right now, but I have been looking on line. The insurance company hasn't settled yet. They want their money, but they take their time when they owe you. 
   Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas. I will be popping in and out for the next few days because I want to spend as much time as possible with my family while my oldest is home.  If you travel, please be safe on the road. Take care.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015


  Have you started your count down to Christmas? Days are being marked off the calendar until Christmas Eve at our family houses. The boys are excited that their uncle will be home. I just want to set and listen to the kids talk and watch the boys with their uncle. 
   We haven't had any snow but we had rain, thunder, lightening, and pea size hail last night. I thought I was hearing things when the rain started pouring down. It didn't last long was just one of those pop up storms that normally happens during the summer months. There is some roads closed in the counties because of high water. You normally have snow this time of the year.
   The menu is planned for Christmas Eve. Not your traditional meal but soup and sandwiches. Our big family dinner will be on Sunday. The menu will consist of smoked brisket for the meat instead of turkey and ham. Menu's get changed to things that big brother likes and can't get in Louisiana. 
   The title has been sent to the people who have my totaled car so we can take another step closer to get me another car. I keep thinking about the accident wondering where the other vehicle came from because he wasn't there when I started my turn. He just suddenly appeared and we hit. The soreness is still there, but getting better with each passing day. The bruises are changing colors. I won't be getting another car until after the first of the year because of everything that has to be done yet still. 
   Kids have been taking me grocery shopping and my daughter and I will go Christmas shopping one night before the weekend. We have to have a present for Santa to deliver to hubby at the nursing home. My oldest grandson and I was up there yesterday. I needed his signature on the car title so I could put it in the mail.
   My grandson told me he is getting to pay me back for taking him all the times he needed to go somewhere before he got his drivers license by taking me where I need to go now.  I tell him I am riding in style when I ride in his 88 Ford pickup. As long as it gets him where he needs to go that is the main thing.
   We were talking about how we use to coast on our street when the kids were little. We would park cars on two hills and away we would go. You sure couldn't do it now. They talked about when the snow was deep how they started in the corn field came over the fence down into our yard. The corn field is full of houses. When we built our home many years ago, it was like living in the country and still in the city. It was farm land all around us. That has changed over the years. We knew our neighbors, but you don't anymore. 
  I am sending hugs and prayers to those who are in need. You can never have to many prayers. It has helped us with hubby still being with us. Take care. 

Friday, December 11, 2015

Shopping Done Yet?

     Good Morning to all of you here in Blog land. We are at 47 degrees this cloudy morning with the possibilities of rain this afternoon and during the weekend. Just what we want going into the weekend, but as the saying goes you take what you get. 
   I feel for those on the West Coast. Mother Nature hasn't cared where she caused problems for people this year with all of the storms, floods, and etc. Sometimes I think that we take everything for granite that it is not going to happen to us in our area. You just never know. 
   I know now what it is like to lose my independence and have to rely on other ways of transportation to get a
 round until I can find another car to replace the one that was totaled. I hated to see it go because it was equipped the way I like it. Oh well I didn't have any broken bones still sore and was told it would be a while because it takes longer for it heal. I still know when I move the wrong way it hurts. Coughing and sneezing is really noticeable.
   My Ho Ho Ho Santa tea towel that I made this year. I have several in my etsy shop and I thought I would also show you the center of a table cloth that I embroidered. I was going to keep it for myself, but instead it will be sold. The hands have been keeping busy right now also a lot of time spent on the phone with the insurance company. I just wish everything was done and over with.
    The boys have started counting days until their uncle will be home. The best Christmas present you can have is the time spent with family and enjoy watching the grandchildren in whatever they are involved in right now. 
   I can remember walking on top of snowdrifts to make it home for Christmas. The things that we done when we were growing up, we get looked up like we were nuts. The stockings always had an orange and Christmas candy in them. I wish that I could find some of the Christmas candy that we had when we were growing up. How many remember snow ice cream? We couldn't wait for that first snow for that. The snowball fights, building forts, and of course, coasting. Lots of fun. 
   Hopefully everyone is getting their Christmas shopping done, baking, and making Christmas candy. Divinity, Taffy, and fudge. Remember making home made taffy when I was a child. How we would pull it and mom would cut  it after it reached a certain point. Did you ever string popcorn for your Christmas Tree. 
   Well need to go finish some more paper work . Take care.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015


