Thursday, April 23, 2015

Trying day

  Today has been one of those days that I wish I had stayed in bed. Have you ever had people blame others instead of admitting they dropped the ball and didn't do their job properly? 
It is always someone  else's fault.
  I get very frustrated when I get lip service telling me what they think I want to hear instead of doing the job that they are suppose to do. 
  I have to make up my mind how I want to deal with it. I don't like being a complainer or bitch about everything. I just want people to do their job to the best of their ability. I was always taught if you had a job whether you liked it or not you did it to the best of your ability. O.k. I just need to say that and get it off my chest. 
   Yesterday was a busy day for me. I stopped by the nursing home to see hubby, then picked up my oldest grandson at school so he could help my daughter get her yard mowed, ended up taking my youngest grandson bowling for his mom. Her hubby got his stitches out yesterday and the doctor said he was doing good. He will be starting cardiac rehab. It will just take a while to get back on his feet. It is not something that will happen over night or in a week. It is just hard to do nothing when you are so use to working every day and you aren't one who likes to sit around. 
   My youngest grandson is very smart for his age with everything that he has gone through with his dad. He wanted to know if his grandfather uses a pen to take his insulin and how many times a day. He told me all about how his dad did his. He talked about his open heart surgery and he is only nine. It is amazing what they can comprehend at such a young age. He asked his dad if he needed anything before he went bowling.
   I am just glad that I am able to help out and do for the kids. It gives me other things to think about and I enjoyed watching him bowl. He likes to do it. He got three strikes while I watched. He is learning. I  also watched some of the high school kids bowl. Some of them were pretty good. 
   I am going to spend the afternoon of running some errands. I am not going back to the nursing home. I was there this morning for a family care planning meeting. 
   I didn't take the picture of the sunset. It is the Missouri River, but I don't know the location. I just know that I liked it. 
   My brother went to a nursing home. I know it will be a while before he is allowed to put any weight on his leg. I keep praying for him, but I really feel that he is in the best place. It will allow his wife to recuperate because of her trying to take care of him with his dementia before he broke his leg and suffered a stroke. It is very trying when you are a care giver. It can be very emotional  and cause tears when you see things that you wish was different even though you know that it is for the best. Just take every day you are given and pray for the best.
   Well enough of this and that. I am still here just busy. Hugs and Prayers to all of those in need. Take care

Saturday, April 18, 2015

What a Week

What a week this has been or maybe I should say the last two weeks. First my son-in-law is progressing in  his recuperating at home. It has been a learning experience for everybody involved. My daughter has been at home with him getting things adjusted. My youngest grandson is amazing in wanting to help. He takes and gets dad something to drink or checks on him if he needs anything. He tells his mom if dad is awake or sleeping.
   I thought maybe things would settle down, but then my next to the oldest brother fell and broke his leg five places between his knee and ankle. He had surgery and he has had a stroke. They were moving him to a nursing home today to recuperate. He is not allowed to put weight on his leg for three months at least. I haven't heard if he has any effects from the stroke. He also has dementia. It is the pits as we get older and one of my saying is that we are falling apart at the seams. 
  It is a rainy stormy day here. You can hear the thunder rumbling down here. I just don't like lightening. We got my grass cut, but not the weed eating. We won't be doing that today. Plus my oldest grandson is going to help my daughter cut her yard this summer. He has several people wanting his help so he is going to have a busy summer He is going to help build another fence and actually get paid for helping. He will be putting up hay and who he works there for is also teaching him to drive a tractor. He is trying to save money for a vehicle because he turns 16 in June. He has to help pay for the vehicle whatever it will be.
     The arena fence is done excepting for hanging the gates and capping the post. It looks so much better and will be so much nicer to see that is for sure. The season is looking good and I am looking forward to watching the boys show this year. We have some other things that need to be done and you never please everybody that wants to give advice but don't want to help. I guess it is that way in a lot of organizations. 
    It is a good day to stay home and embroidery I think. I have been making some tea towels and then I need to get another baby quilt done. My last two have sold before I even got them finished, but that is good. It makes me feel good. 
    I will have a family care planning meeting this week. There is a couple of things that I want to discuss with them which probably won't make them happy, but then they are suppose to be doing there job. I think maybe the issue with one of his meds is resolved hopefully. I will be getting a letter from the insurance company if it is and it better not just be lip service. 
    The flowers are so pretty right now and the lilacs are trying to bloom. They all smell so good, but doesn't help the allergies. 
    Have a great day and take care.   

