Sunday, September 1, 2013


 I got woke up early this morning by severe weather. We had wind clocked at 70 miles a hour, thunder, lightening, and rain. It came fast. The lightening sounded close to the house. I never can go back to sleep when that happens. It makes me relive when lightening struck our house. The only thing that saved it was we threw the breaker inside and the electricity went off outside. Back then your appliances were all depreciated, but  things didn't cost like they do today. I have a few small branches down, but other then that I am o.k.

Have any of you had problems loading your pictures on Etsy? I have tried to put my Fraidy Cat and my new Joy Christmas tea towel and they don't like the size of my pictures. I have yet to figure out exactly what size they should be. 

How is your weekend going? I am going to my
da ughter's this evening for supper. We are doing some belated birthday celebration. All the family will be there excepting my Louisiana son so I will be spending time with my three grandsons.

I thought I would sleep late when I went to bed last night, but that didn't happen. I spent time with hubby yesterday and took him outside. It wasn't as hot as Friday which was triple digit for us. No air, just what little I was out was almost more then I could handle. I  hate when it is that hot even though you take precautions, you can still get to hot without realizing it. They cancelled the ball game which I was really thankful for. 

Can someone tell me if you can transfer a digital pattern so that you can use it for a hand embroidery pattern? I found some I would like to use, but who has them can't answer my question. 

My red Christmas Joy linen towel all done in white. I have been doing a lot of embroidering to keep my cool. I get so frustrated that I cry. Why can't people just be honest instead of giving you the run around?

Where has the summer gone? Each month seems to go faster and faster that it will be Christmas before any of us are ready. I keep wishing it would slow down just a little at least give you time to smell the roses. Some  of the trees are starting to turn, which is much to early. Does that mean we are in for a rough winter? 

I know the ground hog did see his shadow. I keep teasing my hubby about that because he was born on ground hog's day. 

You all have a good rest of the weekend. Take care.


Debby said...

Oh Shirley that must have been a scary storm. I always worry that we will loose power. Here when we have a big storm and loose power sometimes we are out for a week. I never remember that growing up....I feel like a pioneer. sometimes.
I am glad you have an outlet. I am sure you you need it. Glad you will spend time with family today. Hope it is indoors with that kinda heat. I don't like to wish time away but I love fall.
Have fun today and stay cool.

Acorn to Oak said...

Wow...70 mph wind sounds scary. We sure would love to have a good rain storm around here though.

Your stitchery is so cute! I love them all!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Accroquilt said...

Your Christmas Joy linen towel is beautiful. Hope you will have better weather soon. Have a nice week!

Vickie said...

Sweet stitching Shirley! I am praying for you friend! It is still hot here. Cooling down tonight! Yay!

bj said...

Scary storm with all that high wind.
We have high winds out here on the plains of West Texas so we are used to them.
I am in love with that cat on the pumpkin. That would be cute, too, done in white stitches on a black background. Really cute.
Take care...

Nancy said...

We also had a big storm roll through the NW the other night. We're not used to those and so there was little sleep to be had! It's been an unusually humid time and sometimes we feel like fish. Ha! Hope you figure out your Etsy issues. There's probably a grandkid or two around that could figure it out in a heartbeat. =)

Susie said...

Your stitchery is so good. I love the little duck. Hope you are well and feeling fine. xoxo,Susie