Wednesday, August 29, 2012

This, that, and etc

I  thought I would bring you up to date at my house. It is very stressful at the moment. We had the liver test ran yesterday, but we have to wait for the results. Why can't they give them to you that  day. The doctor was to receive them today and supposedly I am to have information before the end of the week. I am not a patient person at times which my son loves to remind me that I have to patience. I just want answers. They did let me watch the ultrasound which was very interesting. They couldn't answer my questions so I made a list when I got home.
Our son is bunker down  in his apartment in New Orleans. I called him this morning. He said that he is o.k., lost his electricity at 11:30 last night. He said that he had all of the necessities, food and etc. It was a very short conversation, but I just wanted to hear his voice. People that he works with told him that it was not going to be as bad as Katrina. They have lived there all of their life. You didn't really know which direction you wanted to go to get out of it anyway with them closing some of the major highways. He always had emergency kits in the car and at home. His motto was to be prepared.  He has a second story apartment.Can you imagine people at first swimming in the surf? I don't understand how they could do something like that with the way it was storming.. 
Two more days then I am off for a three day weekend. I really don't know where this month has gone, but it sure has flown. I want to spend some time at home doing absolutely nothing other then maybe some embroidering or reading. I will just have to wait and see. 
I know I am getting my mammogram done Saturday morning. Something I get to do without taking time off from work. I don't have anymore vacation time, and it is the pits when you have to use them for medical. I just want to keep him going until at least October 2013 because we will have been married 50 years.
This year has had more doctor visits and hospital stays then we had for a while. I still say prayers help. Prayers go out to those who are in need, whether it is due to Isaacs, sickness, or losing a love one you are in my thoughts and prayers.  
Have a great rest of the week and Labor day weekend. 


sweet violets said...

What a blessing you were able to speak to your son!!! We are keeping all those in harm's way in prayer.......

Michelle May said...

Sending you lots of hugs and prayers my friend.

NanaDiana said...

Oh Shirley- It sounds like you have your hands full. More than any one person can hardly bear. I hope that hubby is able to hang on and have some quality of life. It is hard to watch a loved one suffer.

I am glad your son is safe. I hope that Issac moves along quickly and doesn't cause too much damage.

Blessings to you- enjoy your long weekend- xo Diana

Hartsville Hollow said...

Shirley, Thank you for following Hartsville Hollows blog.
You and your husband are in our prayers. Hope your medical team figures out his problem and gets him back on track.
Glad your son is ok too.
Take Care.. will be back often to say hello.

Lynn said...

Hello again, Shirley.
Glad to hear that your son is safe from Isaac. Hope your hubby gets All better soon.

bj said...

Glad you got to speak with your boy. When we are worried about them, there's nothing like hearing their voice. :)