Friday, November 20, 2015


Are you ready for Thanksgiving?  Do have tradition that you always do? Or are you just thankful to spend the time with family?
   I will spend time with my three grandsons and family plus a stop later in the day at the nursing home to see hubby. He has been sick with pneumonia. They are trying to figure out what they are going to do because he coughs so much. It is loose, but he doesn't cough it up nor can he blow it out. 
    The only way they found out he had pneumonia was from the chest x-ray. I will probably go check on him after I run errands today. 
   Tomorrow is the day I get to spend with my oldest grandson. We do a craft show together, whether we sell much  or not it is always an enjoyable day. He is making another of his boxes for a lady out of walnut it is going to be so pretty  He just has to finish his lid. . He was so proud of it so far. I haven't seen anything that he can't make.  He showed me a picture of one of his Christmas ornaments that he cut out.
   I don't have a picture of my Christmas bells and candles table topper to show to you all. I sold it before I got a picture of it. I was really surprised how quick that it went, but needless to say it made me happy. The fingers have been very busy. I have made 5 Christmas tea towels since I started one at the juried craft show. I would do that show again if the opportunity is available. They had a total of 123 vendors, but what I liked was where homemade was in one room, direct sales such as pamper chef, scentsy, and etc. were in another room. 
   They keep talking like we are going to have rain and possibly snow later today. So far it looks like it is to the north of us. We  had two days of rain this week. The loud clap of thunder and lightening woke me up one morning. The wind was bad with tree limbs down along with power lines. I was lucky  I didn't have any limbs down nor did I lose my electricity. 
   Basketball practice started last night for my middle grandson so he is all happy. 
They were having a problem finding a place to practice and he was worried they wouldn't find one. He loves playing basketball.  So grandma will have to fit that into my schedule. I love watching what ever the kids are involved in.
   Are you ready for the colder weather? I can handle it as long as we don't have ice. Of course the kids love the snow so they can go coasting. We loved the coasting parties when I was growing up. Mom would have hot chocolate and cookies for us when we came in. We all had our friends, but mom and dad never seemed to mind how many kids were at the house. We got in trouble when we used mom's wash tub and dad's scoop shovel to slide on, but boy that was fun. We took our sleds to school and went out at lunch time to coast. Of course we didn't want to go back in.  The one room school house I started in is still standing.
    To think about making cookies, taffy, stringing popcorn for the Christmas tree that dad would go cut. The bubble lights, homemade garland out of red and green construction paper. Kids wouldn't probably  think it was fun today with all of the electronics they have instead of doing other things. . 
   I get my Christmas wish. My oldest boy will be flying home on Christmas Eve for a visit .
Those long distance hugs will be real and in person. I will spend as much time as possible with him while he is home.  I am looking forward to it. 
    I thought I better let you know I wasn't lost just busy. Have a great day. 

Friday, November 6, 2015

Fall Color

Fall color in my back yard
   The fall color that I can look out my back door and see. I have a group of trees that are about the middle of our property that we have raised from babies. We moved some of them to other places to give shade around the house and needless say I love the trees. 
   We use to go for drives just to look at the color before my hubby went to the nursing home. Who would have thought back then that he will never walk again nor get to come home.  He requires more help then I can give him and our house is not handicap accessible. You never thought about that when we built our home almost 50 years ago.
Our  packer Matt
    When you can't reach the back of your the back of your car to pack the luggage in you get someone like this one to help you. He fits rather well, don't you think. He is priceless and you always know when he is going to be onery because his blue eyes just sparkle. He takes very good care of grandma and he is the one that I hung out with this summer. I had so much fun in Branson with him and his family. He still thought I should have tried a zipline. That is not for me .

 This chandelier was in the building where we went to the cooking class. It was awesome and made by one of the craftsman that comes to Silver Dollar City. They have so many different things that you could watch plus the entertainment. The train ride is more my speed. I definitely don't do roller coasters because I would turn every shade of green there is and that would be the end of my day. Christmas is another time of the year I would love to go. 
   My youngest grandson at his music concert.  They have to do it at the mall because they don't have a big enough room to accommodate the kids and parents, grandparents, and whoever else wants to come. He is almost as tall as grandma and he is only in the fourth grade. He is taller than the one in the trunk, but you love them anyway. 
   We are celebrating my car packer and his dad's birthdays this Saturday evening. We are going to have home made soup and sandwiches because that is what they wanted. In our family we let the birthday people chose their menu's and cake. It can be a surprise. 
    Just think the first week of November is almost gone. The time is really flying and the year will be gone before we really know it. I don't know about you all, but it seems like it gets faster every day. 
    Well I need to get busy so I had better bring this to a close. Have a wonderful weekend. Take care. 

