Thursday, May 28, 2009

My youngest grandson

My daughter had his pictures taken on a Harley Davison bike for little kids. He had a small motorcycle that burned in their garage fire that his dad had found at a garage sale and was waiting for him to get a little older so he could ride it. He will be 4 years old his birthday. His dad has a motorcycle and takes him for a ride. You don't want to say ride because he is right there with his helmet and protective glasses. They got him a new helmet because his was to small. His dad's brother and sister-in-law both have Harley Bikes and they all belong to a group. They took him to the races this last weekend at a dirt track and he absolutely loved it. He stayed awake for the whole thing, but in the last race he was ready to come home about the 8Th lap.
He had gotten his new sand box today and we had to come down to see it. We are going to baby sit him this Saturday which will be a lot of fun. He wasn't ready for his pre-preschool to come to an end because he had other little boys to play with. I just wanted to share his picture with you all.

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Melody said...

What a Biker Bud. I can just see him in a few years follow Dad on his own bike he fixed up!