Friday, April 10, 2015

This and That

  The lighting wasn't the best but I promised to show you my quilt when I got it finished. It is already sold and gone to a new home. I thought I would be adding it to my etsy shop, but it sold before I even had a chance which suited me just fine. 
  I was happy with where it went. I know that it will have a special meaning for the person who is going to be receiving it. 
   The following was what I won from my friend Paulette over at BeeBee's  who makes all of the pretty felt pins. I got it in time for St. Patrick's day. 
   Today was a good day because of my sil got to come home from the hospital today. He is progressing that is the main thing. The doctor told him he could lay around and walk at home in the house as good as in the hospital. Normally they keep them longer, but they didn't him.
   It turned off pretty today after the stormy weather that we have been having. It basically went around us for which I am happy about. We got some hail with what we did get, but nothing like some of the areas got. 
   Five more panels to be welded and the  horse arena fence will be done and ready for the paint. It has come together nicely and everybody is looking forward to our new arena. It will really be looking good when it is painted. It will look better even if we don't get it painted before show season starts.
   I keep saying prayers for those that have gone through the horrible storms, sickness, and job problems. Nothing in life is simple anymore and  some things are more challenging. Some how we always manage to find the strength to get us through, but it does cause some sleepless nights with worrying about it. I do that quite often, but then I have learn to trust God to help me find a way. I know that I have to keep my hands very busy right now. 
   Well I need to call it a day. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Where the weekend go

    I hope you all had a wonderful Easter. Our celebration was a little different then the traditional celebration,
   First, my son-in-law had open heart surgery today. They did 5 by-passes so we continue to ask for your prayers. They lost one of their dogs on Friday so it wasn't quite like they wanted to have Easter. My daughter is trying to keep a normal routine for my youngest grandson while his dad is in the hospital.
   We did celebrate Easter and our oldest son's birthday on Friday. He had to go back after spending a week here at home on Saturday. He was a baby sitter on Friday spending time with his three nephews. He was tired after being with them so that the girls could do some shopping. It didn't seem like he should be 50  years old. The boys hunted Easter Eggs that evening at our son's house. We had hamburgers on the grill, pasta salad, broccoli and cauliflower salad, relishes, devil eggs, and strawberries and angel food cake just to name part of it. That is the menu my oldest wanted for his birthday. My daughter-in-law tries to do for him as he doesn't get home that often. Today he was suppose to be headed back to Texas to work. I don't know how long he will be there.
   The picture is of our 15 year old grandson welding on the new arena fence. They have just 5 panels left to go. He had welding in his shop class in school. , plus one of the others that makes his living welding helped give him some more pointers. He learns very quickly. Of course grandma likes to brag on the boys. He reminded me today that we have 35 days until the first horse show. 
   I spent the day with him and his brother while they were out of school. They had dental appointments so I took them and their mom met me there after she got off work. I was ready to come home after the day of running around. The weather was cold and drizzly all day. It doesn't help the back when it is that kind of weather. 
     I did eat lunch with hubby on Easter at the nursing home. They had a nice lunch for the ones who were there. It was an enjoyable day with the sunshine and warmer. 
    Today was the home opener for the Kansas City Royals. They won. I bet it was rather chilly sitting there watching the game. It never did really rain, just drizzly and foggy. It was just enough to make you run your windshield wipers. 
    I will try to keep you up dated with our family. All prayers are greatly appreciated. Take care. 

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Prayers Please

Hi Friends, Just a short post tonight asking for your prayers. My son-in-law is in the hospital,  His blood work shows that he has had a heart attack. They are running test to see what kind of damage there is. They know for one thing already that he has a blockage at the bottom of his stent that they put in when he had his first heart attack. As I told my daughter, they will be silent with him being a diabetic. My youngest grandson is at his other grandparents house staying with them while mom stays at the hospital. 
    The only thing at the moment is that our oldest has made it home and I had supper with him this evening. It was good seeing him. Tomorrow I am going to take my oldest two grandsons to get their hair cut. for their mom. 
    My quilt is finished and will be going to it's home on Friday, but I have to figure a different way to load pictures because I keep getting told that my c drive is full. I have to try to make some room and I have got to figure out how, but that is the least of my concerns at the present time. 
    Take care .

Saturday, March 28, 2015


   My magnolia tree before the really cold got it and turned it brown. It has taken a lot of work, but I have finally got some of the things with the new computer program the way that I liked them. I am not sure that I like this program that this computer has on it. It is definitely different. 
   The weekend hasn't been like I have planned it. . I have spent the majority of the day in bed after being up sick last night. The flu bug finally caught up with me to where I was almost to the point I wanted to move a pillow and blanket in the bathroom and sleep there for the night. I haven't been sick like that for a long time. I have managed to keep everything down that I have ate today. Thank goodness. 
   My oldest grandson got to put his welding skills that he learned in school to practice today. He welded four panels up at the horse arena. They are going to work again tomorrow on the fence. They have got to get it ready for the show season which will be here before they are ready.
   My oldest is on his way home for a few days so he can take care of some things such as drivers license renewal. They weren't going to let him come home until he told them that his license was about to expire.  He has to have it as one of the identifications to get him on the job site.  He has been working in Texas so I am assuming that is where he is going back to  I just know the time will pass much to quickly. My quilt has just a little left to do on it.   It will be going to a new home so I won't even get to put it in my etsy shop. I may have another one to do. She is suppose to be getting back with me. It has taken longer then I liked, but it got to changing colors to much when I was working on the bear. 
   I feel like I am getting to old to have to learn new things, but then you learn something new about every day. We have had some really nice weather then it has gone back the other way. I have seen snow in April before . They said we were to get some last night, but I don't think that we did. 
    I need to take a few more me days. They have got hubby a new curved spoon. It seems to be working so that he gets his food in his mouth instead down his front. 
   Well I am going to call it a night and go back to bed. They say I should feel much better in a couple of days. I shall see Take care.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