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

I'm Back

  I have been missing for a few days. I took a  trip to Branson, Missouri with my son, daughter-in-law, and the two oldest grandsons that you read so much about. We left as soon as they got home from school. The car was loaded with luggage and food being we were staying in a cabin called Trapper's Den. I would stay there again if I had the opportunity. The people who own it keeps it well supply to where you don't have to take any utensils to cook with, they have a washer dryer, soap,  you name it and you would probably find it there. It has an enclosed deck on the back of it that you could sit in if you wanted to do so.  First stop of the trip had to be Lambert's ,
The boys getting ready to enter the park
  the home of thrown rolls. We had about a 30 minute wait to get inside, but it was well worth the wait. The food was so good and the rolls were
awesome. Matt had been asking if we were going to get to stop and dad just kept saying we would see. We were celebrating his birthday while we were gone. They usually stop  there if possible.
    Friday morning we were off to Silver Dollar City where we spent six hours. My daughter-in-law and I went to the cooking show where they made chutney and pumpkin rolls. I enjoyed it because we sit around where the cooking was being done. The lady who did the demonstration was from Platte City. It was a small world. They thought the boys were playing hooky, but they weren't. Parent teacher conference time.
My son's family
Dad and the boys were at the demonstration of how they tamed wild mustangs. It was also about breaking horses. They are working with a three year old so they thought maybe they would pick up a few tricks of the trade. We set with them until it was time for our show. Of course we got to sample what they were making. It is a recipes that can be diabetic friendly with a little changing. 
My Matt
    Our little criminal who had to go on Fire In the Hole I don't know how many times. We went into the mine ride. He hit more targets then I did. The first time I could actually hit something. They loved picking one me. 
    For those of you who are familiar with Silver Dollar City have probably seen the great big chair in the park. The boys and I's picture was taken there. The only problem was getting grandma out of the chair. I couldn't reach the end of the arm to pull myself out. They pulled me out one on each side until I could get a hold of the end of the arm. 
     These were the two that i spent my summer with especially the youngest because brother worked putting up hay. We of course made it down to the Branson Landing. They had a zip line that took you up over the lake and brought you back. There is no way that you would get me to do that. I don't do roller coasters either.  We had dinner at  Famous Dave's for Matt's birthday. His dad told him we were eating at Buffalo Wild Wings. You could tell he really didn't want to do that. When he found out what we were really going to do and he got to chose off of the adult menu he was thrilled. 
   The trip was my treat to for helping out whenever they needed it. I furnished the car and the only other expense I had was if I saw something I wanted for myself. Now you know what i have been up to and I enjoyed it so very much. We had so much fun. Hope all is well with you all We have had rain all day and it has been on the cool side.  Take care. 

Friday, October 16, 2015


 This has really been a week for things happening in our town. We had a woman kidnapped from where she worked and taken to a motel and held hostage for over ll hours in a standoff with the police. 
  It caused a major highway to be shut down and rerouted through town. I knew something was wrong when I got to the light and saw all of the semi's. Then they had another street closed and I thought that was strange. When the highway is shut down you always think it was a bad accident. We have had so many of those on I-29 this year. The same day we had a stabbing and they locked down schools and closed some more streets. Thankfully everything ended peacefully with both who committed the crimes being arrested. 
    What do you do about bullying that is in our schools? There was a case of a fight involving 11-12 year old girls on a school playground that went viral on fb. It happened on school property while school was not in session. The one girl was arrested for it. What kind of punishment should happen? Would you be embarrassed if that was your child? Being it is involving a juvenile we probably won't know the outcome, but her name was on fb. What the mother said makes you wonder what kind of life she has at home.  Do you feel the schools should be addressing the bullying that happens at school  more?  Do you think kids should fight back or what kind of punishment if the parent refuses to address the issue?  
     It really makes you wonder where the parents are and if they really care about their child or did they encourage it. It also makes you wonder when people are going to take responsibility for their actions.
    I was close to where the standoff was happening without realizing it. I would have changed my route had I known that it was happening. Ever since the two robbery attempts at our Mall's one area parking lot, I am very aware of my surroundings and observant of what is going on around me. I want to know why we are having all of these problems. Is it because of all of the violence shows on tv or people don't want to work and take the easy way out. 
    The sun is shining, but it hasn't warmed up that much. Hopefully it warms up more this afternoon. Some areas not to far off had almost freezing temperatures. I would like to see the first frost so that it would help people with allergies,but then warm back up. 
    Just got a phone call to take care of so I will bring this to a close. Take care.

