Friday, March 28, 2014

Tornado Season

    The storm moved through fast yesterday. I was going out, but it started to rain big drops and I didn't think I had any business going anywhere. I backed up and came back into the house. We got the winds, rain, hail, but nothing else. They did have a tornado near Trenton, Missouri which is northeast of us. We were under a watch until later in the evening. I just told my hubby I wouldn't be up yesterday. 
   I kept the hands busy working on tea towels. I am trying to decide if I would like
 a craft show this fall at our shopping center. Booth space is a little pricey, but you would have more traffic then where it use to be held. I will sleep on it. My latest tea towel should have reached it's new home today. I really hope that she likes it. They are fun to make and I have already sent two to new homes. My latest project  is almost done I had to get some more thread. Why does it always take more then the pattern calls for??
    The boys are getting excited about the weekend with their uncle on his way home. I will feel more comfortable when I know that he is safely in town. We are going to be together for a late lunch on Sunday or at least that is the plans for now. 
   The two oldest grandson's will be getting their horses shots tomorrow that they need for the show season. They have to have the paper work before a certain date so that they can show in the 4H horse shows. I am glad I don't have to keep track of all of that. 
   The picture is of my son, daughter-in-law and middle grandson, who is losing his hearing. He is getting anxious to have his MRI done. He has already told me that they will put him to sleep to do it. It has been amazing what all he had been through so far in his young life. He was born with a heart mummer which they say that he has outgrown. He has had enough heart echo's and things done that he had the routine down pat. He would hop up on the exam table without having to be told.  He was always complimented how good he was and how still he layed. I didn't take the picture I just liked it. I got to put him on the bus and take his brother to school the other morning for their mom. Brother could have road the bus, but you can't rely on the bus driver getting them to school on time and they were going to a FFA Competition that day. 
     Enough rambling for tonight. You all have a great weekend. I know I will and then I find out on Monday what will happen at my one day a week job. The one that I fill in for is going to be leaving because of her health issues.  Take care. 


Vickie said...

So glad you are safe and sound Shirley. Have a good weekend. You keep those hands busy. :)

Quinn said...

That cloud picture is stunning, Shirley!
Good luck with the job situations - I hope any change is one that you will like :)

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Kind of stunning to hear you talk ab out tornadoes. I know it's the season. It is for Northern Indiana too. But it's snowing yet again this morning. One can only wonder about the weather.

Good luck on the job, whatever you are hoping will happen.

Vicki Boster said...

Those spring storms scare me to death-- glad you are safe--

Your grandsons are so handsome- you must just be so proud.

I'm glad you have your handwork to keep you busy- my knitting is so comforting to me. I love your newest pieces and I'm so glad they are selling for you.

Sending much love-

Susie said...

Good photos Shirley. I love the little turtle :) I know you love your kids and too. We had snow today, enough to cover the ground and porch. Stay safe and healthy, xoxo,Susie

Miss LindaLee said...

So glad you didn't get that tornado. I wonder at times if I would be brave enough to live in an area where they were expected during the season. You just stay safe.
Your have such a beautiful family. You've really been blessed.
You have a wonderful week ahead.

Beth said...

The word tornado puts the fear of God in me. I hope that I never see another one in my lifetime.

Your tea towels are beautiful!

Debby said...

That wicked windy weather is coming back. Glad you went back in the house and stayed.
Cute picture of your son and his wife and your grandson. Your grandson is so cute. I hope they can help him with his hearing.
will you take on more work if they offer it to you. I don't know how you would have time or even if you would want to.
Have fun with your other son being home. ((((HUGS))) Oh it is snowing here right now. Yep.

Gert said...


I'm sorry you're in the middle of tornado season. That can be so worrisome. Your needlework is so beautiful. I hope you enjoy your weekend and stay safe.


NanaDiana said...

Those tornadoes are so scary, Shirley. I just pray you don't get hit by one.
Good luck with the job thing on Monday. Might that mean more work for you-and if so, how do you feel about that?
Hope your hubby is doing better-maybe he will improve now that Spring is almost here.
That is a cute little guy and I am sorry he has had to go through all those health problems. They grow up fast when they are ill, don't they?
God bless you and our family- xo Diana

Eugenia Maru said...

Menos mal aquí no hay tornados, pero claro, muchos terremotos, como el de anoche en el norte.
Saludos desde Chile