Sunday, February 8, 2015

Busy Weekend

    Just think next weekend is Valentine's Day and the month will be half over. It is flying that is for sure. Do you do anything special for the day?
    It was a busy weekend for me with the Pinewood Derby and basketball. Basketball is just about to come to an end after next weekend. They have one tournament left to play and it called the sweetheart tournament. Good choice considering they are playing on Valentine's Day. They lost a heart breaker last night by one, but they had played three games in one day. I think it was a little much for them as they are only ten years old. 
    My youngest grandson won 1st in the pinewood derby at  the mall. He was so excited and his Uncle won third in the open division. Daddy built the cars so it was a very good weekend. It came down to the last race if the one that he already beat once had won, they would had to race again. It was a fun day between the two boys. I know that I was tired when I got home. Plus I was driving home and an idiot decided he wanted my lane. I thought I was going to lose my front end. He would have hit me in my door and front panel. I hit my brakes and prayed that the one behind me didn't rear end me.If he had hit me, I know I would have been hurt. A car pulled up beside him in a turn lane and told him something. It didn't seem to phase him because he kept changing lanes as he went up the highway where he didn't really have room. He was an accident waiting to happen just in to big of a hurry. 
    The weekend has been beautiful and the snow has almost melted. The only places that haven't is where it was piled up when my driveway was pushed. We had 60 on Saturday and it got into the 50's again today, but it is going to go down again this next week. We are getting closer to spring and I can't wait. 
    It will soon be time to get their horses ready for show season. They have to have all their paper work showing that the horses have had all of their shots required. I am looking forward to watching the boys ride this summer. Some of the weekends, there will be a show on Saturday and again on Sunday. 
    Sending prayers to those who have been getting the bad weather on the East Coast. Also, sending prayers to those in need with sickness, deaths,and injuries. Take care.


Vickie said...

What fun with the pinewood derby.
Take care on the road Shirley!

Charlotte Huffman said...

Busy weekend! You have to watch the crazies on the road! Stay warm and keep embroidering!

Susie said...

Shirley, You did have abig weekend. Yes, it seems people do not want to drive sensibly...they want to drive faster than anyone else. LOL. Take care. xoxo,Susie

Cheryl @ TFD said...

Congrats to your Pinewood Derby winner! I get so aggravated with the way people drive, too. I don't know why everyone has to be in such a big hurry. Have a nice week and take care!

Gert said...

Shirley..I'm so glad to hear you are safe. Isn't it sad you have to be such a defensive driver? However, I'm so happy your boys eon in the Derby! Good luck next Saturday with the ball games!! Hope it's a Happy Valentines Day!!