Sunday, November 6, 2016


   All I want is for people to do their job without trying to make to look like they are really busy. Standing around talking instead of helping people, who need assistance. I help if I can because I want them taken care of. 
   I have been missing for a while. I have been very busy getting ready for a couple of craft shows and doctor appointments. We know that my hubby does not have Parkinson's disease causing the tremors. Some days they are bad, but it still goes back to his liver. We know that his days are going to be numbered  but try not to think about it. He has a blood clot in his liver and the portal vein is blocked. They can't give him blood thinners because his blood is already too thin. He has been sick for a long time.
   My trees don't look like the picture which was taken last year. The leaves are just turning brown and falling off. There is some color, but not like we have had. This morning it is 39 degrees. It is no wonder people are sick because you don't know how to dress. I have been dressing in layers because by afternoon it warms up. Yesterday was beautiful football weather. Today I am going to my youngest grandson's beef burger dinner at the church. He called to remind grandma. My boys keep grandma very busy with their activities. Basketball games will be starting here before too much longer. They are having practices right now.
  I went and had lunch with nine of my classmates I graduated from college with a long time ago. We had so much fun catching up with one and another. It gave me a change of scenery that I needed. It was a beautiful day and the drive wasn't bad. I did see a wreck coming home. A guy lost control of his motorcycle and went off the road. I didn't stop because of all of the help that he had. When he went around me, he was speeding. I wondered where the highway patrol was because I wanted him pulled over for speeding.
  My youngest son is going to be 50 this month. It is beginning to make me feel old with the ages of the kids and grandkids. They tell me you are only as old as you feel some days I feel its especially if it's cool damp weather. My bones don't like that kind of weather. 
  My oldest grandson has been accepted at the tech school that he wants to attend. He just has to get his money saved and work harder to earn it.  This college is a little closer to home. He wants to work on diesel equipment  trucks, farm equipment and etc. 
  I will try to check in a little more often, but I only have two weeks between craft shows and I have to have inventory to sell. Take care Sending you hugs and prayers. You can never have too many prayers. 


Mereknits said...

Good luck with your shows, your husbands health and all of those fun activities. Enjoy Autumn.

Susie said...

Shirley, Sending hugs to you and your husband. It's a shame he has had to suffer like he has. I know what you mean about our children means we are getting older too. :) Blessings to you and yours, xoxo, Susie

Quinn said...

So good to hear from you, Shirley. I hope your shows are even better than you hope for. It sounds to me like, despite your frustrations and difficulties, you continue to see the good in every day. That's a blessing. And I agree; prayer is one thing no one can have too much of :)

Linda said...

I love how close you are to those grandsons! I hope I'm always close to mine the way you are with yours. My oldest son is 50 this month! My youngest is only 28. I admire the way you cope with so many things pressing in on you. You really are such an inspiration to me! I shall pray for YOU this week! Love and prayers from Texas where I'm sitting outside in the gazebo with light rain falling. It's cooler but the doors are still open and we are a long ways from 39 degrees! It doesn't look like we will have any freezing weather until maybe January at this rate!

NanaDiana said...

I am so sorry about your husband's continuing health problems, Shirley. I know how hard it is on you and how hard life is when you have someone that is chronically ill for a long time. God bless you as you deal with that.

I am thrilled that you are so involved in your grandkids' lives. I do think it helps keep us young and active. Good luck with your craft shows. I know what a lot of work they are for you.

Love to you- xo Diana

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Good Morning Shirley. Your post is full of thoughts and emotions. I'm sending healing energy to you and continue to remember you in prayers.

I know the situation with your husband is hard. I worry all the time that Terry's health will deteriorate, though it seems to have leveled out. More so, I worry about his mental health. He is turning into a cranky old man. I am so glad that you have so much to look forward to with your children and grands. Let them help keep your spirits afloat.

Good luck with the craft shows. I used to sell at shows and really miss that, but they have really lost their appeal in this area.
Much Love,

Charlotte Huffman said...

Good luck with the craft shows!