Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

I got my Christmas wish today. My SIL, daughter and grandson picked my son up from the airport last night. He got in about 9:30 P.M. His flight was actually a little early. He said that there wasn't an empty seat on the plane. If he had known a little sooner, he could have stayed a little longer instead of flying back on Monday. He actually has the week off between Christmas and New Year. It was so good to see him and have all of our family together.
Our Christmas Eve dinner wasn't the traditional meal, but potato soup, chili, ham sandwiches, hot dogs with chili, veggie tray, jello salad, cookies, pumpkin roll, strawberry cheese cake, and I am sure I am forgetting something. The potato soup is made without using milk.That is one of the soups that my daughter in law makes for me.
Our son is happy to be working and doing some sight seeing  when he has the time. He is a military history buff. They have some military museums and he talked about driving to Baton Rouge to do some sight seeing there. He had talked about getting an apartment, but he is going to wait until the trial period is up with his job. Then he will make a decision about an apartment, but he may continue to stay where he is. Even to rent a room they want a lease signed. He doesn't know from one day to the next what job he will be working on.
We are going out to our son's in the morning. He said that there is a present out at their house under the tree, and then we will go back to our daughters later in the day so we can all visit with our Oldest more before he flies home. Of course, the grandson's are enjoying him playing with them. They all like to build lego's . 
 I started my vacation yesterday at 11 and am off until Tuesday. It will be good to sleep a little late if possible. Easier said then done when you are use to the alarm going off at a certain hour. Basically it will be a weekend filled with family.
Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. 


Brynwood Needleworks said...

Merry Christmas, you and your entire family. May your holiday be filled with happiness as you make new memories with your loved ones.
Donna, Handsome and Tag

stefanie said...

wishing you a ver Merry Christmas!!!!

Debby said...

Have a wonderful Christmas with your family all together.....the greatest of presents.