Tuesday, November 11, 2014


   A day to say thank you to all of the veterans and military personnel that have served and still serving to keep our country safe for us. 
   I know what it is to be a military mom, sister, and aunt to have family members in harm's way. We keep saying prayers that they return safely. 
   Today is a day to curl up in front of the fire with a good book or embroidering or what ever. We didn't get much snow. but we did get black ice. It isn't warming up very fast. I need to replenish my tea towels.I did
 a craft show on the spur of the moment on Sunday. It turned out to be a pretty good show for me. My next one will be in a couple of weeks. The first thing that sold was my horses tea towel. I have sold a lot of them. Why do people want to know where you find your supplies unless they want to try to copy your work? I just know if I want something variegated I make my own. 
   My grandson with his high point buckle. He was so proud of it. The second picture is up close of it.  I went to their house Sunday evening to celebrate his dad's birthday and had supper with them. I got to see him go through his exercises that they do. For one he sits in mom's rocking chair and shoots a Nerf gun at targets. One was sitting close to my foot he like shooting at that one. hehe. 
   I went to Kansas City with them yesterday. I am glad that we went yesterday. We probably wouldn't have gone today. We went to the Corner cafe for lunch. I brought home a sticky bun that I split with my son. It was so big that you could have made four meals out of it. 
   It was a good day, but when that temperature dropped it was quick. Enough of this and that. I am feeling much better, but for a few days I felt horrible. I hadn't been sick like that for a long time. 
Hope you all are well and if you have the bad weather and don't have to be out. Then stay home. Saying prayers for all of those in need. Take care


Susie said...

Shirley, You take care, you know you have to be strong and well. I am glad you had a good sale of the towels. Tell your grandson, I think that buckle is awesome. He looks wonderful with it. Oh I am not ready for winter...but then the older I get the less I like it. xoxo,Susie

NanaDiana said...

I am so sorry you were sick, Shirley. I hope it's not somthing your hubby has/gets! Glad you had a nice sale under your belt and hope the next one is good for you, too.

Your grandson is so cute and that buckle is really special.

Hope you have a good night- we have a bit of snow here and it is getting down in the teens tonight. ugh- xo Diana

Gert said...

Shirley...I'm so glad you are staying home. When the weather is nasty like that, that is the best thing! So sorry you were sick. But glad you,'re feeling better. Your grandson is so cute and you really should be proud of him!


Mereknits said...

Hooray for your grandson, that is remarkable.