Sunday, October 11, 2015


  The fall color is starting and I am hoping that  when I take my road trip it will look similar to the picture that I posted.  The maples are turning a pretty red now.
    Yesterday was the annual car show at the nursing home that they have every year. The car was of one last year because I forgot and left my camera at home. I had a busy morning with my grandson and his friend who helped me take chemicals, paint and such to where we could get rid of it. It needed to be got out of the basement and it was free. Afterwards my grandson went with me to push his grandpa outside in his wheelchair to see all of the cars. Hubby favorite was a 56 turquoise and white t-bird. 
    It was fun and our grandson was looking over all of the engines. He is  taking a class in mechanics this year and his senior year. It makes me feel old .  In the afternoon  I went with my daughter in law and  another grandson went running around. My oldest stayed with his dad to cut wood for the fire so that supper could be cooked out over the open fire in the dutch oven. Needless to say there was nothing left and then they made smores. Food always taste better cooked outside. I made a comment on Friday when I was running around with my son grocery shopping about hamburgers and we had hamburgers cooked on the grill. Then they made a bonfire and we all sat outside for a while.
   A his and hers out house which was a lot fancier then what I used during my childhood. How many of you remember using them? Oh the memories of growing up back then. The games made on big pieces of cardboard and using mom's buttons as our markers. We didn't have a tv until I was a senior in high school. You can't really miss what you didn't have. We played outside a lot more then they do now. When it rained, we used the mud like it was our modeling clay making whatever we dreamed up.  A lot of fun and spending time with family. 
    I came across the picture that I took of my daugher and her race car. She raced against her hubby in the background. I knew she wouldn't win, but she still had fun doing it. 
    My custom order will go in the mail Tuesday and then I will start something else. I am doing my first juried show in November.  That will be a new experience for me and should be fun. My daughter in law will be going with me.
    Prayers to all of those in need. Have a wonderful week and stay safe.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Summer is over

   My favorite time of the year is here. I don't know where the summer has gone, but I am glad that it is over and the cooler weather has arrived. I am looking forward to maybe seeing scenery like the picture later this month. It has been a busy summer in more ways then one. 
   We have to be thankful for every day that we are given because you never know what tomorrow will bring. I have been missing in action for a few days because of minor surgery requiring stitches. It just means that I am limited to what I can do until the stitches comes out. I hate not being able to be my independent self. I like doing things for myself without having to ask for help. My oldest grandson is great in helping with what I needed after he got out of school such as taking out the trash for the trash man. He was Johnny Frye and he and Cleo got to lead off the Pony Express 5 K Run and lead the little ones and their run around the park.
  The boxes are for a craft show coming up this           next month made by my grandson and daughter in law.. It is a bigger one then we have ever done before so it will be a new experience. It is my first of having to send pictures of my embroidery Just venturing a little out of my comfort zone. Two of my new Halloween tea towels along with another horse tea towel have already gone to a new home. . I am about to finish my third one this week. Thankfully I can still do that while I am recuperating. The hands have to stay busy. The kids are already talking about Halloween and the month just got started. Later this month my hubby and I will celebrate our 53rd wedding anniversary. We never thought we would make it this far, but with God's help and prayers we will. Prayers always seem to help get you through some of the toughest things that you have to face.  We have been in the 40's in the morning and then warm up nicely in the afternoon. I am hoping for a mild winter, but they say it won't be. We will just have to wait and see what happens. 
   I pray for those on the East Coast that the hurricane won't be as bad as they have predicted. Mother Nature hasn't been to kind to us this summer. Take care and I promise to be back.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Garden Chair