  I didn't know there would be so much paper work to be filled out when you totaled a vehicle. Every time I think that I have everything covered, I get told that I have to have something else. I have started me a file to put everything in. I have made copies of everything so I know what I did. It almost makes me think I am working again.
   The worse part is  I have lost my independence until I can get another vehicle.  I miss that not being able to go whenever and wherever I wanted to go. I have been talking with hubby on the phone because I haven't been up to see him for a few days. He doesn't know that I also check with the nurses as to what is going on. I try not to infringe on the kids because everybody works and I know they have things that they need to do also. My kids are great in the respect that they take care of me. For example, yesterday I needed to put a custom order in the mail to California. My grandson goes to the Technical School here in town so he came by and took me before he went home. He told me about the excitement that they had at their school that involved the school being put on lock down. There was a threatening note left in the girl's bathroom that morning. It makes you wonder what is going on with kids now days. Why the person did what they did? Was it involving bullying? So many questions. You just hope that you have taught the kids right from wrong and they do the right thing. He said that they had a lot of law enforcement people at school. 
   The Christmas parties have started and I am trying not to interfere with any of their plans. I try to let them do what I need on their schedule. We have started looking at cars, but I don't know what kind of a car I am going to get. I get told I need to think affordability so that I am not in over my head. I just want to try to find one that has some factory warranty left on it and low mileage. I don't want a model car that has issues as some of them do.  
   I am still sore and my bruises are changing all different colors. I count my blessings every day that I didn't break something. I talked to my oldest last night for about a hour. He called home to check on mom and to tell me he finally had a doctor that said he did have a problem. He has chemical asthma that some have tried to say it was in his head. They don't want to admit those serving in first gulf war came home with problems. Why can't they give the veterans the care that they deserve for the sacrifices that they made to give us our freedom?  
   The sun is not shining as bright today as yesterday but it is warming up. We are at 48 degrees. I will take every day that we get that we don't have bad weather. I keep saying I want a white Christmas but only on the grass and trees not the sidewalks, streets, and highways. We all want that Right. 
   I went to my first basketball game this last Saturday. They won. After the ballgame we went to the shopping center for a while to see mom who missed the first game because other commitments. We went home to take care of the horses and dogs. We ended up going out for supper before they brought me home. 
   Just a little to what I have been up to lately. Have a wonderful rest of the week.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Checkin In

  We might actually get some sunshine today. It might make me feel better. I am still dealing with a very sore chest and rib cage. I was suppose to get my mammogram, but that is going to be postponed. I don't think I can tolerate it and I don't want a false picture making it look like something is wrong. I am still dealing with the insurance company. I found out I don't have vehicle rental on my policy so I don't know what I am going to do. They gave me a couple of places that should give me discount prices to rent a vehicle, but you have to pay for it. It don't fit a fixed income very well When it rains, it pours that is for sure. I am just not use to relying on other people. I did come home and am sleeping in my own bed.  I might be slow moving, but I can do things at my speed.
   The maddest I have gotten was being asked if I had permission to drive the car and it is in both names. They said it was a computer glitch. Yeah! right. Why can't people admit when they made a mistake instead of trying to cover  up their mistakes.
   My oldest grandson called to see if I needed anything before he went home from school the other afternoon. He brought me a few things. I am not use to have rely on other people for my transportation. The kids do take care of me and when they decide what they are going to do about my car if it is fixable or totaled.  If I have to get a different one then family will go with me. My middle grandson said I killed it.He was with his brother and mom when they picked me up.
  Christmas is approaching and my shopping is put on hold for right at the moment. The pain med works like a sleeping pill so I try not to take it because I want to be awake instead of sleeping. I got my fruit basket that I buy from my grandson as a fun raiser. It has red, yellow apples, pears, and oranges. I had a yellow apple right after he delivered it last night. By the time he got through he had it all delivered excepting for one which would be delivered tonight. They live several miles outside of town, but she was going to be town tonight because she had to work. 
   We will be spending quite a bit of time together when my oldest gets home. They have several things planned. We are having soup and sandwiches Christmas eve after he gets in and having a big dinner the day after Christmas for one thing. Of course there are three boys who are anxious to see them. I know my Christmas is having them all home. 
   Hubby is feeling neglected right at the moment, but it can't be helped. He doesn't think I should stay by myself. I know my limitations. 
   The boys are wanting some snow so that they can go coasting. The fun we had growing up coasting, snow ball fights, walking on snow drifts as we walked to our one room school house, getting out in fresh air. We didn't have television or all of the electronics. We listen to the radio and I still like some of the oldies that come on Sunday evenings. It is better than some of the television programs. Some definitely needs to be banned. 
    Take care and be careful when you are out. 

