Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Our Road Trip

    When we went to Hamilton, Missouri on our road trip, we were celebrating my daughter-in-law's birthday. She, her 10 year old, and I set off for our adventure of the day about 8:30 in the morning. We wanted to go to the Missouri Quilt Shop in there. The pictures that you are going to see is what my grandson took of our trip. He wanted something to do and that kept him busy while we shopped.  Besides the main store they have six other shops full of fabrics. A must see of all of the fabrics.
     Of course we had to have a picture of him. He took so many pictures that you would have been tired of just looking at what caught his eye. I don't know if it is a good thing or not to turn him loose, but he had fun and that is the main thing. We parked the car in about the middle of all the shops that we wanted to go to and started walking. They are very friendly and have no problems with you taking pictures in their shops. There is so much to see.
   He thought that we should have a picture of the main store and the rest of the pictures are of different quilts, windows, and things that he thought I needed to have of our trip. Of course, you had murals on buildings and one that really caught my eye was the quilts that was in the painting. It looked as though they were hanging outside. A beautiful painting. I think there is a picture that I will post later.
    This was in the window of one of the shops. It was cool how the fabric was draped around the manikin and made you almost think of a wedding dress. The skirt was all strips of fabric flowing down. He thought is was cool and I did too. You could find all kinds of fat quarters if you wanted just a small portion of material. They do not cut less then a yard. He got to pick out material for a new pillowcase.
    You saw several of these carts holding fabric squares or full of fat quarters. Their solid colors went from dark to light and one shop had a lot of backing materials for your quilts. If you couldn't find what you wanted, you didn't look hard enough. One shop was Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Halloween fabrics. The pictures coming up are some of the things that caught his eye.
    We also went to the JC Penny Museum while we were there. I highly recommend that you take the time to go through. It is a free will donation so it only cost what you want to give. The Farmhouse which is also located in Jamesport  has a shop there. I didn't look around much because of the odor from all of the candles which you had a lot to choose from. One place we went they had like a community room where you could take your machine and spend the day sewing with others. 
    After we left there, we stopped at the Country Cabin Country which is  buildings with different things in each. Those pictures will be for another post. 

    We ate lunch in Jamesport at the Amish restaurant. The food was really good. I had a half hot roast beef sandwich which was all that I could eat. I would hate to say how big a whole one would be. 
   We went to the bakery and grocery store while we were there. It wasn't as busy as it would have been on a Saturday. We also went to the shop that they make harnesses. We were looking for needles to hand sew leather being dad had to repair my oldest grandson's saddle that broke. He gave us a scare, but Cleo and him nether got hurt for which we were thankful for those blessings.The saddle is fixed we just need the rain to stop.

   I thought I would let you know that I was still here just been busy. I have about two and a half weeks then school will be starting for the boys then I will have more time. 

   I am sorry for the long post, but if you are in the neighborhood of Hamilton, Missouri and you like to quilt and sew. It  is a place to stop.  Hope all is well with you all and I will be back. 


Sandra@Prairie Patch Quilts said...

Visiting the Missouri Quilt Shop would be high on my list of things to do if I were ever in that area. :) Happy for you to be able to go and see.

Vickie said...

Well I am so glad your grandson entertained himself with pictures. It was nice to see the town.

Charlotte Huffman said...

What fun! I love shopping especially when it involves crafting or antiquing.

Gert said...

Oh my goodness your grandson did wonderful!! I especially love the window shot!! Sounds like you guys had a fun day!! It's hard to find fabric stores and or quilt shops. We have one quilt shop in our city. Hard to believe...course there is always WalMart but their fabric isn't really that great I guess.

Glad there was a fun day in life this week! I'm sure the boys aren't crazy about school starting...and are thinking where did the summer go? And I have to agree with them..'where did it go?"