Thursday, October 8, 2009


If you like rainy, cool weather, then welcome to our area. If you don't like it, then stick around because it is sure to change. It has been raining all day and the temperature in the 40's. This is just the first week of October. It is not suppose to be that way yet. We aren't ready for the cooler weather yet.
We will have our pumpkin festival this weekend. They start with the lighting of the Pumpkin wall that is made of jack-o-lantern that people have carved. Some are really unique. They will have the parade on Saturday where the kids get to wear their Halloween costumes. My middle grandson pre school class went to the apple orchard for a field trip. They got to pick an apple off the tree and pick out a pumpkin to take home. He was going to paint a really scary face on his. . They got to ride on the bus, which they thought was fun.
It is amazing what entertains kids. They don't forget what you tell them. We took our youngest grandson to the park to see the buffalo, long horn cattle, and the deer that they have in captivity. He saw another little boy feeding the cows leaves, so he had to do it to. He wanted to go down the slide, but it was higher then he liked. Nana had to go help him down, if that wasn't a scary sight. I am not use to doing that especially when you backing down steps at my age. We managed to get safely back to the ground. I decided it was time to go home.
He went fishing in top of his sand box lid, the fish were leaves, and his fishing pole was a stick. He had fun and that was all that matter. He had fun and that was all that mattered. I hope you had fun.
If you need a lap quilt for a little one, then drop in at my etsy shop where they are on sale through tomorrow. Have a great day.

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Say It With Roses said...

Hi Shirley....I think it is safe to say that Fall has arrived.
Thank you for leaving such a good post on my blog about the Clunkers program....everything is in such a mess I don't think it will ever get unscrambled until we vote out just about every one of the politicians that have had a finger in the mess! I guess that means nearly all of them!