Tuesday, November 12, 2013


 We were on our way to meet my daughter for lunch on our girl's Day out. I was taking pictures out the window as we were driving along when I saw something that caught my eye. 

It was such a pretty day and the color was so pretty, but with the cold and winds we have had they don't look like this instead they have lost the majority of their leaves.
 I enjoyed the day because I didn't have to drive. I love every occasion that I can let someone else do the driving for me. It was another year for a lot of bright fall colors in our area. At times when the sun is setting, it makes a beautiful sun set. 

You get to see me with my girls. We enjoyed our lunch and running around. Of course, the boys wanted to know when they were going to be home. They were babysitting the boys. It doesn't hurt them every now and then to take care of them and give mom a break.

We had just finished up lunch and was getting ready to go when my daughter in bright yellow asked the waitress to take a picture of the three of us. I could tell they walked a lot more then I had because my legs were tired when I got home. It was enjoyable that was the main thing.
The house in the back ground is not my house. I just liked the pretty red tree in their front yard. I took some pictures of some old mansions here in town, but they didn't turn out. If you like history, our city has a lot to offer. The old homes are beautiful and makes you want to see the inside. 

My grandson had to show off his FFA jacket and how they had to look for the functions that they attend. His first contest he attended he was 11th out of 147 which I didn't think was bad. He is going to be taking judging classes to learn to be a judge and maybe compete at that. He is just getting started so we shall see. 

We had fun our day out. He is grandma's helper. We always have fun when we are together. He keeps reminding me how much longer it will be before he can drive. It will help his mom and me. He thinks he should be my chauffeur.

I hope you are having a wonderful week staying warm if you have the cold weather and safe if you have the bad weather. Take care. 


Lynn said...

That is a beautiful photograph of you and your girls , and sounds like you had a great day out with them. You all need that once in a while. Love the beautiful fall colours in your area , most of ours are gone already, it's the Maple trees they shed their leaves fast.

Vickie said...

LOVE the picture of you three!
Your grandson is getting so grown up!

Cinderella Moments said...

Wonderful fall colors. You look very happy with your daughters. You also look in very good health and quite cute!
Your Grandson is growing up! It's wonderful that he wants to look out for you.
hugs & prayers,

Beth said...

That is such a wonderful picture of you with your daughters!

Quinn said...

Beautiful picture of you and your daughters!!

Cheryl @ TFD said...

The fall colors were beautiful this year and I'm going to miss them. There are a few trees with leaves still on, but the majority of them have fallen. Love the photo of you and your daughters. Your g'son is handsome and I'm sure will make a fine chauffeur and take you wherever you want to go!

Susie said...

Shirley, It's always a good day when we can enjoy the company of our daughters. (kids). You all look happy. Your grandson looks great in his new FFA jacket. I have always told my kids that I was born to be chaffered...they call it "driving Miss Lazy" LOL. xoxox,Susie

Nancy said...

Wait - that's you in the middle between your girls? You look a lot different without curls!

Vicki Boster said...

Shirley- I love that photo of you and your daughters-- how nice that you all got to spend the day together. That's really special.

You have the cutest grandsons. He looks SO handsome in his FFA jacket-- I was in the FHA-- gosh that was a long time ago--