Monday, July 8, 2013

Scary Excitement

 I had a busy weekend and turned a little scary..Matt got thrown off Cleo Thankful that he is only sore and nothing broken. He had got her to lope earlier and he was going to try it one more time only she didn't want to and you can see him going off.
 Your heart stops when you watch your little one go flying through the air and land. Then you wonder will he get up or is he hurt and how bad. He had everyone praying that he would be o.k.
We had a nurse and an EMT at the show which was all games, who was out in the arena checking him out along with mom and dad.When he stood up, he gave everyone a wave to let them know he was o.k. His pride was hurt and he didn't want to cry. His little friend wanted to be in the arena and her parents had to hold her back. She would bring him popsickles and check on him that he was all right. He set for a while with grandma and I let him take pictures with my camera. I have pictures that I don't know who they are, but he does. It kept him quiet for a while which is what we wanted.
  The picture was taken by M A  Donaldson, who was taking pictures all day long. He was trying his hardest to get Cleo stopped, but his little arms were not long enough to reach where he needed to. When they said it was time to do rings later in the afternoon, he was off to ride again. He wasn't allowed to do any games where he had to lean down and pick something up because they didn't wanting him to fall again. Brother took over riding Cleo and Matt went to riding Fergie. She was satisfied to walk and maybe trot, but nothing fast with him. He did get 5th in egg and Spoon, and brother got third which was o.k. 
It was a cancer benefit for one of our own. I knew she had breast cancer, but she, also has liver cancer for which she was taking chemo, when they discovered the other. She will have surgery later this month. She was so surprised that people would do that for her and we had a good turnout.
This is Fergie, who is very gentle depending on the rider. Cleo is usually that way, but for some reason she was going to do things her way. Big brother made her work all afternoon, running and etc. At least he is back on a horse. He has lessons this week so we will see how he does. Every body was scared for him. When he stood, they all clapped and different ones stopped by to see him.
My youngest grandson played  in a baseball tournament and they won 2nd. Their team was the only one that scored a few points against the team that won.The team that beat them was  from a small town and had been playing together for 4 years. They don't have anything else to do. It showed them what they could do with practice. I didn't get to watch yesterday it was just to hot and no shade. They played in the heat of the day. 
Hope you all have a good week. Stay cool.


Brynwood Needleworks said...

So glad there were no serious injuries! I know how hard it must have been for you to watch, Shirley. What a wonderful thing all those people did to raise money to help the lady with cancer. I'm sure she's grateful.
Happy July! 2013 sure is flying by!
Donna and Tag

Cindy said...

OH, I know personally how scary it is to see your loved one flying through the air, glad no one was seriously hurt! Sounds like a great turnout for the benefit, so many wonderful people to participate. Love the picture of the horse too. Stay out of the sun!

Vickie said...

Oh Shirley! My eyes teared up just reading about it. So very, very glad he was protected by his angels.

NanaDiana said...

How scary to be thrown. I am glad he is okay and no injuries, Shirley. A true horseman- gets up, dusts himself off, and goes back to it! How wonderful that there was a fundraiser for your friend. People are amazing, aren't they? xo Diana

Nancy said...

Just catching up a bit. Good to "see" you!

I'm not sure I could handle much more than basketball or soccer...horses are so beautiful but sometimes they do scare the pants off me! Glad your little guy was OK. And happy that you guys all participated to help the woman. Love the sense of community!

Cinderella Moments said...

Scary! I'm glad it turned out so well though. Kids can take falls very well usually. Horses are pretty moody. Hope you are doing well and enjoying the summer.