   My garden chair lap quilt is finished and listed in my etsy shop at
It was fun to do and the more colors that I added the more it came to life. I have been making Halloween Tea Towels which I have several in my etsy shop. 
   My embroidery travels wherever I go. I am looking forward to next month as I am going on a road trip. I won't have to do the driving which is always enjoyable for me. It will be toward the end of the month so hopefully there will be some fall color.
    I get to spend Friday with my middle grandson while they have a day out of school. My oldest has to go in the afternoon. His schedule is around two schools. So there is times that little brother has to go and he doesn't.
   This will be a busy weekend for him. On Saturday he portrays Johnny Frye and leads off the Pony Express 5 K Run on his horse Cleo. Then the ranch rodeo is that evening, He will be helping with the cattle that evening and doing whatever else they want him to do. Him and his buddy help set the cattle panels for the holding pens yesterday being they were out of school.
   I feel better from my sinus infection, but I am still not completely over it. At least the cough is lose which helps and I don't cough at night like I use to do it. I don't know if they are going to continue the antibiotics as strong as they were I imagine they won't. 
   It was a nice weekend after the storms and rain. We have been lucky so far with the way the storms pop up. There will be nothing one minute and the next it will be raining. We had a lot of things to choose from to do. The South Side Festival, a wine festival, Irish music down town just to name a few of the things.
   Have you ever had what is call a slab pie? I was at my son's the other evening for dinner and my daughter in law made one. You have your pie crust only it is on a cookie sheet with the filling on top of it with a lattice top. I know her crust had 4 sticks of butter in it. My Middle grandson helped her make it. They made peach. It was yummy while it was still warm. 
     He still wants to go to Branson and Silver Dollar City for his birthday. He is planning what to do while he is there. It is a done deal in his mind. Oh How it is to be young and think that whatever you want will just automatic happen. It doesn't, but you need to have your dreams. 
     I need to run some errands so I had better bring this to a close. Have a wonderful  week Take care..

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Beautiful Fall Day

     The sun going down the other evening as I was coming home. I had to stop and take a picture of it. The temperature outside reminds me of fall. You need a jacket or sweater of a morning and in the afternoon with the sun shining you don't.  I don't know about you, but I am ready for the cooler weather. I want the first hard frost so that the allergies will go away for another year. It is not fun having allergies and a sinus infection at the same time. It makes you feel miserable.  My next project going on the needle will be my Halloween tea towels. I am just about through with my latest project which is a new lap quilt. Pictures will be coming as soon as it is finished. My hands have been kept busy when I have felt like doing nothing else. I got put on a 1000 milligrams of antibiotics a day to try to get rid of the sinus infection for ten days. I cough so much at night that it makes it miserable to try to sleep. I didn't go see hubby because when I talk to much I get a coughing spell. It is one way for me to be quiet, but hard to keep still at times. School is back in session. It makes you wonder where did the summer go. We have one last event at our horse arena. We are going to have a ranch rodeo the 24th of September. Some people call it where want  Be's try to be cowboys. I know they would be walking an awful lot because their horses head for the gate when they get off them. It will be fun to watch and we are planning on having pulled pork sandwiches, with real french fries in the cook shack. With some cobbler made in the dutch oven along with some other goodies.
    An up date on my grandson, he is doing o.k.. Still doesn't remember being thrown or what took place before or after it. The doctor said that he may never remember that part. He is back to throwing hay and doing some of the things he did before. Of course, we always worry about him. His best friend got thrown the last show of the season. She went one way and her horse went the opposite. She just got skinned up on her shoulder and was very lucky nothing broke.  
    My middle grandson is in trouble. He left gum in his pocket and it went through the wash machine. Thankful it had not gone into the dryer yet. His punishment was help get the gum off the clothes that it got on. I bet he also heard it from not only his mom but dad too. 
    Fergie is being used for therapeutic kids to ride this fall. She will be very good with them because their horses have to be walked when the kids ride. She is earning her keep instead of just eating. The boys have won several things on her including high point buckles. Of course, the other horses miss her.
     Well I hope you all are enjoying a beautiful day wherever you are at. I just wish I was outside, but I am being good and staying in taking my medicine and resting. Have a great day. 

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Catching Up

 The sun was trying to peak through the fog last Saturday morning. Our horse show was late getting started because of the fog. We said prayers that morning at cowboy church that all of the competitors would have a safe ride and nobody would get hurt. Other then having a couple of horses that didn't want to load the day went rather well for a change. The weather made a nice day to be outside and enjoy the fresh air. This week has been something else with the heat coming back . The schools in town are letting out early. We voted to have all of the schools to have air, but they don't as of yet. They put solar panels on schools that we definitely didn't vote for. Even putting them on one that they closed.