Friday, November 27, 2015


   I would much sooner had this instead of the freezing rain, but for Thanksgiving all we had was rain during the daytime and then it changed to freezing rain. My care package was sent home for me for the next few days as I don't have a car at the moment. The day before Thanksgiving wasn't a good day. I was in an accident. My car is a mess, but at least I have no broken bones, just badly bruised  body. My two oldest grandsons and their mom came to my rescue. I didn't get an option, they just took me to the hospital to be checked out. I spent that night with my daughter and her family. My youngest grandson took very good care of me. They said we can replace the car, but they can't replace me. I spent the day with family and have done quite a bit of sleeping. That is what pain medication does for me. My grandson took pictures of my car and the other vehicle. 
   The two oldest and their mom went to the nursing home and told hubby and showed him pictures of my car. He took it better then I thought and said the same as the boys. 
   I am glad that all of my craft shows were over. I had toyed with the idea to do one this weekend, but that wouldn't have been possible because I don't travel on ice. 
  I know that I ate too much, the girls plan the menu and I basically just get to go. I know that when I laugh or cough my rib cage hurts. They are badly bruised. 
The boys had planned on playing outside, but that didn't happen. I lost my electricity last night. I didn't even know it until I looked at the clock this morning and it was blinking at me. 
   My daughter in law made sweet potato rolls that are yummy. They don't really have that sweet potato taste. We had turkey and ham, potato casserole, green beans, corn, relishes, apple, pumpkin, and chocolate pie, combination salad, jello salads. If anyone went away hungry it was their own fault. I just thought I would check in with you all. Take care. Be careful on the roads. 

Friday, November 20, 2015


Are you ready for Thanksgiving?  Do have tradition that you always do? Or are you just thankful to spend the time with family?
   I will spend time with my three grandsons and family plus a stop later in the day at the nursing home to see hubby. He has been sick with pneumonia. They are trying to figure out what they are going to do because he coughs so much. It is loose, but he doesn't cough it up nor can he blow it out. 
    The only way they found out he had pneumonia was from the chest x-ray. I will probably go check on him after I run errands today. 
   Tomorrow is the day I get to spend with my oldest grandson. We do a craft show together, whether we sell much  or not it is always an enjoyable day. He is making another of his boxes for a lady out of walnut it is going to be so pretty  He just has to finish his lid. . He was so proud of it so far. I haven't seen anything that he can't make.  He showed me a picture of one of his Christmas ornaments that he cut out.
   I don't have a picture of my Christmas bells and candles table topper to show to you all. I sold it before I got a picture of it. I was really surprised how quick that it went, but needless to say it made me happy. The fingers have been very busy. I have made 5 Christmas tea towels since I started one at the juried craft show. I would do that show again if the opportunity is available. They had a total of 123 vendors, but what I liked was where homemade was in one room, direct sales such as pamper chef, scentsy, and etc. were in another room. 
   They keep talking like we are going to have rain and possibly snow later today. So far it looks like it is to the north of us. We  had two days of rain this week. The loud clap of thunder and lightening woke me up one morning. The wind was bad with tree limbs down along with power lines. I was lucky  I didn't have any limbs down nor did I lose my electricity. 
   Basketball practice started last night for my middle grandson so he is all happy. 
They were having a problem finding a place to practice and he was worried they wouldn't find one. He loves playing basketball.  So grandma will have to fit that into my schedule. I love watching what ever the kids are involved in.
   Are you ready for the colder weather? I can handle it as long as we don't have ice. Of course the kids love the snow so they can go coasting. We loved the coasting parties when I was growing up. Mom would have hot chocolate and cookies for us when we came in. We all had our friends, but mom and dad never seemed to mind how many kids were at the house. We got in trouble when we used mom's wash tub and dad's scoop shovel to slide on, but boy that was fun. We took our sleds to school and went out at lunch time to coast. Of course we didn't want to go back in.  The one room school house I started in is still standing.
    To think about making cookies, taffy, stringing popcorn for the Christmas tree that dad would go cut. The bubble lights, homemade garland out of red and green construction paper. Kids wouldn't probably  think it was fun today with all of the electronics they have instead of doing other things. . 
   I get my Christmas wish. My oldest boy will be flying home on Christmas Eve for a visit .
Those long distance hugs will be real and in person. I will spend as much time as possible with him while he is home.  I am looking forward to it. 
    I thought I better let you know I wasn't lost just busy. Have a great day. 

