Friday, December 2, 2016

Time is Flying

  The time is flying and I don't know where it is going. It is already the 2nd Day of December.  I know it has gotten colder and they are saying maybe snow for tomorrow. It depends on how warm it gets.
  I have been busy between the nursing home and working on a baby quilt. It is for a little boy. It may not take as long as the last one to embroidery because you aren't changing colors like I had to previously. 

   The tea towels are my latest off the hoop. I have to find  some pre-quilted baby bibs. The company I got them from previously is no longer carrying them. I have a Christmas order to get done, but I have to find the bib first. I have the pattern they want. I just make whatever I feel like at the time. It is keeping my sanity right now with everything that is going on.
  One of my many nieces hit the big 50th today. I got to have lunch with her  and her husband which was a pleasant surprise. I didn't know they were there until I heard my name. We don't see family that often unless it is funerals or weddings. Her daughter had a surprise party for her this evening. 
   It will be a hit and miss here on my blog as I just don't have enough hours in the day for everything that I want to do. I appreciate all of the prayers that are said for us. I do believe that is what has kept us going for a long time in dealing with all of the ups and downs. I try to stay positive, but it is hard at times. Never knowing what tomorrow is going to bring you take every day you get. Only God knows what will happen next. 
  The first basketball game is next week. It is basically the same boys that played together last year with the same coach. He doesn't yell at the boys, but he does tell them what they did wrong so that they can learn from their mistakes. They will play their heart out for him. I am just glad he is their coach for another year.
  I miss all of you and I am going to find some time to visit each of you. It will just take me a while. I am saying prayers for you all and reading blogs. I don't always leave a message. Take care. Stay warm and safe.  


Linda said...

Bless your heart! You are so busy and stay so active! I don't think you could squeeze another minute out of your day! I always love seeing your beautiful needlework.
Love and prayers from Texas.....

Blondie's Journal said...

It is always such a pleasant surprise to see a post from you, Shirley...I think of you often but I know you are busy. Visiting with your husband, having time with your family and working on your stitching is really time consuming. I'm happy to hear everyone and YOU are doing well.

Stay safe when the flurries go wild and Happy Holidays to you and yours!

Love and hugs,

Jane x

NanaDiana said...

Shirley, Don't take any time reading my blog. You have enough on your plate. I know you care and that is all that matters. I am keeping you and your hubby in my prayers. I know how very hard these past few years have been on you (and on your husband). I know it is hard to stay upbeat when health issues are so overwhelming.

Glad the boys are playing ball again this year with the same coach. My daughter coaches girls' volleyball and she never ever yells at her players...she instructs them in a nice manner.

Try to get some good rest, Shirley, and take care of yourself so you don't get sick. Much love to you- xo Diana

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

It's good to be busy as long as it doesn't stress you. Take care and SLOW DOWN!1
xx, Carol

Vickie said...

Oh Shirley, I too feel that prayers keep me going. Especially when my health troubles are so very, very hard. I am praying for your husband. God bless you both.

Susie said...

Shirley, You are a wizard with your embroidering. So beautiful too. I have been thinking of you for some time. I know it's not easy for you....hasn't been for some it seems. I know the boys help keep your mind off of the hardships at times. That is a blessing. I also know you have those times when the weight of the world seems to be on your shoulders. You are never alone... I keep you and your family,in my prayers. Bless your sweet heart, xoxo, Susie

Charlotte Huffman said...

Hope you and yours are doing well! Stay safe and warm! Lovely embroidery work.

Mereknits said...

Take all the time you need SHirley, you have much on your plate. A good coach is a miracle, my boys had so many really horrible ones you are blessed.

Gert said...

Oh Shirley, I know you must think terrible of me...I had your post earmarked to read later and leave a comment...and FINALLY here I am... Your work, as I've said is exquisite!! I don't feel like I achieve anything these days. Bless you for being able to work with your hands and make such beautiful pieces. I do pray for you and your family. Hope your hubby is doing okay. I know this is a terrible time of the year. Basketball games, what fun..i remember going to our granddaughters games. Those were really good times. I'm sure she remembers her Grandma and Papa in the stands rooting her on! 😊 Memories...oh sweet memories...

Blessings to your day. We're in for a deep freeze here...then snow❄️❄️