No Pictures

Hi Friends, I am working with a new computer program and I haven't got the bugs worked out yet. I am just about to the point to where I want to shove the computer in the river. I didn't really want to spend any more money on it, but I may have to find a way to fit it in my budget. It is just irritating. We have had stormy weather the last two days and on the cool side. We had hail last night when the storm came through. Looking out the window it was bigger then pea size. I don\t really know how much we got. It rained on me all the way home from the nursing home. The closer I got to home the harder it rained. It never did reach the 50's like they were forecasting.
    We had such a beautiful weekend  with the wonderful weather. My magnolia tree is going to freeze because we are to get down to 28 one night this week. It wouldn't be normal if it didn't  because we normally have it happen  every other year. Last year it was beautiful. I will be glad when this month is over. 
     My baby quilt is sold before I even get it finished. I will try to show you a picture. I have just a little left on it to do. I haven't been able to get my printer to work nor have I been able to load pictures yet. I will keep trying. Maybe my grandson will be able to get it accomplished for me, but he is busy right at the moment. 
      The new fence is going up at out horse arena and it is really going to look nice when we have it done. After they get  all the panels set, it will be time to paint. The last report I had they were going to have white fencing and blue gates. Our sign designating out arena is white with the blue lettering. They have done a lot of work and hopefully it will bring more people to show their horses. 
     It is almost time for Spring break. The weather isn't cooperating very good this year for it.  My youngest grandson has strep throat so grandma is staying clear right at the moment. They have it in the schools. Why do people send their kids to school sick? He got sick at school and they thought he had the flu. They took him to urgent care and found out differently. I just want them to all be healthy for Easter so the family can be together. 
    Hope you all are doing well. Take care and watch out for the bad weather with the storms. It is that time of the year.  

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Rainy Day

  The past weekend was a busy weekend for our family with the blue and gold banquet here in town and  the State 4H Horse judging contest in Columbia, Missouri. My oldest grandson is the only boy in the group and they were awesome. They not only won first at state, but they are sending teams to Nationals later this year. 
   My grandson is an alternate. We are so proud of them. The senior team and junior team both got 1st. It is quite an accomplishment. This summer the older kids are going to be spending time judging horses at the shows when they aren't showing their horses. 
   We had rain yesterday and it is raining again today. I think it is a good day to have a "me" day. It is only in the 30's and makes the bones hurt. 
   Did you all have a good St. Patrick's Day? I had my corn beef and cabbage even taking part of it to my hubby at the nursing home. What I had for my lunch was much to big for me to eat and it was even bought for me which was  a nice surprise. 
   Tonight is my middle grandson's school program. Grandma is going to go and watch him. I always enjoy watching my grandchildren in whatever they do. The oldest's school had an FFA competition at their school . So Fergie and Cleo got to go to school for the horse judging part, we joked about them getting some education. Dad took the day off to pull the horse trailer.
    Sunday evening I went to their house for supper. Steak on the grilled, with the potato dish that I like. The potato dish is potato, sweet potato, onion, and bacon cook on the grill. Needless to say supper was yummy. They could have done hot dogs on the grill and it would tasted good. We all like food on the grill in the summers months or even during other times. 
    The smoke smell was bad when I came home because of a huge grass fire. We have had so many the last feel days. Why would you do what was suppose to be a controlled burn when the wind was really blowing? It is beyond me. If you had breathing problems, it could have caused some problems. Have you heard of fires jumping a river? Some even had to evacuate their homes. There have been other fires besides the grass fires. 
    My oldest grandson has got accepted to go to Hillyard's Technical School this next year. He is going to be taking mechanics so that he can work on things. He wants to rebuild his other granddad's old truck. I think it will be quite an accomplishment if he can do it. He is mechanical and likes to see what makes things run. He is like his dad in that respect. I can remember him taking things apart to see how they worked. 
    I need to get back on a custom order. My red tractor will be going to a new home as soon as I get the lettering done. Have a good day.

Friday, March 13, 2015


     It has been a very trying week with me and very stressful  dealing with issues with my hubby. It was not a good day at the doctor's office nor when I got back to the nursing home. To read in the report sent to the doctor that they had said I did something that I did not do  made my blood pressure boil. The doctor let me read what they sent. I won't go into it, but needless to say there has been a lot of conversations going on. Hubby met his new doctor at the nursing home yesterday that will be taking over his care as of the first of month. He liked him so maybe some of the stress will be leaving my life for a while at least. I know I have felt like I have been on a roller coaster ride. 
     I am looking forward to the weekend. Grandma needs a grandma fix. It is the blue and gold banquet and time with my youngest grandson. My oldest grandson goes to contest this weekend. He is looking forward to it. I just hope that he does good. It is getting closer to time for show season and I know that I am looking forward to it. Watching the kids whether they are mine or the ones that have adopted me as their grandmother I enjoy watching them ride their horses. I just enjoy being around them and listening to their conversations. They all have one thing in common and that is horses. 
     I have my quilt getting close to being finished.  I made a few minor changes to it in places. I took a couple of days away from it, but I am back to working on it. 
    We have had beautiful sunshine with the temperatures in the 70's the last few days and it has felt so good to sit in the sun where the wind didn't hit you. It helped the achy bones. It made you feel better.
    It will soon be St. Patrick's day. The parade in town is going to be this Saturday. The green will be out in full force and I heard that the local television stations was going to broadcast it live. We will be having the Apple Blossom Parade that is usually in May. More signs of Springs, the robins, and my trees starting to get buds. We are going to be cooling back down, but they say only in the 50's. Just maybe we will have a Spring this year. 
   Well I need to run a few errands. Have a great weekend. 

