Saturday, May 24, 2014


    The sky at one point today. We have only had a light shower so far today, but it is on the chilly side. It makes you wonder who is going to get the rain. I would have liked some sunshine and maybe 70's today. 
   Cookouts aren't going to be that much fun for sure, but though a bonfire might feel good with the dampness of the air. They can be thankful that the races were last night instead of tonight.

   My younger two grandsons with Legos playing with a  portion of Matt's. It  isn't even a small portion of what my middle grandson has in the way of legos. He wanted some more today, but he didn't have enough money for them. They are both very creative when it comes to building. 
  It keeps him quiet and at times that is what he needs. The bigger of the two is the youngest. He has already put in his order of what he wants for his birthday which isn't until August. He wants his Aunt Trish to make him one of the cobblers that she makes over the open fire and Uncle Pat to bring one of the horses to ride. She hasn't baked a birthday cake in quite awhile because everybody loves the cobblers. They do the cobblere for the Pumpkin fest in October as a fun raiser for the club. 
   This is the first year FFA member's at my grandson's high school. A nice group and they all have different interest. School for the older two ends Wednesday. Then summer school will start. It is going to be a busy summer. It will really go by fast. 

   Hubby over did his walking and so the hip is giving him problems. I keep telling him he has to build up his distance each time not try to do it all in one day. I told the nurse who walks him to not let him go so far, but make him do it more gradual. We didn't go outside today because it was just to cool and damp. 
   Hope you all are enjoying your weekend. If traveling, please be safe. We have already had several accidents in our area. They just need to slow down. Take care. 



Quinn said...

Very damp and cool here, too, Shirley...I had to hang up my clothes to dry this evening, just from being outside all afternoon.
That sky picture is amazing!

Vickie said...

Well I am glad to know your husband is making progress.
We are having nice, sunny, warm weather this weekend.

Beth said...

It is going to be hot and humid here for the Memorial Day holiday.

I am glad your husband is able to walk some!

Susie said...

Shirley, Don't you love how the get their orders in early for gifts. Cracks me up. I feel sorry for your husband...he just wants to do, to get well. Some times it is hard to have patience with some in need and even the staff. When daddy was sick he was a good patient but mommy was grumpy.I think she hated to be still. Blessings to you dear Shirley and your family. xoxo,Susie

Debby said...

We have had some cool evenings and perfect days. We have still had the heat on some. Felt a lot warmer today. I love the cool days just not with the heat on.
Your grandson's couldn't be spoiled by their grandma, could they, hah. Legos are so much better than video games.
You have a good day tomorrow. I hope your hubby feels better tomorrow.

Mereknits said...

You are always so busy Shirley. It is extra hot and sunny here, no going out until evening.

CelestinaMarie@SouthernDayDreams said...

Hi Shirley, so nice to catch up with you. So glad your hubby is doing better and making some progress. I know it is a difficult road and I agree with you to have him build up to walking and not go too far. Love your pics and the grands playing with Legos. That sure brings back happy memories.

Wishing you a nice weekend. Prayers for you and your hubby sweet friend.