Friday, April 3, 2009


Today we had sunshine and actually warmed up after the rain, sleet, and snow yesterday. You couldn't really tell it by the time that we got to go home. I was told today when we went to see the dietitian that we lived in a weird city because of our weather. We are suppose to hit 70 tomorrow and then go back in the 20's on Monday.
I got my lab work done today to make sure the new medicine is working and not causing other problems. I got asked a strange question. They wanted to know if I took an aspirin a day. I told them that I don't, but it made me wonder why they asked. I know the vials really filled fast. Who knows.
I took the day off being we had to go to the city. I hadn't told any of the kids that we had appointments so I got a phone a call wanting to know where we were at, and if everything was o.k. I normally tell one of them, but I guess I didn't this time. We got home early enough that we went to one of our favorite restaurants the Frederick Inn for a home style lunch. I had chicken and dumplings yummy good. I saw who cuts our hair there and he could work us in the afternoon so we did that. We took the scenic route as I call it home after my experience this morning. I was in rush hour traffic so you have to get in the lane that you want when you can and stay there because they do not let you in. Well I had this idiot who evidently didn't think I was driving fast enough pull in front of me and put on their brakes where I came to almost a complete stop. I guess they thought I should have been in the other lane. We were doing 60 in a 55. They didn't want in the lane I was in anyway. They sure could have caused a multi-car pile up. I thought maybe they were late to work and should have left earlier. I have been going there for over ten years and sometimes having to drive in rush hour traffic and I had never had anything like that happen to me before. A couple of times we came to a complete stop because of the traffic being so heavy. I always try to make my appointments so that we could be on the back side of the rush hour traffic. It didn't work today that is for sure.
I like taking two lane highways when possible because you don't have the traffic, plus they are starting to work on our main four lane highway. You can get hung up in traffic when they are doing that.
I am going to enjoy another day of sunshine and hopefully the weatherman will be wrong.

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