Friday, March 6, 2015

Sun Shine

    The sun is shining this morning and we are having a heat wave today. We are to get in the 50's believe it or not. Can you believe that we are to have 70's this next week? I can't wait. I would like to open the windows and air the house if we make it to there. I pray for all those that have had the bad weather and think about when all the snow melts there will probably be floods. Mother Nature hasn't shown any favoritism this year for sure. Places that don't really understand snow and ice have had to deal with it this year. I know some traveling didn't plan on their drive taking them longer to reach their destination. The southern route you aren't suppose to see the snow and ice, but that wasn't the case this year. Hopefully we don't skip spring and go directly into summer this year.
    Last night was my youngest grandson's music program. They combined the 2nd and 3rd grade and really did a good job. He had a part that he had to tryout for and did a really good job. Very proud of the him. They always have their programs at the mall because they don't have a big enough gym to handle their programs at school.
   Spring is getting closer and I know that we are all anxious for it to arrive. We want the warmer weather. It also means the kids can get outside to play in the sunshine. My oldest two grandsons will be riding their horses more.
   I don't know about you, but there is so much sickness going around this year and the flu vaccination was really for nothing in my opinion. It is the first year that I didn't get the flu shot and I am glad that I didn't. I have managed to stay pretty healthy even going to visit the nursing home I didn't get sick like they were. I prayed a lot that I wouldn't. I continue to pray for all of those in need whether it is because of the devastating weather,sickness, or whatever they need a pray for. You can never have enough and it gives you the strength to help you get through the rough times. 
   If your parents are still alive, call them, visit them, because you will wish later that you could do that very thing. You might get mad at them at times. I know that when I was growing up my parents allowed us kids to argue and voice our opinions from the time we got up until we went to bed. We didn't want to get into fights because that is when they would step in and you didn't want that. They would also tell us what they thought about whatever. At least we weren't told to shut up because we didn't know what we were talking about like some do to kids today. We didn't have all of the fancy things, but we had love. I know we didn't have a television until I was a senior in high school. Families spent more time together.
   Have a wonderful day and if you have sunshine enjoy it. 

Sunday, March 1, 2015

March Arrived

    March has arrived with snow on the ground. We only have about 20 days until the first day of Spring. Are you ready?? I know that I am more than ready. I am tired of dressing in layers. I want to be able to wear something besides jeans and long johns. We had snow yesterday that started earlier then they said, but we didn't get what they thought we would so far. A possibility of more today, but I hope not. I haven't decided if I want to try to go see hubby or not. I am playing it by ear that is what I like telling him. He is fine with that. 
   Do celebrate St. Patrick's? We would have our Corn Beef and cabbage. I still will have that, but I won't fix it here at home. Do you wear your green on that day. I have my shamrock pin that I like to wear.
   Candles are lit for those in need of prayers today. We always read about people who are worse than we are or goint through troubling times in their lives. At Christmas time, the gentleman who brought communion to the nursing home gave me a battery operated candle. I use it when I say prayers for those on my list which seems to keep growing. I know that prayer is what has kept me going and gives me strength to do what is necessary. Making decisions for other peoples lives is not easy because you always second guess yourself. I just keep reminding myself that he is still alive even though he will be living in a wheel chair. 
   My next project that I am working on is a baby quilt called Baby Blocks which I hope will look like the picture. It is getting close to being done. I have worked on it and then laid it aside while I made tea towels and other items that I needed worse especially if there was a craft show coming up that I thought I might go to.
 just finished a custom order of three horses tea towel that will be going to a new home on Monday hopefully. I decided I am going to try to finish some of the things that I have laying around the house partially done.   
    We have a doctor appointment with the liver doctor a week from Monday. To see if they are going to change anything with his medications. He keeps telling me he is tire of taking all of the meds. They have to be sure he is eating before they give them to him or he gets sick.
   They let him sleep in late this morning. They must have thought he needed it. He said that he was late to breakfast. 
   I just wanted to check in with you and try to catch up with a few more friends before I go back to my needle and thread. Take care, stay warm, and please be safe if you have to get out. 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015


