Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Where Does the Time Go

Can anyone tell me where the time is going?? It seems like we just start a month and it is gone. Much to fast to suit me.
Christmas will be here before we are ready. I kept thinking I would be ahead of the game, but somehow that isn't happening.
Our weather man says the rain switching to snow will be here tomorrow. I am not ready for that, but I guess we don't have any say in the matter.
A fire in the fireplace makes you think about curling up on the sofa with a good book, taking a nap, especially if it gets as cold as they say we are going to get. We lost our power today here at home. They didn't say what caused it other then 2800 people were affected. My daughter told me to be careful as I was coming home because some of the traffic lights were out. I don't like that because some people don't like treating the intersection as a four way stop.
I am doing some last minute touches to a few things to be ready for Saturday. It is only from 9 to 3 so I will have some me time. Dad is staying home. It is  a new show for me so I will see what other people think of my work.
Our son is liking his new job so far. He is busy and that is what he really likes. He just wants to work. You all have a good rest of the week. Take care


Mumsy's Place said...

Time does seem to fly by doesn't it? I was saying just today...I wonder where this whole year has gone.

So sorry about you losing power but glad it is back on now. You are getting snow too, huh? None here but I have heard about all that snow on the east coast.

People are going to love your work.
Good to hear your son is still happy with his job.

Stay warm and safe when the snow comes sweet Shirley. Hugs

My Vintage Studio said...

Hi Shirley,
Thank you for visiting my blog this evening.
Good luck with your show on Saturday!
Hugs, Sharon