Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sweet Dreams

http://www.shirleystitches.etsy.com/ Two of my latest creations have added to my etsy shop. I keep adding new things as I get them done. We just returned from a short trip to Branson over Labor Day weekend. I checked my shop to see if I had sold anything and still nothing. I keep wondering if I am doing something wrong that I haven't been able to get a sale. I keep hoping that some one will see something that they like. I will have more time to work with my husband going into the hospital to have dental work done. He has a bleeding disorder that requires hospitalization. I would like to hear from somebody to see what they think. Ihttp://shirleystitches@sbcglobal.net I have been listening to the rain. We have only dropped over 12 degrees and we are suppose to get to 58 degrees tonight. It makes you wonder if you need the air conditioning or the furnace. Our trip was enjoyable and what we needed to get away from everything even though I wished it could have been longer. We rode the dukw and took the tour of historic downtown Branson and we went out on Lake Taneycomo and enjoyed seeing the back side of the Landing. Seeing the new restaurants and all.
The Clay Cooper show was very enjoyable with country music, dancing, and comedy. A show for the whole family. I just wish we had more time but it wasn't possible this trip, maybe next.

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Debbi said...

Shirley your work is beautiful and no-- I dont think you are doing anything wrong. It takes a while to get noticed and by blogging you are getting good start. Stay at it marketing yourself and never give up!