Saturday, March 11, 2017

Update from my house

  It has been a while since I have been here. My life has been busy with helping my daughter, who broke her ankle and had surgery. She has pins on one side of her ankle and plate and pins on the other side. She is finally back to driving. She got rid of the scooter that she used for six weeks. Now she wears an air cast that she has to wear until she goes back to the doctor. That is another six weeks. 
  Hubby is losing weight big time. He has lost over 17 lbs and they say it is what he is eating. They do very little other than keep them comfortable once they have gone into hospice. We were to have bad weather today so I didn't go up today. I didn't sleep very good so I took a nap this afternoon. I worry about him.
  My middle grandson got to go skiing at Snowcreek. He is the one in the baseball cap. He had a lot of fun and would love to go again. I spend two days with him selling advertising for the horse show season. It was fun to watch him because he did the talking unless they asked him something that he couldn't answer. 
  He may get to show Miss Juliet some this summer in halter and showmanship. He has got his new shirt, hat and his tie from last year goes really well with his shirt. He had to put it on so I could see him in it. The season starts the 22nd of April. As fast as the time is going, it will be here before we are ready. 
 My Saving lives Tea towel has been in demand lately. I have made several of them and now I am working on a bridal shower gift. The hands have to stay busy to give me something else to think about other then what is going on with my other half. His ammonia level is up and I get some weird answers at times. If he gets mad at me, he will call and hang up saying that he couldn't hear me and something was wrong with his phone. It was funny because I know that he called and talked to my brother for over an hour. He got put on the back burner as I was busy helping with the kids and getting my mammogram done. He thinks he should be first before I do anything else.
  I just keep telling God to give me the strength to do what I have to do. This week I have to make a trip to the city to see my primary care doctor for my checkup. I hope the weather cooperates. The snow they predicted for today didn't happen. My magnolia tree was trying to bloom and with the cold weather, it has turned brown. It is as though we live in the pocket with the snow and tornadoes going around us.
   My youngest grandson thinks he wants to learn to play the trombone. He may change his mind about that. He is going to race gocarts this summer. I will be watching him besides watching horse shows. I don't know what my oldest is going to be doing since he is a senior in high school. He has been accepted at a vo-tech school and has a sponsor, but he has to graduate first. Graduation is scheduled for mother's Day I will try to drop in more often. Stay well and warm.


Linda said...

Bless your heart! You have a lot on your plate! Let me say that if you don't take care of YOU - then you won't be able to take care of anyone! I do so admire you and the way you help your family.....just don't forget about yourself....

Blondie's Journal said...

I'm always so happy to hear from you...a little mix the not so and really good in this post. What your daughter is going through is terrible but I know she will pull through...patience and time. And your dear husband. Is there any way you can bring up some sweets or ice cream when you visit? Something to put some weight on him and make him smile?

We are two peas in a pod when we worry about weather and driving. In the winter its snow...summer is severe weather and tornados. Most of my doctors and things I need to do are quite close to home. But many are miles away in the suburbs and flatland and one is in the city---I hate that trip. Not the drive, just afraid to get lost.

Sending love and all the best, Shirley. I LOVE your new stitching. I wish I could lose myself in something handy.

Jane xxxxx

Vickie said...

So very glad to hear from you Shirley. I was thinking of you yesterday as I ran my errands about town, wondering what has been going on with you. I am praying for you and your husband.

Charlotte Huffman said...

Glad to hear from you. You sound like you've been busy! Hope your hubby is doing well. Tell your grandson to go for the trombone. My son played one from sixth grade until graduation. He was the outstanding senior in the band! Made me a proud mama! Hope your daughter heals soon. Stay safe and warm.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I have had foot surgery and am still using the scooter for a few more weeks. Can't wait to get rid of it! I can't imagine the difficulties you and your husband have had to deal with with his health situation. I'm glad you have been able to stitch a bit.

Glad you found a moment to post.
Much love and prayers to you.
xx, Carol

Susie said...

Thank God Shirley...I have been worried about you. :):) I re-read the last post and realized you had to be helping your daughter. Hope she heals 100 % . Your grandson are living the many fun things to do. I am sending a hug for your husband and you. I know you have had some rough times ...trying to get him taken care of properly. May God bless you, xoxo, Susie

Mereknits said...

Bless your heart Shirley, so much going on no wonder you have been missing. Take care of yourself!

Quinn said...

You always stay so busy, Shirley! I'm glad you are putting yourself first some of the time.