Sunday, February 12, 2012

Happy Valentines

 I  wanted to wish you all a Happy Valentine Day. The month is flying and I really don't know where it has gone.  We have been really cold this weekend. The wind was strong on Saturday and the temperature was miserable with the wind chill below zero. That was when we always had new babies being born on the farm. We would have more then one in the house in a box by the far bottle feeding them. Today warmed up a little, but not much. It is the warmest it has been right now which is in the 30's. They say the south winds are coming to bring us the snow. 
I have been working on a new tea towel which I hope to be able to show you soon.  I have several partially done, and I will probably get some finished by the end of the week. We have doctor appointments coming up so I know I will have a little more time. 
We were actually home most of the day which is an exception to the rule at our house. Normally my hubby wants to go for a car ride, but I haven't felt up to par so we stayed home. I think what he had has finally caught up with me. I have been taking medicine so hopefully it will get better. Have you ever felt like you need a cork for your nose to get it to stop running?
We got to see our oldest two grandsons and their mom and dad at the hair salon. The boys were getting their hair cut right after we did. Our oldest and his dad was headed for a 4-H meeting as soon as he got through and mom was going to the grocery store with Matt when he got through. They have been busy with all of the activities. Cub Scouts, 4-H and Matt brought home information about soccer and t-ball. The summer schedule will be filling up fast.
Our youngest is taking swimming lessons and he is going to play t-ball.  You can see so many changes since school has started. They are growing up and it makes you realize you are getting older. 
Our oldest son got moved into an apartment this past Friday. He was enjoying all of the room he had. You could fit where he was staying into one of the rooms he now has. He can look out and see the cemetery. He has a second floor apartment. He is sleeping on an air mattress at the present time. He doesn't want to get a lot of furniture until after his trial period is up. When he took the job, it was with a six month trial period. All indications are that they are keeping him, just don't know if he will get to stay at that office or not. 
I talked to him last night for over an hour. He may fly home this next weekend because he needs to get his license up dated with his permanent address. He has sent the paper work in for his security clearance for the job he may be working on. They have to have a photo I.D.. He doesn't mind because he is glad that he is working. 
This what they say our ground will look like tomorrow, but it doesn't sound like it will be around very long. It has been a rough winter for those who push snow as part of their family income. We have had the 60's then we drop down to the cold. It reminds you of a yo-yo.  I will just have to wait and see what we have in the morning. It is suppose to start sometime after midnight. I hope you all have a wonderful week. Stay warm and safe.


Twyla and Lindsey said...

We've had yo you weather too, but this weekend has been cold cold Cold! This morning we woke up to snow on the ground, just about like your picture. What worries me is the prediction of freezing drizzle through the afternoon and evening. Have a wonderful week! Twyla

Michelle May said...

It's been cold here all weekend. Wishing you a happy hearts day sweets!