Monday, June 1, 2009

Summer is Approaching

A Bouquet of Flowers are a special treat after a trying day. We are in a storm warning until 10 P.M. The rain has started and hopefully that is all that we get. We are suppose to have some cooler weather after in the 90's today and it isn't even summer yet.
We had just begun to get ready to hall lumber to two new houses because the ground had got so they could finish pouring a foundation. One house has a drive that I wouldn't want to have to try to get up in the winter months, but the view will be absolutely beautiful seeing for miles in all directions. The deck will be on three sides of the house. It makes me think in a way of a wrap around porch, where you could set on it with a cup of coffee and watch the sunrise or the other side and watch the sunset. It makes you wonder how some people chooses their lots.
We made a trial run on Sunday to find where one of my husband's doctor is moving his office. It was farther then I thought, and I missed my turn. I thought I was going to get lost and have to back track. I was lucky because in the long run, the street took me to an area I was familiar with. I use to drive it all the time when our daughter was younger taking ice skating lessons. My daughter still talks about one trip where we saw the Dallas Cowboy stadium three times. You can not tell me to go east, west, north or south when I travel. You have to tell me to go so many blocks and then turn right or left. I get turned around otherwise.
We babysat our youngest two grandsons over the weekend and had a really good time. They play really well together and we even got them to take a nap. My daughter-in-law told them they had to lay down and rest after playing in the sprinkler. They didn't have to take a nap. but they did. It make grandma tired just to watch them. They are so much fun.

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