Friday, November 6, 2015

Fall Color

Fall color in my back yard
   The fall color that I can look out my back door and see. I have a group of trees that are about the middle of our property that we have raised from babies. We moved some of them to other places to give shade around the house and needless say I love the trees. 
   We use to go for drives just to look at the color before my hubby went to the nursing home. Who would have thought back then that he will never walk again nor get to come home.  He requires more help then I can give him and our house is not handicap accessible. You never thought about that when we built our home almost 50 years ago.
Our  packer Matt
    When you can't reach the back of your the back of your car to pack the luggage in you get someone like this one to help you. He fits rather well, don't you think. He is priceless and you always know when he is going to be onery because his blue eyes just sparkle. He takes very good care of grandma and he is the one that I hung out with this summer. I had so much fun in Branson with him and his family. He still thought I should have tried a zipline. That is not for me .

 This chandelier was in the building where we went to the cooking class. It was awesome and made by one of the craftsman that comes to Silver Dollar City. They have so many different things that you could watch plus the entertainment. The train ride is more my speed. I definitely don't do roller coasters because I would turn every shade of green there is and that would be the end of my day. Christmas is another time of the year I would love to go. 
   My youngest grandson at his music concert.  They have to do it at the mall because they don't have a big enough room to accommodate the kids and parents, grandparents, and whoever else wants to come. He is almost as tall as grandma and he is only in the fourth grade. He is taller than the one in the trunk, but you love them anyway. 
   We are celebrating my car packer and his dad's birthdays this Saturday evening. We are going to have home made soup and sandwiches because that is what they wanted. In our family we let the birthday people chose their menu's and cake. It can be a surprise. 
    Just think the first week of November is almost gone. The time is really flying and the year will be gone before we really know it. I don't know about you all, but it seems like it gets faster every day. 
    Well I need to get busy so I had better bring this to a close. Have a wonderful weekend. Take care. 

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

I'm Back

  I have been missing for a few days. I took a  trip to Branson, Missouri with my son, daughter-in-law, and the two oldest grandsons that you read so much about. We left as soon as they got home from school. The car was loaded with luggage and food being we were staying in a cabin called Trapper's Den. I would stay there again if I had the opportunity. The people who own it keeps it well supply to where you don't have to take any utensils to cook with, they have a washer dryer, soap,  you name it and you would probably find it there. It has an enclosed deck on the back of it that you could sit in if you wanted to do so.  First stop of the trip had to be Lambert's ,
The boys getting ready to enter the park
  the home of thrown rolls. We had about a 30 minute wait to get inside, but it was well worth the wait. The food was so good and the rolls were
awesome. Matt had been asking if we were going to get to stop and dad just kept saying we would see. We were celebrating his birthday while we were gone. They usually stop  there if possible.
    Friday morning we were off to Silver Dollar City where we spent six hours. My daughter-in-law and I went to the cooking show where they made chutney and pumpkin rolls. I enjoyed it because we sit around where the cooking was being done. The lady who did the demonstration was from Platte City. It was a small world. They thought the boys were playing hooky, but they weren't. Parent teacher conference time.
My son's family
Dad and the boys were at the demonstration of how they tamed wild mustangs. It was also about breaking horses. They are working with a three year old so they thought maybe they would pick up a few tricks of the trade. We set with them until it was time for our show. Of course we got to sample what they were making. It is a recipes that can be diabetic friendly with a little changing. 
My Matt
    Our little criminal who had to go on Fire In the Hole I don't know how many times. We went into the mine ride. He hit more targets then I did. The first time I could actually hit something. They loved picking one me. 
    For those of you who are familiar with Silver Dollar City have probably seen the great big chair in the park. The boys and I's picture was taken there. The only problem was getting grandma out of the chair. I couldn't reach the end of the arm to pull myself out. They pulled me out one on each side until I could get a hold of the end of the arm. 
     These were the two that i spent my summer with especially the youngest because brother worked putting up hay. We of course made it down to the Branson Landing. They had a zip line that took you up over the lake and brought you back. There is no way that you would get me to do that. I don't do roller coasters either.  We had dinner at  Famous Dave's for Matt's birthday. His dad told him we were eating at Buffalo Wild Wings. You could tell he really didn't want to do that. When he found out what we were really going to do and he got to chose off of the adult menu he was thrilled. 
   The trip was my treat to for helping out whenever they needed it. I furnished the car and the only other expense I had was if I saw something I wanted for myself. Now you know what i have been up to and I enjoyed it so very much. We had so much fun. Hope all is well with you all We have had rain all day and it has been on the cool side.  Take care. 