  I promised you all that I would show you my quilt when I got it finished. A lot of stitches and here it is my latest project hot off my embroidery hoop. I am pleased with how it turned out, but my pictures never do it justice. It has a happy home to go to and she is thrill with it.She has been able to watch the progress as I worked on it. The kittens and birds look so real. I finished it last night after I went to supper with my kids before my oldest left.
  Our oldest son had come home for grand jury duty. He had drove a lot of hours because he worked on Saturday. He got up yesterday to go to the federal courthouse to learn that if they had known he was working out of town he could have been excused. Plus the  guy that was suppose to have a jury trial decided that he didn't want one at the last minute  so he felt like he came home for nothing. We went to what I called Brunch after he got back in town so I got to spend time with him. All of the kids and us went to supper last night so I got to spend a little more time with him. Time was much to short and he left this morning to go back. It was back to Louisiana and then to Texas for a month working at an oil refinery. He was going to have to shave his beard because the job requires him to be clean shaven. It was good to see him no matter how short the visit was. He is suppose to let me know he made it back o.k.. The weather wasn't going to be the greatest for him.  He promised that he would stop if the roads were back and find him a motel room.
   I have been spending time at the nursing home with hubby to make sure things were going o.k. He stayed in bed this morning and ate his breakfast  because it was so cold. The walls don't have any insulation. You can lay your hand on the walls and feel the cold. They still have several people that are still trying to get over being sick. So far we have been lucky. 
    Our weather has been like a roller coaster, but we haven't had what they have got all around us. I am hoping to be able to go to the city Thursday for my doctor appointment, but I will just have to wait and see. We are suppose to have rain, sleet and snow mix tomorrow. I will just pray and keep my fingers crossed. 
    I have been trying to decide what I want to do for my next project. I just know the fingers have to stay busy for sure to help me keep my sanity. I have another baby quilt partially done I may just go ahead and finish that one.
    All of you in blog land are very special to me. You give me the strength that i need to accomplish what I have to do. Your comments are greatly appreciated. I know that the man upstairs is there with us every step of the way. Life is like a roller coaster it has it's ups and downs. Sometimes we can be a little discouraged, but we have to pick ourselves up and continue on because no body is going to do it for us. I try to keep a positive attitude, but I can tell you the tears have fallen after learning that he would be living in a wheel chair and being told very bluntly that I wouldn't be able to take care for him. Luckily, I didn't cry in front of him, but I did when I got home. It is your comments and prayers that helps me  so very much. 
  Stay warm and take care. Prayers and hugs are for those in need. 

Thursday, February 19, 2015


   Sometimes I think that my patience wears thin, when dealing with people. You can be told one thing and do it only then to get told Oh! no, you have to have this other information. I am going to have to continue to deal with people like that. I just added a couple more phone numbers to my list. I figure I can get more from them if I treat them like I want to be treated. 
   It just caused me to make a drive today that I would have much rather not made, but it is taken care of for a while at least. The sky was cloudy off and on with some sunshine, but we have never gotten out of the teens. We started off at 5 below and I don't know what the wind chill was. We  have had a few snow flurries. Not really amounting to anything yet.
  I would much sooner just curl up on the couch in front of a fireplace with a nice fire whether I read or embroidered would to be decided with a cup of something hot then being out in the cold. 
   At least when we had hubby out yesterday to go to see another orthopedic doctor, it was cold but not like today. It was windy, but warmer.  We finally got to see what the x-ray looked like of his hip. We now understand why the leg will not support him. The piece that got dislocated is just out there not attached to anything. If they tried surgery again, they would have to take out what was put in and they very bluntly said that would  cause more harm then good. He will be living in his wheel chair and at the nursing home He requires more help then I can give to him and the fall risk is to great. We don't need him breaking anything else. I told him at least he is still here so that is something to be thankful for. That is enough about that. 
   I had fun with my grandson's this past Tuesday. We went to check on a price of a part to fix their 4 wheeler. My middle grandson told brother he had enough money to pay for the part, but he had to pay it back. He told him he would talk with mom and dad. We did exercises that my middle one needed to do. He had that done before mom got home from work. He still had what he needed to do on the computer and there is no way I want to know their password to get on the computer. That way they can't get on it when mom and dad are not home which I think is a good idea. He didn't argue with me. He is looking forward to hanging out with grandma this summer.
   Well I need to fix me something to eat so I will close for not. Everybody stay warm and take care.

Monday, February 16, 2015

More Snow

   Another day of snow in our area but nothing like the North and East Coast has. I know I live in tornado alley, but I would much sooner take my chances there then have all of the snow like Boston and some of the other areas. The picture is not here, but one that I liked.
   I am staying home today and working on my quilt. It is almost finished and I am hoping to have it done by the weekend. I know it is going to a new home, but I almost wish I could keep this one. Oh!well, I can always make another one if I want. 
    Basketball season came to an end this past Saturday. I think they were tired. It is asking a lot  of ten year olds to play three games or more in one day. One day they played four. He is already looking forward to hanging with grandma this summer. I don't exactly what we will do, but it will be a fun summer. They did away with the program that he has been doing.
   My picture of my parents is kinda fuzzy, but this was the last time that all my brothers and sisters were together. After that it always seemed as though we were missing someone. 
   We still try to get together once a year at least, but so many health issues. It is the pits as we age why can't we just stay young.
   The snow reminds me of the coasting parties that we use to have when I was growing up. We went to a one room school house with all the grades in one big room. We took our sleds and would go coasting at lunch time. Those were the days that we might make it back in before time to go home. The old er kids helped the younger ones while the teacher worked with others. We had so much fun.
   We even used my mother's wash tub, a scoop shovel, or a piece of tin to coast on. We would get in trouble for that especially when one of my brothers couldn't turn the piece of tin and hit the barb wire fence. He had to have a few stitches, but we still did it again. When we moved closer to town later we always had a bunch of friends at our house. Mom had cookies and hot chocolate when we came inside for all of us. They always said that if they were at our house they knew what we were doing.
    We walked on top of snow drifts to school. I can even remember doing that to go home one year for Christmas. It is amazing what we did and the kids today think they have to be taken everywhere. Those special childhood memories can never be taken away. I even think about when we moved from farm to another. It was always cold and snowy.
    I will be glad when this week is over. We have doctor appointments. One for hubby and one for me. Mine is my annual that I have to do once a year. Just what I want to do, but I know that it is necessary. Hubby's is to see if they can do anything to help his right leg. He says that he will accept whatever he is told even if they say it is something he just has to live with. I just don't think that pain pills or cortisone shots are the answer. I still think if he could get heat packs they would be more  helpful.  Oh!well so much for that. 
   Thursday evening I will find out the horse show schedule for the summer. I am looking forward to that watching the boys and the other kids ride. It is just one big family. I get introduced as grandma and called that by a lot of kids who are my adopted grandchildren. It is fun and I don't mind a bit. 
    Prayers for all of those in need. Try to stay warm and safe if you have to be out in this crazy weather. Those warm days spoiled us. Take care.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Busy Weekend

