Saturday, February 7, 2009

Valentine Day Coming

I found this when I was surfing and it reminded me of some of the Valentines we had when I was growing up. We always made our Valentine Boxes in school out of shoe boxes and decorated them with red and white hearts. Maybe we would use a white heart shape Dolley and put a solid red heart in the middle. We always brought a Valentine for everybody and it was so much fun deciding who got what Valentine.
Today the weather was absolutely beautiful and it is still 69 degrees outside. It was so nice to see the sunshine. We went for a long drive just to get outside. We did walking in the fresh air.
We saw a couple of grass fires along the highway. I don't know if they were intentional or accidental.The wind wasn't as strong as yesterday, but was blowing some. Spring is around the corner and with the time flying fast it will be here before you know it. Enjoy the beautiful weather if you got it and to all of you with snow and ice I hope it goes away soon. To those of you that was without electricity I know exactly how you feel.We went through the ice storm last year.

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Say It With Roses said...

Shirley, As I sat here and read your blog it brought back soooo many memories of making Valentines and the Valentine Boxes. You and I are the same age and aren't we lucky we have those wonderful memories??? It is such a shame the children of today don't get the please of heart shaped pink iced cookies and a frilly pretty box full of Valentines from their friends....All the schools I am familiar with do not allow it. They are missing a chance to pass something sweet and nice down to the children to remember.

Hope you are keeping warm!
Valentine Hugs,