Sunday, August 26, 2012


Have you ever felt helpless  and can't really do anything about it except keep saying prayers that everything will be all right. 
We live in the middle of the United States, but the hurricane is causing me to worry. I feel for my friends and their families that are being affected, but we are, also, our son works in New Orleans area.  His e-mail said yes mom, I am watching out for Ike, Emergency kit is ready  and  he is ready to go if that is what he has to do. I am praying that all they get is some rain, but who knows what is going to happen. It reminds me of when he was in the first gulf war. You didn't know where or what was really going on. You just watch television and try to learn as much as possible.
We had rain yesterday evening and again this morning. It was a nice and gentle rain, but I don't think we really got that much. Although if you were out, you definitely got wet. The horse show was cancelled and rescheduled for this next month. Little brother will belong to the 4-H Club then and they think maybe he will get to ride. I hope mom can find a small enough white shirt. They have a mandatory dress code of white shirts, western jeans, cowboy hat or helmet with no exceptions.
We hadn't made the drive yet to go watch so we just came home after breakfast. Hubby took a long nap and I worked on my lap quilt that I need to get done. I put in a wrong color and had to cut it out so I decided it was time to take a break. 
I just wish Tuesday was over with. We have to be at the hospital at about 9 for liver tests. I don't know exactly what that is going to entail. I just know they are trying to pin point what is causing the problem we are having now. His blood sugars have been all over the board, blood counts out of whack. I just want to know more so I know how to deal with it. Every day is a learning experience. 
Enough chit chat.
I hope you all have a wonderful week. Take care and I am off to see what you all are doing. 


Vickie said...

Shirley, I have prayed for you both for Tuesday. Let us hope this test is exactly what is needed.

Debby said...

I hope the tests go well. Not sure what they do to test the liver besides blood work.
The only good thing about hurricanes is the knowing ahead of time. It can't prepare you for all of it but it does help. I do feel horrible about where it is headed. Hope your son will leave if he has to. This weather has been crazy.
Good luck and prayers.

NanaDiana said...

Good morning, Shirley- I am saying a prayer for your son- I hope Issac has blown itself out by the time it hits New Orleans.

I will be praying for the testing on Tuesday and hope that they can pinpoint exactly what is gong on. It is always good to know all the factors so you know how to progress in your steps to recovery. xo Diana

Marydon said...

May God have His protective hand on all thru this storm.

So hope they get your hubby taken care of soon ... what a strain on the two of you. Sorry you are going thru all of this, Shirley.

Hugs & love,

Kerrie said...

Shirley, praying for your son in the storm, your hubby and for you. So sorry that you have so much on your plate at present. Big Hugs, Kerrie

Beedeebabee said...

Hi Shirley, I hope the tests turned out okay today, and that your son is somewhere safe. I'll keep you all in my thoughts and prayers, sweetie. xo

Vicki said...

Shirley, I pray your son and all those in the line of the hurricane will be safe. I hope the doctors can figure out what is going on with your hubby. I know this is a great worry to you. Hope you are having a good week, dear friend. Vicki

romance-of-roses said...

Shirley, prayers are coming your way for your son and dear husband also. It's difficult when we don't know how things will turn out. I had a good scare yesterday with my hubby, he passed out from heat, we are having a heat wave 104 yesterday. I put wet towels on his head and neck and son put the fan on high right in front of him, he was going to call 911 but he came to. Wow, glad that was over and we had just come home from the doctor. Take care my dear friend. Hugs and prayers...Lu