Monday, February 16, 2015

More Snow

   Another day of snow in our area but nothing like the North and East Coast has. I know I live in tornado alley, but I would much sooner take my chances there then have all of the snow like Boston and some of the other areas. The picture is not here, but one that I liked.
   I am staying home today and working on my quilt. It is almost finished and I am hoping to have it done by the weekend. I know it is going to a new home, but I almost wish I could keep this one. Oh!well, I can always make another one if I want. 
    Basketball season came to an end this past Saturday. I think they were tired. It is asking a lot  of ten year olds to play three games or more in one day. One day they played four. He is already looking forward to hanging with grandma this summer. I don't exactly what we will do, but it will be a fun summer. They did away with the program that he has been doing.
   My picture of my parents is kinda fuzzy, but this was the last time that all my brothers and sisters were together. After that it always seemed as though we were missing someone. 
   We still try to get together once a year at least, but so many health issues. It is the pits as we age why can't we just stay young.
   The snow reminds me of the coasting parties that we use to have when I was growing up. We went to a one room school house with all the grades in one big room. We took our sleds and would go coasting at lunch time. Those were the days that we might make it back in before time to go home. The old er kids helped the younger ones while the teacher worked with others. We had so much fun.
   We even used my mother's wash tub, a scoop shovel, or a piece of tin to coast on. We would get in trouble for that especially when one of my brothers couldn't turn the piece of tin and hit the barb wire fence. He had to have a few stitches, but we still did it again. When we moved closer to town later we always had a bunch of friends at our house. Mom had cookies and hot chocolate when we came inside for all of us. They always said that if they were at our house they knew what we were doing.
    We walked on top of snow drifts to school. I can even remember doing that to go home one year for Christmas. It is amazing what we did and the kids today think they have to be taken everywhere. Those special childhood memories can never be taken away. I even think about when we moved from farm to another. It was always cold and snowy.
    I will be glad when this week is over. We have doctor appointments. One for hubby and one for me. Mine is my annual that I have to do once a year. Just what I want to do, but I know that it is necessary. Hubby's is to see if they can do anything to help his right leg. He says that he will accept whatever he is told even if they say it is something he just has to live with. I just don't think that pain pills or cortisone shots are the answer. I still think if he could get heat packs they would be more  helpful.  Oh!well so much for that. 
   Thursday evening I will find out the horse show schedule for the summer. I am looking forward to that watching the boys and the other kids ride. It is just one big family. I get introduced as grandma and called that by a lot of kids who are my adopted grandchildren. It is fun and I don't mind a bit. 
    Prayers for all of those in need. Try to stay warm and safe if you have to be out in this crazy weather. Those warm days spoiled us. Take care.


Sissy said...

Yes, it is coming here also. So cold. Spring dreams. I haven't been by in awhile. You are a great blogger, Shirley. Soothing for one thing. Love to see picture of the quilt you're finishing.

Julie's Lifestyle said...

We are expecting 3-5 inches of snow tomorrow and it's so cold here. Have fun quilting and stay warm!
Julie xo

NanaDiana said...

I am so glad to see a post from you, Shirley. I hope you can get your quilt finished. I bet it is beautiful. It is cold here, too, but we don't have a ton of snow like we have had other years.

I hope your hubby gets some good news about his leg. I know it has been a long, hard road for both of you with health problems.

I am so glad you have the horse shows to look forward to- It's always fun to be Gramma to several kids. I am Nana to several kids that I am not related to, too.

Hope you have a wonderful week. xo Diana

Quinn said...

As one of the folks dealing with the Klondike formerly known as Massachusetts, I can hardly remember when the snow started coming, because it just Keeps On Coming. It snowed yesterday, It's going to snow tomorrow and the day after. Today I have to try to get the car out of the driveway and get some food and feed while I have a day between the storms. It's 4degrees F at 1 PM, and I just finished morning chores.
This has been ordinary life since sometime in January, but gosh it seems longer. The biggest concern now is whether roofs will collapse.
What a winter.
Stay safe, Shirley!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Lots of times I think about how things were when I was a kid. We DID do lots of different things than the kids do now. It seems like no one had to worry about child abductions, though we know they happened. When our kids and grandkids were young, we kept a closer eye on them than my parents did us.

We made up our own games and played ball in the vacant lot. Now its video games and games on the phone while waiting, instead of reading a book like we did.

I don't want my snow, or your tornadoes, or hurricanes..guess I'll just have to stay in Northern Indiana and freeze. lol
xx, Carol

Vickie said...

I enjoyed your memories Shirley. :)

Debby said...

Those are great memories. I remember winters that there was always snow on the ground.....a little like the last two years. I hope the appointments go well.
Our basketball is still going on. Our 8 year old plays all weekend. Sometimes 4 times a day. Most games are an hour away.
The snow in the east is terrible. Just heard another foot coming there way. We have had alot but nithing like that. Stay warm. Hugs

Charlotte Huffman said...

Cold here in SC! We just got freezing rain which is more dangerous than snow. Can't wait to see the quilt. You do such beautiful embroidery work. Reminds me of my mom's work. I remember a year when it snowed several inches and iced over when I was a kid at home. We took a lid from a feed barrel to use as a sled. My dad was not happy when he got home! Stay warm and good luck with the doctor appointments.

Cheryl @ TFD said...

I enjoyed reading about your memories, Shirley. I have good memories of sledding at the one room country school I attended and also on the farm. We had lots of fun and we got lots of exercise. Hope you show us a pic of the quilt when you finish it. Take care and stay warm!

Mereknits said...

I have great memories of the snow in Michigan while growing up. Poor Boston, what a mess it is now and will be when it all melts. Good luck with the appointments, and stay warm.