Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday Afternoon Horseshow

We woke up this morning to 81 degrees and I wondered if we were going to be able to go to the horse show this afternoon or if it would be to hot.
The man upstairs must have heard my wishes because it clouded up with a wonderful breeze. You couldn't have asked for any better and the sun came out as we were getting ready to leave the horse show grounds.
The first horse is Scoot. The horse actually has a long name, but his owner Amy calls him Scoot. Jake rode him yesterday around and today he rode him in the trail ride event. The horse had never done anything like that and considering the first time for Jake they didn't do to bad. The second picture is of Jake and Charley after they had won 5Th place in a group of 8. We were thrilled because it was the first time he actually showed his horse. He would take him and just ride him around the outside of the arena before. He has a wonderful riding teacher, who has done a good job of working him and encouraging him. She was there today with him so that they know what to work on during his lessons before the next show.
The next pictures were taken by my 5 year old grandson. Grandma got tired of trying to keep track of him. His mommy and daddy didn't think I should let him play with my digital, but it was fun to watch him and see what he got. He was so tired . He didn't get to do all of his events on Friday night, but I forgot my camera.
I had taken my car down to the dealership I bought it from the night before so they could do the recall. After working Friday, taken the loaner back and

picking up my car, I thought we did rather well. We made it before the show started. Not by much. Matt didn't want to do the stick horse race. He just wanted to ride his pony.

We were so proud of Jake and Charley especially when it was against riders who was a lot older then he was. It was an open class where age made no difference.
I will show you some more pictures that my 5 yr old took in another post. I am sorry this is a little long, but you know proud grandparents. Have a great week.


Melody said...

Hi Shirley! Looks like you had a wonderful weekend. Those are great pictures. Love the little pony. They both look like they do real well together. I had to Sis-in-Law is off work this week and she went horseback riding for the first time with some friends. Now this girl is 45, never been near a horse or barn for that matter, have a fit over a bug, City thru and thru, the night clubber, taxi, room service type. So, when she told me she was goin LoL she asked me what to expect..I laughed so hard I hurt.
Well, she loved it. She was a little spots she didn't know she hadn't used muscles. I wish I coulda been a horsefly and been there to see and hear.
I glad your tests are over. Glad John's Doc appts. came thru fine too. Ya know Mom had another little dizzy spell couple weeks ago and they told her after tests it was some kind of infection...not sure what or where, but at your guys age it does that. Great. Not cancer..good...infection somewhere.
I don't think the Doc's know what these viruses and bacterias are mutating into..they can't keep up.
We had a nice weekdend too. Jim had to go into work..booo...but we got to go eat lunch at the Ant. Mall (it's got a blog on my blog list on the side) and walked around for a few hours. Very hot. Jim got home and we went to cut my Grandma's yard, went to eat and home. Sunday just went grocery was like over 100 with the heat index. Jim helped me put a table cover on our outside table and a little table I made out of an old barrel..we got soooo hot we went in an didn't do anymore outside. By 1 we took Mom and Dad out to eat and the storms came. Got home fast and the sun came back out. By 10p another really bad wind and lightening storm came. We had no Dish TV for over and hour. It only goes out when the storm is really bad. We're supposed to have a repeat later today, they nice weather for the next week! Maybe turn off the Air and open windows weather..I hope I hope. Well, I better get back to work. The flowers won't get in the buckets by themselves.
Take care.

LuLu Kellogg said...

I loved seeing the pictures Shirley and I am glad it was not too hot. It was 100 here today so I have been hibernating!


Cinderella Moments said...

Beautiful pictures! I love horses! I use to do English riding. It was lots of fun! I'm glad your grandchildren are enjoying themselves and you too! Happy 4th!!

Celestina Marie Designs said...

Hi Shirley,
What wonderful pics of your dear grandsons. The horses/pony are beauties and how proud you must be of them and their talents to ride.

So glad the weather cleared the way for a good day.

Thank you for stopping by. I always love to have you visit. How did your bone density test come out? Did they tell you your score?
We have had rains and due for more all next week, but nothing too bad from the hurricane. We do need the rain though. It has been 100 degrees here on some days.
Hope you have a special 4th of July. See you again soon.
your Texas friend
Celestina Marie

Melody said...

Hey Shirley! Don't forget this is Market Monday. You probably won't get this til after work..if you're not off. I'm off, but Jim had to go into work at the dealership garage,sigh, that ruined our holiday weekend, but we couldn't get to the mountains anyway.
Just don't forget to link you selling site at the ecs bLOG!