Saturday, December 13, 2008

Shopping with Wheel Chairs

I finally decided that it was time to start my Christmas shopping. I decided I would go to our mall because they have a Penny's, Sears, Dillard's and others plus it would be inside out of the wind that was so horrible. I knew that Penny's had a handicap door so it would be easy to get into their store. How many places have handicap doors to help you get into their store, but don't have the handicap button's to push to let you out. That is exactly the situation with their store. They are spending a lot of money redoing our mall with promises of new shops. I haven't seen any new shops yet. You have some very friendly people who help you and those that stand in your way and you would like to hit them with the wheel chair.
I can still hear the wind which is really blowing. They say they registered over 40 miles a hour. I know when I took my car to the shop this morning it was hard at times to keep it where I wanted it.
I hope tomorrow will be better weather wise so maybe I can finish up. It will be another day of shopping with the wheel chair.
Happy Holidays


Melody said...

I know exactly what you mean. My Mom needs to use a chair when we go antiqueing and the mall due to very bad knees. Going to antique malls isn't so bad..seems those folks have common senseand are more thoughtful. The mall on the other running, people just do not look down. She's gotten so she does not like going there. Some places have courtesy scooters..wal-mart, meijer, some larger malls. You might try one of those.. folks seem to backtrack when they see motorized mama comin at 'em. I loved the one time I'd dropped Mom off at the door of a store. I parked in handicap (with a sticker) and a very elder gentleman stopped to inform me very loudly that if I a lost a little weight I wouldn't need the sticker. Several strangers actually stopped to actually confront the man, but I said no he may be right, but I can lose the weight, they have no way to correct his stupidity and he's had to live with that impairment all his life...well the man slunked off verrrry red faced with people laughing and clapping. So, don't let the blockheads get you down. Hope you get your shopping done.

Say It With Roses said...

Hi Shirley,
What a sweet blog. Doesn't Debbie do a fabulous job of making our sites pretty? She is so sweet, too!
I wonder why the people the design the doors for the handicapped never thought of them LEAVING the store? That seems so dumb!!

That is quite a story Melody wrote you. I can't understand the gall of some people. The unkindness and rudeness!! Where are the values we used to life live with?

Anyway, it is a very special thing to have all of our on line friends to not judge and encourage us!

I added you to my blog and hope you will come over to mine to visit.