Friday, October 16, 2015


 This has really been a week for things happening in our town. We had a woman kidnapped from where she worked and taken to a motel and held hostage for over ll hours in a standoff with the police. 
  It caused a major highway to be shut down and rerouted through town. I knew something was wrong when I got to the light and saw all of the semi's. Then they had another street closed and I thought that was strange. When the highway is shut down you always think it was a bad accident. We have had so many of those on I-29 this year. The same day we had a stabbing and they locked down schools and closed some more streets. Thankfully everything ended peacefully with both who committed the crimes being arrested. 
    What do you do about bullying that is in our schools? There was a case of a fight involving 11-12 year old girls on a school playground that went viral on fb. It happened on school property while school was not in session. The one girl was arrested for it. What kind of punishment should happen? Would you be embarrassed if that was your child? Being it is involving a juvenile we probably won't know the outcome, but her name was on fb. What the mother said makes you wonder what kind of life she has at home.  Do you feel the schools should be addressing the bullying that happens at school  more?  Do you think kids should fight back or what kind of punishment if the parent refuses to address the issue?  
     It really makes you wonder where the parents are and if they really care about their child or did they encourage it. It also makes you wonder when people are going to take responsibility for their actions.
    I was close to where the standoff was happening without realizing it. I would have changed my route had I known that it was happening. Ever since the two robbery attempts at our Mall's one area parking lot, I am very aware of my surroundings and observant of what is going on around me. I want to know why we are having all of these problems. Is it because of all of the violence shows on tv or people don't want to work and take the easy way out. 
    The sun is shining, but it hasn't warmed up that much. Hopefully it warms up more this afternoon. Some areas not to far off had almost freezing temperatures. I would like to see the first frost so that it would help people with allergies,but then warm back up. 
    Just got a phone call to take care of so I will bring this to a close. Take care.

Sunday, October 11, 2015


  The fall color is starting and I am hoping that  when I take my road trip it will look similar to the picture that I posted.  The maples are turning a pretty red now.
    Yesterday was the annual car show at the nursing home that they have every year. The car was of one last year because I forgot and left my camera at home. I had a busy morning with my grandson and his friend who helped me take chemicals, paint and such to where we could get rid of it. It needed to be got out of the basement and it was free. Afterwards my grandson went with me to push his grandpa outside in his wheelchair to see all of the cars. Hubby favorite was a 56 turquoise and white t-bird. 
    It was fun and our grandson was looking over all of the engines. He is  taking a class in mechanics this year and his senior year. It makes me feel old .  In the afternoon  I went with my daughter in law and  another grandson went running around. My oldest stayed with his dad to cut wood for the fire so that supper could be cooked out over the open fire in the dutch oven. Needless to say there was nothing left and then they made smores. Food always taste better cooked outside. I made a comment on Friday when I was running around with my son grocery shopping about hamburgers and we had hamburgers cooked on the grill. Then they made a bonfire and we all sat outside for a while.
   A his and hers out house which was a lot fancier then what I used during my childhood. How many of you remember using them? Oh the memories of growing up back then. The games made on big pieces of cardboard and using mom's buttons as our markers. We didn't have a tv until I was a senior in high school. You can't really miss what you didn't have. We played outside a lot more then they do now. When it rained, we used the mud like it was our modeling clay making whatever we dreamed up.  A lot of fun and spending time with family. 
    I came across the picture that I took of my daugher and her race car. She raced against her hubby in the background. I knew she wouldn't win, but she still had fun doing it. 
    My custom order will go in the mail Tuesday and then I will start something else. I am doing my first juried show in November.  That will be a new experience for me and should be fun. My daughter in law will be going with me.
    Prayers to all of those in need. Have a wonderful week and stay safe.