Monday, February 2, 2009

Day to Day

You can tell that grandpa is enjoying himself with the twinkle in his eye. That wheel chair has given all of his boys a ride at one time or another. It just seems to attract little boys. He will come over and tap papa on the arm and ask how you doing?
He would ask his daddy that same question. He didn't understand why daddy was hooked up to everything.
He was very lucky to get to the hospital before he had a heart attack. The doctor was please that he didn't have any damage to his heart and his lungs cleared up. He made it home from the hospital in time to see the super bowl. He will have to be chauffeured for a while which will be hard for him If he had been able to put it off as he wanted to, he would have had a heart attack. Our daughter is very strong willed and she told him she wasn't raising their little boy by herself. He was going and that was all there was to it. Ethan had been through so much with seeing the fire and hearing the explosion. Seeing them take his daddy in the ambulance was a lot to absorb for only being 3. He had to take his daddy flower's when he got to go see him. He had the phone off the hook in daddy's room and when they asked him what he was doing he said that he was talking to the doctor. We have so much fun with him as all of our boys. They are very special.
The pot holder is one of my latest creations. It was to put me in the mood for Spring which is coming. I will be adding it along with my valentine tea towels at http:// shirleystitches. etsy. com.

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