   My middle grandson has enjoyed showing this horse all summer. It is kinda sad that it is coming to an end, but that is the way that it goes. He is counting days until his birthday. He wants to take a trip, but I am not sure where he wants to go. They may go to Branson just to get away from everything. He has looked mighty handsome with his dress shirt, tie, and hat on. They will think more about showing with helmets after brother's accident.
   She is a young horse and for some reason she was throwing her head. They thought maybe she had a bug in her ear or something. He had been riding her without any problems and now they are back to square one starting over. I don't know which one is more afraid and normally my grandson isn't bothered. She just got spooked during western pleasure. He had placed first with her in halter and showed her in showmanship. I can still see him getting thrown. He is back in school and doing good considering everything. He came last night to put on the new mower blades and mowed on my yard. He didn't get it finished. It has rained some this morning won't get to finish it today because my car won't start. The battery cable that I can see has this blue foaming looking stuff around where the cable attaches to the battery. Just what I need at the present time. 
   The last picture is after my oldest got thrown from his horse. That day is still fuzzy as to what he remembers happening. I just know I was scared along with everybody else. 
    Have you got big plans for the Holiday weekend? Just be careful if you are traveling. I know when I went down to the doctors the traffic was really heavy and some drive like idiots. 
   I am sorry for the long post, but thought I needed to let you know I was still here. Take care. 

Saturday, August 22, 2015


   My grandson has a moderate concussion and has to remain quiet for two to three days. No tv, cell phone, or computer and preferably stay in  a dark room with someone to staying with him checking on him every little while. They did a scan at the hospital, but there is another test that needs to be ran He has to go to the doctor on Monday. I know my heart felt like it was in my stomach. They had just started his western pleasure class when it happened.
    It was windy today and a chair blew into the metal fence that is around the arena, just as he was starting to put her into a lope. Needless to say she took off bucking and running. He stayed with her until his foot came out of his stirrup and that is when he went off landing on the side of his head and shoulder. He will have a black eye when he goes back to school. No broken bones but he will be sore. He almost had her back under control until his foot came out of his stirrup. I have to give him credit for the awesome job of trying. He had won first with her in halter showmanship so his day had started well at the show.   
    Of course little brother was worried about him. He told me that he couldn't even tell him what month or what day  it was.That really bothered all of us so the decision was made to take him to ER. I stayed at their house with little brother and dad until they got home and I saw him for myself. 
    It is getting late and I need to try to get some sleep, but I thought I would let you know what I know now. I will let you know more when I do. Take care. 

Prayers please

My oldest grandson got thrown from his horse this afternoon. They are on their way to the hospital to be checked out. Will let you know more later. 

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

This and That

Cleo getting acquainted with the cattle.
   I have been a little busy lately. School is back in session for all of the boys so I should have more free time after this week. I have been getting up at 4:45 of a morning so that I can be at my daughter's before she leaves for work to stay with my youngest grandson and take him to school.  I went with her and him the first day of school so I would know where to go when I took him to school  and  what to do if I needed to pick him up at school for any reason. His other grandparents will be home this weekend and start taking him to school next week.  I  came home and made some notes because I am dealing with three schools with the boys if it falls on me to pick one of them up for some reason.
   We have had a busy city with the Kansas Chief's  training camp being held at our college entertaining all of their fans. You had to plan to do your errands while people were at camp watching them practice. .
Then our 139th Air Guard had a softball tournament here in town the same weekend along with tax free weekend. Talk about crazy traffic. I tried to stay out of that as much as possible.  
   I had planned on doing what I wanted with it being my birthday today, but ended up going to take care of some things at the nursing home. I think they were surprised when I told them I would be up in a little while after they called me. I think they thought we could deal with it over the phone. The surprise was on them. 
   My grandson and his horse got to play with cattle. Cleo had never been around cattle before so it was a new experience. She did very well for her first time. It was muddy that weekend. We finally put together nine days of dry weather until yesterday when we got an inch and a half of rain in a very short period of time. When it came to game time at the horse arena this past weekend it sure was dusty. It made you think that you were following some one on a gravel road. We could have used a little of the rain to settle the dust. \

    This is another picture that my grandson took while we were Hamilton, Missouri. This mural was painted on the side of the building.  We just wish that we could have got a little closer, but my little camera  does not zoom out that far. 
    I have talked to all of my family today as they all wished me Happy Birthday. I have pictures of the boys on their first day of school. I just don't know how to get them off my camera. I am open any comments that you can give me. Next week I hope that things will be more back to normal so that I can visit more of you. Take care.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Rain Go Away

