Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Are you ReadY?

  Are you ready for the hot weather? I am not, but it is here. We found out today what it is like to not have AC. My son's is total electric and they were getting a new unit today put in. It took all day because you have to replace both when you are electric. I learned something today. It made you wonder how we survived growing up when we didn't have the ac and everything like they do now. We had a lot more trees for shade then they do now days. That helps keep my house cooler because it is well shaded in the afternoon when the sun is the worse. My middle grandson and I were going to go birthday shopping for brother while he was gone putting up hay. They didn't get through like we thought they would installing everything, but tomorrow it will be cooler for sure.  
    We kept ourselves hydrated so that we weren't in trouble today. My middle grandson and I got in trouble because I helped him walked the dogs yesterday. Of course when I am out in the heat you can really tell it because of how red my face gets. We behaved ourself today. I told his mom that I offered to help so we would get it done faster, but she wasn't happy about it. They don't want me to get to hot. 
   Good news my son-in-law gets to increase the weight and exercising in rehab and go back to work the 28th of this month. He was a happy camper and continues to do well since he had his open heart surgery. It was scary at first but all of the prayers continue to help. 
   We went down for hubby's ultrasound appointment. We have to wait for the results to see what the test tells. They were looking at his right kidney besides the liver and pancreas, but we are in our 16th year since he first got sick. He is accepting it better since I have been staying with the boys because I haven't gone to see him every day like I was. It has given me a much needed change of scenery. I am having fun with them and that is all that matters. 
    Tomorrow the boys and I will do some errands that we didn't get done today. I just don't know what time we will get started. We officially have a doctor and registered nurse in our family. One of our nieces passed her doctor's board and going into family medicine. The other niece passed her boards for a registered nurse and is working in OR at one of the big hospitals in KC. She is also planning her wedding which will take place this next month. We have a cpa in the family because one of our nephew passed his Cpa Exam. It just shows with effort kids can accomplish whatever they want to do.  
    Well I am off to visit some of you tonight before I call it a day. Stay cool if you have the hot weather. I know i will do my best. 


Debby said...

Oh, Shirley, I can't take the heat at all. We are in Hilton Head but in Ohio it was over ninety today. Stay cool. Hugs

Blondie's Journal said...

Be careful with the heat, dear. We have had temps in the high 80's and almost 90 today. You were a good soul to help walk the dogs and very smart to stay hydrated...

Love hearing from you and knowing things are well.

Much love,

Jane x

sweet violets said...

I'm with you girl!! I have a serious intolerance for the heat. And have had heat exhaustion many times and near strokes. Keeping hydrated and in the AC are the answers!! I never go out during the day in the heat, and long for cooler days.....stay safe dear.....xoxoxo

Sylvia said...

Hi Shirley, yes do drink water and stay cool. We have gotten in the 90's here and that's too hot for me.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Hi Shirley!!
Finally some good things to report!! Yay.

The heat doesn't bother me much. I admit, I'd much rather have an 80 degree, no humidity, breezy summer day. But I never complain about the heat because then I remind myself how stinking cold next winter is gonna be!!

We never had air conditioning until 1990. At that time we had two big dogs...120 pounds each. We got air conditioning for them!! They would get hot and drool on the floor so we got air to keep them cool! We're a slave to our mutts, lol.

xx, Carol

Vickie said...

Such accomplishments in your family! Wonderful news. I hope your husband has wonderful news too.

Charlotte Huffman said...

I remember not having air conditioning. We would spend the summer at grandparents because they had more trees! Stay cool and hope everyone is doing well.

Cheryl @ TFD said...

Hi Shirley, I don't like the heat at all. It really saps your energy so I try to go out either early in the mornings or late evenings for flower watering, etc. I did go out to get a haircut and run a few errands the other day. It wasn't too bad as I hurried into the a/c buildings as fast as I could! Getting back into a really hot car wasn't much fun, but I survived it all. Glad you have been having a good time with the boys and having a change of scenery. Hope your hubby's results come back good. And congrats on having so many accomplished youngun's in your family! Take care and stay as cool as you can!

Mereknits said...

Hi Shirley,
I totally understand how you feel about the heat and humidity, it is awful here. I think years ago we had a lot more trees and a lot less concrete, buildings and roads all of which collect the heat. Stay cool,

Beedeebabee said...

Hi Shirley, I'm not a heat lover either. Anything above 65 degrees I can totally do without! I hope your hubby's tests come back OK, and your son-in-law continues to improve. Stay cool, Sweatheart! xo

Wen Sylvestre said...

Hello dear Missoury friend :) Such a beautiful tree to sit under its shade. I feel for you, so much heat. Lucky we don't have the heat at the moment. Not yet. I hope the tests are giving good results for your husband. Sending you hugs and prayers and a cooling sea wind, Wendy