Tuesday, July 3, 2018


     It has been a while since I have been here in blog land. One of the last posts that I did was when my husband passed away March 5th. We knew it was going to happen, but you are never ever are really prepared.  I have been learning a lot of things being the surviving spouse. 
    I  sold my home because I couldn't afford to keep it. I had close to two acres of ground with it. It had been a little over a year since I had been inside because of my accident that left me with a broken leg. Steps and I are still a work in progress, but I will get there. It hasn't been a year since I started putting weight on my leg. I am now walking without a walker or cane. It will be a year on the 17th of August. 
    I had three offers on my house with it only being on the market for a day and a half. After all the paperwork was done, my daughter took me to say goodbye to a home that we built almost 53 years ago. Our oldest son celebrated his first birthday there and he turned 53 in April of this year.  We saw a red bird sitting on the gutter which means my guardian angel aka my husband approves of the decision I made. 
    I have lived in a nursing home for 94 days, then assisted living for about 5 months, then moved into a one bedroom apartment where I live at now. My apartment building has a fifth-mile track, swimming pool, and an exercising room.  My apartment is on the first floor of a 6-floor apartment building. I do steps going to the second floor where the track, swimming pool, and exercising room are located. 
    I do my own cooking since moving to my one bedroom apartment. I can sleep as late as I want, stay up late, or basically do whatever I want to do. I spent the afternoon yesterday at my middle son's. My daughter-in-law and I baked cookies. I had bought some cranberry white chocolate chip cookie dough from one of the kids. I baked those, she baked a cookie called sweet surprise and a blueberry breakfast bundt cake. Supper was cooked on the grill. 
     My youngest grandson learned about putting up hay. He is earning him some money to go on an equine tour this next summer. He is hoping to have all of his money earned. He had to be 14 to go. He will turn that in October, 
      My youngest is learning to race go-carts. I haven't got to see him race yet, but that is planned for the month of August. He goes to Boy Scout camp this next year. It will be the second year for him and he is looking forward to it.  I may go out the night they have the family night. I am not sure if I will or not it will depend on the weather and how hot it is. I have been able to watch my middle one ride his horse. 
    I have been putting puzzles together along with my embroidering. Well, I better close for now. Have a safe 4th of July. 


Ellen D. said...

I came across your post and don't think I have ever been to your blog before. I enjoyed it so much. I am so sorry to hear about your husband but so happy to hear how you are managing now! This post is so inspirational and gives such a great example of taking it one step at a time and enjoying the life you have. I am going to keep coming back to see how you are doing and learn from you! Thank you so much! Ellen

Blondie's Journal said...

You really have come a long way, from your accident and your husband's passing. I love that you have family who gives you love and support. I know how proud you are of your grandsons!

I hope you enjoy living in your new home. I know I like escaping to the lake where I'm alone and left to do as I please!

Sending much love. I hope you are having a good summer weather-wise. And I pray each day is brighter than the day before.

Jane x

sweet violets said...

So good to hear from you!! And glad you are getting around much better now. Sorry you had to sell your home, its not easy, I know. But there are so many benefits for you now. You sound happy and still very busy.....good for you!!! xoxoxo

Vickie said...

Well my goodness Shirley you certainly have improved a LOT! I am sorry you had to sell your home my dear. Your apartment sounds like a very nice place. You take very good care now.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I was so glad to see your post and read about how you are and what you have been doing since March. Houses sell fast here in Northern Indiana too. I'm pretty sure that I would not stay in this house if something happened to Terry. It's way more than I WANT to take care of. It sounds like to have a nice little place to live and is within close distance from your family. I know from past posts that they all love you VERY VERY much.
xx, Carol

Mereknits said...

Glad you are doing better Shirley. I know selling your home must have been hard but life in a smaller space is so much easier. Wishing you the very best my friend.

Quinn said...

So glad to hear from you Shirley - I have not been online much for a few weeks myself so it took me a while to see your post. I have often wondered how things are going with you during your recovery and life in general. It sounds like even though some changes may not have been what you would have hoped for, they have brought you to a place with some nice advantages for your day to day life. I hope you continue to heal and build up strength, and of course continue to enjoy time with your family. And plenty of doing what you feel like doing, when you feel like doing it - that's a luxury for anyone, and you've earned it! All the best to you,

Susie said...

Shirley, I am so sorry I missed this post. I will one get a make over on my blog and not miss my blog sisters and brothers any more. I do my blog by the seat of my pants. LOL. Glad you are able to get around some now. Sad about selling the house you shared so much love in. We have to go with the flow , even we would rather not. Blessings to you my sweet friend, xoxo,love, Susie

Gert said...

So glad to hear from you Shirley! I have missed hearing about how you have been doing. So sorry you had to sell your house. Those are difficult decisions but yes that red bird was there for you. He was approving the sale. I’m glad you have a nice apartment.. Your grandchildren continue to enjoy and work for what they want. That’s awesome Stay well.