    The clouds passing in front of the sun and wondering if it was going to rain some more or we would get the ranch rodeo in that night. Another horseshow was rained out today. I keep joking that we are going to be showing at Christmas in the snow. I have never seen such a wet year in a long time and the floods can't be blame on other people. My brother had over 20 inches of rain at the farm and we have had more since then. It just makes you wonder if it will stop. His garden got way to much rain so they didn't have the usual vegetables that we can normally get from him.
   They did have the ranch rodeo in the mud about three weeks ago and it was a good thing or there would have been some of the cowboys getting hurt. They performed in groups of three all of the events. It was like working on the ranch branding cattle, sorting cattle and etc. They would have been doing a lot of walking if they actually worked on a ranch because every time they dropped the reins their horses headed for the gate.  My grandson got to do the grand entry that night and help work with the cattle making sure the right numbers got into the arena. He had never done that before, but him and his buddy did a great job of helping out. I was watching a little one who couldn't been much over 3. He roped his brother and it took his mom and sister to help get his brother out of the rope. He was a stout little one and you could tell he definitely knew what he was doing. Such a cutie. 
     This past weekend was our family reunion. Three of us girls and four of my brothers with our extended families were there. I got to see some of my great nieces and nephews and their little ones that I hadn't seen for a long long time. We had a really a nice visit and the time just went much to fast. We had several three generations present.
      School is almost up on us. I have a week and two days with my oldest two grandsons and I will be taking my youngest to school in the morning  until his other grandparents get home vacation. My daughter started a new job this past week. It was scary there for about a month, but the company called her. She was going to put her resume together after school started, but the opportunity presented itself and she took it. It is different. A smaller company but does the same  type work. Just thankful the prayers were answered. 
    Well hope to be back to normal in about three weeks for sure. I have already made up my mind that I won't go every day to the nursing home. He slept all afternoon today. All of you take care and I will be coming to visit. 

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Our Road Trip

    When we went to Hamilton, Missouri on our road trip, we were celebrating my daughter-in-law's birthday. She, her 10 year old, and I set off for our adventure of the day about 8:30 in the morning. We wanted to go to the Missouri Quilt Shop in there. The pictures that you are going to see is what my grandson took of our trip. He wanted something to do and that kept him busy while we shopped.  Besides the main store they have six other shops full of fabrics. A must see of all of the fabrics.
     Of course we had to have a picture of him. He took so many pictures that you would have been tired of just looking at what caught his eye. I don't know if it is a good thing or not to turn him loose, but he had fun and that is the main thing. We parked the car in about the middle of all the shops that we wanted to go to and started walking. They are very friendly and have no problems with you taking pictures in their shops. There is so much to see.
   He thought that we should have a picture of the main store and the rest of the pictures are of different quilts, windows, and things that he thought I needed to have of our trip. Of course, you had murals on buildings and one that really caught my eye was the quilts that was in the painting. It looked as though they were hanging outside. A beautiful painting. I think there is a picture that I will post later.
    This was in the window of one of the shops. It was cool how the fabric was draped around the manikin and made you almost think of a wedding dress. The skirt was all strips of fabric flowing down. He thought is was cool and I did too. You could find all kinds of fat quarters if you wanted just a small portion of material. They do not cut less then a yard. He got to pick out material for a new pillowcase.
    You saw several of these carts holding fabric squares or full of fat quarters. Their solid colors went from dark to light and one shop had a lot of backing materials for your quilts. If you couldn't find what you wanted, you didn't look hard enough. One shop was Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Halloween fabrics. The pictures coming up are some of the things that caught his eye.
    We also went to the JC Penny Museum while we were there. I highly recommend that you take the time to go through. It is a free will donation so it only cost what you want to give. The Farmhouse which is also located in Jamesport  has a shop there. I didn't look around much because of the odor from all of the candles which you had a lot to choose from. One place we went they had like a community room where you could take your machine and spend the day sewing with others. 
    After we left there, we stopped at the Country Cabin Country which is  buildings with different things in each. Those pictures will be for another post. 

    We ate lunch in Jamesport at the Amish restaurant. The food was really good. I had a half hot roast beef sandwich which was all that I could eat. I would hate to say how big a whole one would be. 
   We went to the bakery and grocery store while we were there. It wasn't as busy as it would have been on a Saturday. We also went to the shop that they make harnesses. We were looking for needles to hand sew leather being dad had to repair my oldest grandson's saddle that broke. He gave us a scare, but Cleo and him nether got hurt for which we were thankful for those blessings.The saddle is fixed we just need the rain to stop.

   I thought I would let you know that I was still here just been busy. I have about two and a half weeks then school will be starting for the boys then I will have more time. 

   I am sorry for the long post, but if you are in the neighborhood of Hamilton, Missouri and you like to quilt and sew. It  is a place to stop.  Hope all is well with you all and I will be back.