Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

I wanted to send all of my friends a Halloween greeting. We will having company here in a while because our grandsons are coming by our house while they are trick and treating. It has turned off pretty nice after a terrible day yesterday with the wind and rain. It was pretty cool coming out of work to the sunshine, rain, and seeing the double rainbow. It would have made a great picture, but you never have a camera when you want it.
I have been playing with a new photo editing program trying to improve my pictures. I am still learning. Please meet Spot and Shorty. They are my oldest two grandson's dogs. I was please with the way that the pictures turned out. It is very time consuming, but it is fun to know that if the picture is crooked you can straighten it or cropped out what you don't want like fingers in the pictures.

Have a Happy Halloween.


Melody said...

Pleased to meet Spot and Shorty. I don't think they couldn't take a cute pic!

Melody said...

Hi Shirley. Hope all is well. Ya know I'm not sure what weather's like there, but with all the leaves and moisture our allergies have been acting up again bad. The Docs here say asthma attacks are up due to that...even the vet says dogs are coming in with allergies.
With Dad's Breathing They keep worryin it's his heart, but the Cardio Doc says no just from the lungs constricting/swelling. lung Docs insist test Cardio does em, they're fine, and says told ya so.
Poor Dad just wants to breath. Hope your Son feels better.:)