Monday, April 25, 2016


      We went to see the Liver doctor this past week. We had some changes for example of getting him physical therapy. If he can't move his legs and arms, then they are to physically move them for him. He is to have gylcernia {sp} with his meals so if he does not eat what they fix at least he will have something to off set his insulin. It will also help to build back some things that are low that he needs to help his open sores on his arm heal. I still don't believe what they tell me about them. It starts like a bruise then opens up and bleeds. We go forward and then backward. They put him on cough syrup because of the coughing he started not even two days after we  were at the doctor's office. You wonder what will happen next. I know that I wonder what has happen to common sense. If someone is sitting by the bathroom door in a wheelchair, would common sense tell you they needed to go if it is by the nurses station. 
  He did walk today while he was at physical therapy which we will take every step that he can make. He plays out, but then I would too if I hadn't been able to exercise. You need some every day. 
  The picture above is the center of my table cloth that I finished. It is ecru in color with scallop edges. It has roses in the corners and the middle along the edge. I came across it when I was looking for something else so I finished it. 
  I went to my youngest grandson's ballgame Saturday. They won and he had quite a fan club watching. He is so happy because he gets to be on the school patrol in the  fall. He is learning how to do it right now. I get to take him to school this coming Thursday for his mom. His other grandparents have a doctor appointment. 
  My middle grandson gets his hearing aid tomorrow. They  hope it will block out the constant ringing he has right now. He is learning to lope and he says that he is doing good. I will be anxious to see him do it They are having a clinic this Saturday. I will probably watch for a while then I have a ball game. I am going to be a busy grandma. He is going to summer school and excited about it. He gets to pick out his locker, plus it will help him know where his classes are going to be in fall. It will give him something to do for a month. We will be hanging together again this summer.
  My oldest will be working in the hay fields. He gets to help with the mowing and raking. He got his truck fixed. It turned into more then they first thought, but by doing it at the shop at school. He only had to pay for the parts. His instructor was supervising. 
  My fingers are busy to give me other things to think about. The storm went through fast last night. We didn't get much rain, but they have forecast severe weather for tomorrow. We shall see. 
  Hope all is well with you all. Take care.  


Quinn said...

Glad to hear some progress on your husband's situation, Shirley. Your constant attention pays off!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Hi Shirley. Chin up on your husband's health. You wonder why anyone has to have these health issues. Your tablecloth is lovely. Both of my grandson's were very active in several sports from baseball and wrestling to Jui Jitsu. We seemed to always be going to one game or practice for both of them. It is so wonderful for kids when their family can support their interests.

I was lucky that we had some great sunny days and I was able to get some weed killer down. Terry's elbow has deteriorated so badly for RA that he is no longer able to lift his left arm or move it freely. A few years ago we got a new John Deere riding lawn mower. Our old one was a tractor, but this one has handles that you maneuver to make it turn, etc. Terry is going to show me how to use it as he is unable to use it. My oldest grandson lives with us and usually cuts the grass, but he has been working 12 plus hours a day and often on Saturdays as well so I am preparing to take over lawn duty. I used to care for the entire yard years ago before I went back to work. Now I guess I will again. We certainly adjust to the road bumps in life don't we. Mentally, this is not a good thing for Terry to not be able to do the house repairs and upkeep.

Have a great week and hope your weather does not turn ugly.
xx, Carol

Charlotte Huffman said...

Hope the "new" plan helps your husband. Common sense is no where to be found these days! Beautiful tablecloth! My grandkids are keeping me busy too.

Vickie said...

I am praying for your husband Shirley. Your tablecloth is lovely.

Mereknits said...

It is so frustrating trying to cope with an ill parent/husband and trying to do what you know is right for him. You are going to be very busy Shirley, hang in there my friend.

Susie said...

Shirley, I am late getting here...I pray for you and for your husband. He sounds as if he just keeps having a tough time. Your grandsons are going to be busy. I truly admire the oldest if he is going to be working hay...that's a tough job and not for the weak. Blessings to you sweet lady. I think of you often and always hope the best for you. xoxo, Susie