    Just think next weekend is Valentine's Day and the month will be half over. It is flying that is for sure. Do you do anything special for the day?
    It was a busy weekend for me with the Pinewood Derby and basketball. Basketball is just about to come to an end after next weekend. They have one tournament left to play and it called the sweetheart tournament. Good choice considering they are playing on Valentine's Day. They lost a heart breaker last night by one, but they had played three games in one day. I think it was a little much for them as they are only ten years old. 
    My youngest grandson won 1st in the pinewood derby at  the mall. He was so excited and his Uncle won third in the open division. Daddy built the cars so it was a very good weekend. It came down to the last race if the one that he already beat once had won, they would had to race again. It was a fun day between the two boys. I know that I was tired when I got home. Plus I was driving home and an idiot decided he wanted my lane. I thought I was going to lose my front end. He would have hit me in my door and front panel. I hit my brakes and prayed that the one behind me didn't rear end me.If he had hit me, I know I would have been hurt. A car pulled up beside him in a turn lane and told him something. It didn't seem to phase him because he kept changing lanes as he went up the highway where he didn't really have room. He was an accident waiting to happen just in to big of a hurry. 
    The weekend has been beautiful and the snow has almost melted. The only places that haven't is where it was piled up when my driveway was pushed. We had 60 on Saturday and it got into the 50's again today, but it is going to go down again this next week. We are getting closer to spring and I can't wait. 
    It will soon be time to get their horses ready for show season. They have to have all their paper work showing that the horses have had all of their shots required. I am looking forward to watching the boys ride this summer. Some of the weekends, there will be a show on Saturday and again on Sunday. 
    Sending prayers to those who have been getting the bad weather on the East Coast. Also, sending prayers to those in need with sickness, deaths,and injuries. Take care.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

More Snow

  Another 3 inches of snow fell today starting at about 10 A.M.. At least it wasn't a wet snow like we had over the weekend. The picture was looking through my storm door when the snow was so wet. I just know I had a heck of a time getting the snow off my car. It was so heavy and deep when I got it loose it came off in chunks. We got up to 41 degrees yesterday so I ran some errands and went to check on my other half at the nursing home. His nurse was leaving going to work at another job. She is also expecting her first baby so she didn't really need trying to lift patients.
   They had a birthday party today for all of the February birthdays. He actually went and had fun. He won a bingo game. I stayed home because of the snow and road conditions. At least it wasn't a wet snow this time. Some schools let out early. I know the visibility wouldn't have been very good when I looked out the window. You couldn't see the house next door very good and it isn't that far away. I can only imagine what it would have been like  on the highway. I know they would have some icy spots from where the snow melted running across the road. 
     I can remember coming home from a trip getting caught in a snow storm. You said a lot of prayers and neither of us really wanted to eat when we got home because of the driving conditions. You had to not only think about yourself, but there is always some one driving way to fast for the road conditions. You would think that they had a little common sense when it came to bad weather. 
    Decisions, Decisions, we have a big decision to make of whether to see another orthopedic doctor about hubby's leg. They will bill medicare, but not medicaid because their office in Kansas. Others do, but I guess they are so big that they don't think it is their responsibility. I would like to know if I have to pay some out of pocket what the cost might be. Just a rough idea, because I would like to hear if there is anything that can be done to help other then surgery. We have to decide what we are going to do  before long. If they say, there is nothing that can be done then he will have to except that it isn't going to change. Pain pills whether strong Tylenol or other that is not the answer. 
    Of course getting answers is like pulling teeth. We have had several changes at the nursing home. There will be a new doctor coming. I don't know if he or she has arrived yet. Some of the nurses are leaving. One on day shift and one on night shift that I know about. We will just have to set back and watch to who comes and goes. . 
   My lap quilt is coming along still have a ways to go. I am changing colors alot and that takes more time. I have several needle threaded so that I am not constantly threading them. I have a question for the stitchers out there. Do you have problems with needles breaking where you thread them? I am trying to decide if I just got hold of a bad package of them or what. 
   Mother Nature is not being kind to a lot of people. Please be careful if you have to be out. Take care. 

