Monday, April 6, 2009

Crazy Weather

We have had the craziest weather in our neck of the woods. Rain, thunder, lighting, sleet, and snow with the sun coming out later in the day. We aren't as bad as some as some with the drifts or tornadoes.
I found the picture when I was surfing and I thought it was so cute and appropriate for Easter which is less then a week away.
We decided to do gift cards to Border's so the boys could go shopping. They are at the age where they like to pick out their own books and video's. They each have their own that they like which is different so when they go to each others houses they have something new to read. I keep books for them to look at in the car to help entertain them. The younger two both like the Walt Disney Cars books. They are looking forward to helping color the Easter Eggs. Of course they do them different then we did when we were growing up. I can remember making a hole in them and blowing the yolk and white out to use them. We had to be extra careful so that we didn't break them. The teacher thought that would be more challenging. After Easter, we would use just the shell breaking it and using it in our art project to see what we could make with the colors. It was always interesting.
We have our school levy and bond election tomorrow, which is a very touchy subject. They want to take the sunshine clause out on the levy. Right now they must put it before the people every 5 years. They want to build two new schools. People just don't think the time is appropriate with so many people unemployed. Even our hospital is talking of outsourcing some of the work and cutting jobs. You just never know who or what will be next. I haven't made up my mind for sure. I sorta lean toward keeping the sunshine law, because we don't know what will happen in 5 years. It is hard to even know what tomorrow will bring.
Bedtime has come so I must stop because tomorrow is another work day. I was only gone last Friday, but you would have sworn I had been gone a week with the things that they wanted done. Good Night

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