Sunday, April 26, 2009

Stormy Weather

Another other of my tea towels that I have finished.  I have started a new lap quilt which will be a little while before it is ready. I take and do other things instead of working entirely on one project. I will be spending time at the doctor's office so I will be taking something with me. I have to keep the hands busy while I am there.We will be having family coming in May for my sister's 50th anniversary party, then two weeks later my great niece's wedding which would make it her granddaughter. Some of the family I haven't seen for awhile. I just told my husband he can't be sick.
This weekend has been very stormy with the tornado's all around us. We  have been lucky so far, but the weather channel has us right in the middle of  it so we may not be so lucky. It isn't suppose to reach us until 10 o'clock which makes it the worse because it will be dark. I don't like them, but the lightening is worse because I haven't forgot when it struck the house. We lost several appliances in that one. We shut the electricy off on the inside and it went off on the outside. I don't sleep good when that happens.

We had one storm moved through this afternoon. It was raining so hard that you couldn't see the next door neighbor's house which is just across our drive way. It will help the flowers if we don't have the hail. Hopefully we won't. We are going to have rain Monday, Wednesday, Thursday of this week hopefully we have some sunshine in there someplace.  They were suppose to start the kid's new garage this week. They have the old one all torn down from the fire.

Have a wonderful week.

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