Sunday, February 20, 2011

Quiet Time

I know Valentines is over, but I liked the flowers in the picture. The Home, Lawn, and Garden show is going on at our Civic Arena and it makes you wish it was Spring with all of the beautiful flowers.
I am enjoying some quiet time before the day gets started on this Sunday. It is a cool 49 degrees and we are suppose to hit 66 later this afternoon. We are suppose to be back in the teens by the weekend. Such crazy weather and we have are suppose to have Global Warming.
I spent the afternoon at the Nursing Home with my other half and attended Mass with him yesterday. They have mass right there at the nursing home and they bring everyone in their wheelchairs or however that want to attend. We got to sit by the birds that are enclosed in a glass cage. I don't know what all kinds of birds are in it, but you will see people sitting there watching them.
He had a surprise visit from our oldest two grandsons and their mommy. The boys brought him a plant that have these tiny little yellow blooms on it. They had to tell papa John about what they were doing. The youngest Matt is going to play soccer this summer so that will be fun to watch. Our oldest told him about what he was going to be taking in school. He is going to take Spanish, A woodworking class as his electives. In middle school they give them a sample of different things to see what they like. By the time they get to high school they are suppose to know more about what they want to do with their life. They start them so much younger now days.
He will be showing his pony again this summer. He is wanting a bigger horse. He is growing so fast this year. He is already over 5 foot tall and is only 11.
Hubby is progressing that is the main thing. We will just take everyday that we are given. I will go spend the afternoon with him later today. I hope you all have a beautiful Sunday. Take care.


Cinderella Moments said...

Hi Shirley! Like you I've been busy. But nothing like you've been going through of course. I hope the nursing home will help get your husband stronger very quickly so he can come home.
My little dog has been very sick. She has a liver problem. So I changed her diet again and added supplements. She's been getting stronger but it's slow going. She still can't walk. The good thing is that she has kept an incredible appetite.
We've had gorgeous weather here. I feel so much happier with this spring weather! Wishing you all the best and keeping both of you in my prayers. Hugs your way!

LadyV said...

Hi Shirley, thanks for taking time to visit my blog.

Sounds like you had a lovely visit with hubby and I'm sending prayers for him to get better.

Today was a quiet day for me too; I thoroughly enjoyed not having anything pressing to do :-)

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Shirley honey it seems like forever since I have got to visit you.
I hated to read about your husband in a nursing home. I need to email you so we can catch up.
Hope that he can recover and come home soon.
Your weather really is wild being up to 66 and then going to freeze again.
Keep in touch honey