Sunday, August 8, 2010

Our heat wave is started

We can be thankful that the birthday party was yesterday and not today. We had a breeze and it wasn't to bad sitting on the deck which was shaded.
First go over and check out Anne's giveaway at You can click on her button on my blog and it will take you directly there. She is celebrating her 1st year anniversary.
I have pictures that I will be posting on my next post of my booth and my grandson's birthday cake. The theme of his party was a construction. Each of the boys had a yellow hard hat to wear and his cake had construction equipment of it. The icing on his cake resembled a construction site.
Today we didn't do to much because of the heat. I did finish another pot holder and have a tea towel in the works as the saying goes. I am marking some more things that I want to put in my booth. I was wondering about deactivating them on my etsy shop, but they have expired. So I will just take them and put them in my booth. They had several people looking when I was there on Saturday and the parking lot was full when we headed to the birthday party in the afternoon.
They moved the late afternoon practice for the Chiefs training camp to 6 o'clock. They are hoping it will be cooler for everybody. They said that we had over 10,000 people there watching. We haven't been out due to the heat that would definitely cause a health problem for us. My husband takes medication that he isn't to be out in real hot weather. I don't want to have him end up in the hospital. It is late so I better sign off for today. Try to stay cool.


Anonymous said...

Our heatwave started yesterday. I finally relented & turned the AC back on yesterday mid-day......
Oh well, before long it will be snow & ice & cold!!
Have a Wonderful Day!

Melody said...

Hey Shirley! Sat was nice here too. We help Mom and Dad with a lot of yard work Sat and Sun. we'd get home by 9 both days and plop in bed. Sounds like you had a nice weekend. We wanted to go down to Ky on 127 for part of the Longest Yard Sale, but just too busy. It's bad here this week over the 100 mark plus the addition temps with heat index. UGH. Can't wait to see the pics of the Antique Mall and your booth:)