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Snow Arrived

  We had rain most of the day and then it turned to snow. Looking out my back door at the trees in my back yard. I don't know how much we have got except when they pushed my street they filled the end of my driveway. I don't need to go to any place. I have talked to hubby a couple of times so far today. He was watching it snow. We are in a winter advisory until 9 o'clock. Some of the Super Bowl parties might be a little hard to get to.
    A couple of my Valentine tea towels. My From My Heart towel will be going to a new home if I can get to the post office tomorrow. I have to be able to get out of my driveway, but then it will probably be plowed later this afternoon. 
   My next project will take me a little while because I have been commissioned to do a lap quilt for a lady. It requires changing colors quite a bit so I just use more needles and keep them threaded until I get it done. 
   My other heart has a little bit of a three dimension look to it. My pattern slid just a bit and I am happy with how it turned out. 
   My grandson's team won their ballgame yesterday 18-4. I didn't go because it was raining and the parking is something else. I also didn't have enough time to get there. When you have to deal with stop lights, and they have adjusted the timing on them, you never know how long you will have to wait for them to turn. He didn't get released by the physical therapist on Friday.
   If you have to travel, please be safe. I know my limitations when the weather turns bad. I don't want anyone worrying about me. They just make sure that I don't need anything. I went to the store and bought groceries so I am good. I have food for sandwiches if the electricity should happen to go out. I know how to turn on my faucet so the water line won't freeze and I know what to do to stay warm.
   Are you going to watch the Super Bowl? Do you have a favorite team playing? I like to watch the commercials and I really like the new Budweiser commercial with the puppy. It is so cute. 
   Well I need to get back to work on my lap quilt.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

It is Coming

   They say the bad weather is suppose to arrive this weekend. It is suppose to start with rain and turn to snow. I am hoping that they are wrong. 
   I know that we dropped 40 degrees from yesterday to today temperature wise and the wind was bad. I had a road trip today, but I made it out and back. I picked up groceries while I was out so that I didn't have to worry about that later. 
   There are several who asked about what I am using on my hands. It is called Austrian Dream. You don't use very much and can apply it up to three times a day. So far I haven't had to use that much. You wonder about my embroidering. That is one of the things that helps me to keep my hands from getting stiff. I have been told to use them whether it is typing on the computer or embroidering or just what. If I don't use them, they will get stiff. My daughter-in-law found the cream at the pharmacy, but it is not cover with insurance. If you aren't satisfied, you are suppose to send the jar along with your original receipt back for a full refund. Another thing I like is after you rub it on, it doesn't leave your hands greasy. 
   Hubby was sick today. They think it was the way they gave his meds at breakfast, but he hasn't ate much. He did keep some chicken noodle soup down at lunch. I haven't talked to him yet this evening. It is a little to early for him to call. He has spent the day in bed. Without really knowing what is going on in that respect I didn't go up after my road trip plus I was tired of driving in the wind.
   My grandson had to ride before he goes tomorrow for his last appointment with the physical therapist at Children's Mercy so he rode brothers horse. He made it just fine with no problems. Hopefully everything is like it should be tomorrow. It also means that he will be able to show his horse this summer. The first show is May 16th and fast as the months are flying it will be here before we know it. The next appointment after tomorrow will be with the ear doctor to see about his hearing and how they are going to address that. 
   I saw on the news that even Florida was to have some freezing weather. I really don't know where you can go for warm weather. The last few days have spoiled us, but then it is only the end of January. 
   I told my hubby he can't see his shadow on the second. He is a ground hog baby. I want to take him something for his birthday. I have been thinking about a cup cake. The place that really makes yummy ones puts so much frosting on them. It would really give him a sugar high.  I really don't think that it makes a difference whether he sees his shadow or not we are bound to have more winter weather. 
   I keep praying for my friends on the East coast and those that are getting the bad weather that they can get dug out and no problems.There has been so many accidents. Well I have one more Valentine tea towel to finish so I better bring this to a close. Take care stay warm and safe. 

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Corrected Hopefully

   I have got my blog list back and I am slowly going through it to bring it back to where I want it. The weather is beautiful and at the moment it makes you think of Spring in the air. I know it is only the end of January, but it means another day of no snow. I will take every nice day that we can get. It means a lot to me as well as to others. The bones don't hurt in this kind of weather. 
   Now that maybe things are back I am going to try to do some more blog reading later today. In the mean time I have a couple of other things that I have to take care of. 
    My son gave me some stuff to try on my hands. It works, but it is expensive. I can bend fingers and they don't hurt that is the main thing. It maybe will  help with the arthritis and that is what I am looking for instead of pills. I don't like taking them unless I absolutely half to. I just wanted you to that hopefully my problem is solve here in blog land. A special thank you to Karen @Valentine Designs, who designed my blog and many others. She is a very talented lady.  Well I have to run, but I will be back later. Take care.  

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


To all my friends in Blog Land:

    I have temporarily lost my blog list and other problems. I will be praying that blogger gets it fixed. I tried changing things and in the process I have lost my comment line also. You can comment by e-mail for the time being. I tried adding new blogs and in the process screw it up. Has anybody else had this problem.

