Thursday, January 22, 2009

Heat Wave

We had a heat wave today of 65 degrees. I wish it would stay because the furnace is still not working at work. I have already made up my mind that if the temperature goes as low as they say I am not staying and work in the cold.

You can always tell when the motorcycle riders think that it is getting warm because the bikes come out.

The days are getting longer and it is nice to come home in the daylight instead of the dark. We will all take every good day that we can get.

I have been teaching one that I work with how to load pictures. He doesn't think that he will ever learn. I told him that I had lots of help from a lot of nice people, who didn't get upset with the questions. I had never had an e-mail with an attachment until yesterday and my son happen to stop by the house. He was kind enough to show mom how to open it. I am getting a little braver. I just wish I knew about making better pictures. I guess that will come in time.

I saw in the paper today that we are going to have a baseball team back at our stadium this summer. It is suppose to be made up of a lot of local college students, who are home for the summer. It is fun to go watch a game or two without having to spend big bucks and travel that far. I have always got turned around and lost when I went to the Royal's stadium in Kansas City. I can usually find my way, but it takes a while.

We are going to be the home of the Chief's training camp at our local college in 2010. They are building this big training center that is suppose to be able to be used for a lot of things and have a l0t of activies going on at once. I just know it will cost a lot of money and I wonder where it is going to come from.

I really appreciate all of my blogger friends who leaves me comments.


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I stopped by your blog. Very pretty.