Friday, May 29, 2015

What I have been doing

   This is where I would like to be sitting on a beautiful afternoon to have some peace and quiet. I have been staying with my oldest and middle grandsons this week and that is where I will be spending time all summer long. Hay season will start as soon as the rain lets up and gets dry enough. It is so muddy with water standing. My heart goes out to all of those suffering from the floods, tornados, and extremely bad weather. The smaller rivers are out of their banks in our area. I had water in my basement so I am drying it back out again. It just came way to fast and we have had areas here in our city that we had flash floods. Luckily I was home and didn't have to worry about getting home. We have more storms expected tonight. I just want the rain to go away so that our horse show season can get under way. So many have been cancelled already. The busiest time will be this next month with a show every Saturday and Sunday. 
   My oldest grandson putting what he learned about welding to work. They have the fence completely done except for nine caps I think that is done now. 
The next picture is my favorite with the sun going down at the arena.  We have our program ready to go to the printers. The boys and I are going to put them together this next week while I am at their house. 
   My middle grandson and I have a reading competition going on this summer. The library is having s summer reading contest where you can win prizes. The parents and grandparents can also get involved. He is trying to catch me in the number of books that I have read. It will be fun. 
   I am going to see hubby tomorrow and I need to find out who I have got to talk to about the latest episode. They are putting him to bed at night without a brief on and it upsets him. I called them tonight and this makes the third time I have told them about it. They tell me that the head of nursing is telling them to do it so I guess she is the one that I am going after. I always thought it was their job to make sure they are as comfortable as possible and do what the patient wants in that respect. 
   The Mustang base ball season has officially started here in town. They had over 3,000 people there opening night. I just don't know where they parked everybody. 
    I will be dropping by as much as my schedule will allow me to do. This summer is something that I haven't had the opportunity to do and I am enjoying it. I just want to help out as much as I can. 
    Take care and keep the prayers going for those in need. 


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Hi Shirley
Those kids will keep you busy. I love the first pic of your wanna be in quiet place. Wish I could find one too. Some of your rain moves up through our area. Not nearly what you have gotten, but enough to keep us inside all too much.

I hate reading about your struggles with your husbands care. It just makes me so mad to hear some of what he has to go through. A thought is a prayer, so I am praying for that to get better for him.

Have a nice weekend and keep busy!
xx, Carol

Vickie said...

I prayed about your situation with your husband. I just don't understand why they would do that to him!
A lot of rain here. So far, the basement is dry.
Take care.♥

Linda said...

Prayers for your hubby. I am not going to complain about our rain, we get some sun in between and NO flooding, I can not imagine. I like the idea of the reading competition with your grandson....I'd like to try that with my 10 year old grandson. I'll see what he thinks of it.

Cheryl @ TFD said...

Hi Shirley, it was good to catch up on what's happening with you. It is a busy time and I haven't been blogging as much either. I think we need more hours in the day! The rain has finally stopped here today. We have had more than enough, but thankfully the basement is dry after the foundation work we had done last year. I hope you get to see some rodeo action before long. The horse shows are lots of fun and I bet the kids are anxious to get them underway. I hope you get the head nurse on board with what your husband needs. His comfort should be their priority. Take care and have a nice weekend! Cheryl

Gert said...

Hey..busy lady...It is so good to hear from you. Sorry for all the rain, it sure can put a damper on things. You sound so busy with your family. But...they say that's what keeps a body young!! smile.... It is sad with the nursing home. Thank God your hubby has a voice through you! And that is exactly what most nursing home patients need. A Voice! When do you find time to read? Bless you for doing that!! Reading is one of the best things a child can do!! (Other than being outside and!)

My prayers are with you and your family!


NanaDiana said...

Your pictures are lovely, Shirley. Love that one of the sunset behind the fence. Looks like your grandson knows what he is doing with a welder! Good fo rhim.
I am really sorry that you are having all those problems with the nursing home. My feeling is that they need to give the patients the right to their dignity and to make them feel like they have SOME choices in life. For the Lord's sake---give the man his briefs. That must make you made enough to hop.
I am so glad that you are able to spend the time with your grandsons. They grow up way too fast, don't they? I do hope it dries up so they can hold the horse show.
Have a wonderful rest of the weekend, Shirley- xo Diana

Charlotte Huffman said...

Have fun with the kids. Hope you get the nursing home straightened out!

Quinn said...

It must be frustrating that you so often have to advocate for your husband's care. He is very lucky that you have a strong will and aren't one to give up! Good luck in your latest battle, Shirley!

Arthur Greene said...

Oh wow. What I would give to just sit at that spot in the afternoon, and soak up the view and the fresh air. That being said, it’s great that your grandsons have made a lot of progress with the fencing and such. That should help secure your horses, while still giving them ample room to move about. Anyway, I hope the matter with your hubby was resolved after you called them. Good day!

Arthur Greene @ Central MM