Sunday, November 8, 2009

November Busy Time

This is my neighbors tree which was so pretty. I was amazed at the color this year of the trees. We didn't get to take our trip in October like we normally did. It had to be postponed and we will be staying closer to home at the moment with everything that is happening.
We went to see our oldest two grandsons. I got their sizes so that I can start my Christmas shopping because it well be Christmas before we are ready for it. I do it gradually so that you don't spend big amounts all at once and it works better with the budget.
We have had such crazy weather lately. The temperatures the last two days was in the 70's. Yesterday was the best of the time.
I got several of my new tea towels done. They are in the dryer at the present time. When they get dry, I will be pressing them and taking pictures so that I can post my latest ones. It has been a stress reliever from this past week. I have learned more about asthma attacks and how they can make you think you are having a heart attack. Our oldest son has chemical asthma and ended up in the hospital with it. They ran test and they found no problems with his heart. They had to be safe because heart problems is in the family history.
I will be doing a craft show this weekend. It is the first one that i have done in a long time. It is at my grandson's school so it goes for a good cause. It is time for me to say goodnight because tomorrow is another work day. Everybody have a good week.

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