Wednesday, June 3, 2015

This and That

   Spring is almost over and summer is quickly approaching. The weather is not cooperating in our area. We want sunshine and some dry weather for a few days for our horse arena to dry out so that we can have a horse show.It rained today.
   I love flowers, but they don't like me. I was never bothered with allergies until I got older. Now it is entirely a different story even fresh mowed grass makes me sneeze. I didn't take the flower picture, but just thought that they were pretty.
  Our day was changed all the way round with the rain that we got today. There was almost an inch in the rain gauge at my son's house. I made my grandson open the garage door to let me in so I didn't get soaked. We were suppose to go mow a yard this morning and I was to ride shotgun as I called it so my grandson could drive the truck with mower and trailer. Then he was to put up hay this afternoon, but none of that happen. Instead we stapled and folded our ad booklets for the horse shows. We are going to be hand delivering some to our sponsors that help make it possible to put on horse shows. My youngest grandson was telling me about his bowling experience in the picture. He is so funny and if he is a little embarrassed then he tucks his head like the picture.  I still laugh about the evening we were teaching the three boys how to play cards at our daughter's house. It was an evening filled with laughter.With everything that happen the kids felt that we needed some happy family time.
   Hubby thinks he is on the back burner because I don't see him every day, but that is o.k.. It is giving me a much needed change of scenery. My middle grandson just loves to keep you guessing what he is going to do. He took and moved the settings on the passenger seat in the car so that when brother got in not really paying attention he fell backwards because brother had laid the seat back as far as it would go. Electric seats are a play toy just to annoy big brother ever opportunity that he gets. Now you know why the two can't stay by themselves. They are always picking on one and another. I can remember picking on brothers and sisters when we were growing up. It never came to blows because mom and dad would step in and we definitely didn't want that. 
   The sun came out late this afternoon. Tomorrow we are to get in the 80's which will maybe help dry out things. The kids are having to get a new heat pump/ac unit. The compressor went out of the one they have. So hopefully it won't be to extremely hot while they wait for it to happen. 
    Well a little of this and that . Take care.


NanaDiana said...

I like those this and that posts, Shirley. Glad you got your sponsor material stapled--at least the day wasn't a total waste of time. I hear you about the kids staying alone together. Our girls don't stay alone together either. Neither of the younger ones will listen to the older one- they gang up on her so they don't stay alone. lol
Sorry your hubby feels left-out but you do need some time to yourself, too, Shirley. Life is not easy for you, I know. I am glad you have the kids this summer though-they will soon be grown and gone and not playing tricks on each other with seats anymore.

Hope you have a good rest of the week. xo Diana

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Oh, my two grandsons are 2 years apart and they had those same antics as they were growing up. Now they are 18 and 20 and it brings tears to my eyes and a smile to my heart to see how close they are and how much they love each other. I worried about that when they were growing up (now I sigh in relief, lol).

We are having that crappy kind of rainy weather too. We hurry out to do as much as we can in the garden, which is not nearly as much as we did when we were younger. I'm hoping we will get that "just right" summer yet!

Have a good day.
xx, Carol

Linda said...

Ahhhhhhhhh, those grandkids keep a person busy and young. They'll grow up and be the best of friends. Our weather has been rainy and cold here....I still haven't planted my flowers. I don't like to be cold and the few days we've had that were warmish I was gone and unable to plant. I am sure your hubby misses you but the love is still there.

Charlotte Huffman said...

Lol! Boys! Hope the weather improves in your area. Its been cool and rainy here.

Mereknits said...

Brothers do that don't they? Well as I remember sisters do too.