Saturday, January 24, 2015


        It is time for the 2015 Grow Your Blog Party. I don't know about you, but it is my way of traveling and meeting people from around the world. I like to learn about other people what they like and what maybe they don't like.
     When you visit my blog, you will find a blog about family especially my grandsons, who keep me very busy. For example today started with a basketball game, then Pinewood Derby Races, then another basketball game. My grandson's team lost the first game by 3 and won the second game by 4 in a double overtime. Talk about exciting and you keep praying that they can pull it out.They play again tomorrow in the afternoon. My youngest grandson got 1st at the pinewood derby and 3rd in the open pinewood derby where they even raced against their dads. He beat his dad with his car so he was excited. He will go to Districts in February at our local shopping mall. I will go spend the day with them.
    You will see some of my embroidery work that I make. The latest was my Baby Owl quilt. Embroidery is one of my passions and stress reliever. You will read about  some of the things happening with my hubby who is in a nursing home. You will read about my growing up on a farm and about my family which consist of six brothers and three sisters. We still try to get as many of them together as possible once a year in August with a pot luck lunch at the senior center. As we age, we all can have health issues so we like to be in the air-conditioning so everybody can try to make it. Hopefully maybe we can get all ten of us together with our extended families. I have lost count of how many the family would add up to now with all of the new families.The nieces and nephews all grow up and get married. We have so many new babies. My mother always said she never got to enjoy just one because there was always three or four about the same age. . 
    You will see pictures of my oldest two grandsons with their horses. They show horses during the summer months. One likes the games and the other likes pleasure classes. This grandma goes and watches. My youngest will be playing baseball. I spend as much time as possible with them because I am the only grandmother the older two have left. They are what keeps me young.
    My oldest grandson will turn 16 this summer. He  is driving now on a learners permit. Besides showing his horse, he also puts up hay during the summer. He is going to be working toward a vehicle. He helps me by mowing my yard. I just have to furnish the gas. 
    I am looking forward to the blogging party and getting back to blogging more than I am at the present time. Visiting blogs of my friends and making new friends. I hope you have a lot of fun visiting people all over the world. 
    Take care and hope to meet some new faces along with my blogging friends that I have now.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

It's Done

    My baby owl quilt is done and I have listed it in my etsy shop. I finished it last night and I am happy how it turned out. I told you I would post a picture as soon as I got it completed. It was a lot of fun to make. Now to decide what project to start next. I know that how long a quilt takes depends on the pattern and how many times you have to change colors. This one went quite well considering that I didn't have to change colors a lot. 
    The weather has been absolute beautiful here the last few days, but I know that it can't last because it is only the middle of January. I took hubby outside and pushed him around the parking lot this afternoon. He enjoyed the fresh air. We keep praying that he doesn't get sick because they keep saying the flu shot that was given was not for this strand.
I didn't exactly do what I had planned this weekend, but it was enjoyable just to be able to be outside in the sunshine. My youngest's bowling got cancelled and my middle one played three games on Saturday. It was basically scrimmage with three other teams. They are getting ready for a tournament that starts Thursday evening. How many games I will watch remains to be seen. I, also, have to fit my youngest pine wood derby in there. If the times I have been told is right, then it should work out. We will have to wait and see what happens. 
Hubby goes back to the eye doctor on Wednesday to see it the medicine that was injected in his eye finished doing it's job or if he will have to have another one. I just wish they could figure out his hip. I did get a copy of the x-ray report. I just need to get it translated in terms that I can understand. Some people like to throw around a lot of big words. 
Well hope you all have a wonderful week take care. 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015


    Have you ever had a hard time making up your mind of whether to venture out in the cold or stay in where it is warm? We have been very lucky weatherwise. Other than the bitter cold we haven't had a lot of snow or ice. 
    My son's visit was much to short. He made it safely back. He will be home in April to take care of a few things that have to be done. He had a letter about serving on the Federal Grand Jury. I don't know what will happen there if he will have to and who pays the expense for it. 
     Aren't the FedEx truck's cute? My daughter-in-law made them for a Christmas Present. My 10 year old grandson is wanting to learn how to do some of the things that the rest of the family make. They are very talented when it comes to making crafts out of different types of wood. Of course, they have their favorite type of wood that they like to work with. 
    I don't have to much more to do on my baby quilt and it will be done. I can't wait so that I can show you what I have been doing. I need to get it finished so I can make some new Valentine things for my etsy shop. I have a couple that I found in my stash finished that I need to take pictures of soon. I still have the problem of taking them to where they do justice to my work. 
    I have been marking my calender for the boy's activities whether it is scouting, basketball, or even going to try to go watch my youngest grandson bowl. My youngest grand child and I have been texting. It is helping grandma do a better job. He got his dad's old phone and only can text certain people in the family. He is excited because they are painting his room. He picked the color his self. He wanted a red wall, but that was vetoed by mom. What colors they chose. Him and his dad costumed mixed the color he chose. Dad has experience in doing that and is very good at it. 
    Well this afternoon I will go up to see hubby at the nursing home. See if the doctor comes to his room and can answer my questions. 
    I have been saying prayers for all of those in need whether traveling or sick. We can never have to many of them. Take care, stay safe and warm. Mother Nature is not particular with what part of the country you live in with the cold weather.