Sunday, September 27, 2009

A pretty fall day

I can't wait until the color comes to my trees in the back acre. This was taken last year. We made a drive today to see what the hills looked like close to us. I guess you could say close we put over 180 miles on the car.Ha. I love going to Weston, Missouri to look at the shops, which aren't wheel chair friendly and Parkville, Missouri because they have a park by the river which allows you to walk along the river and it is easy to push a wheel chair. No hills to worry about. It is so peaceful and people are very courteous. I enjoy watching the river while we are walking with my husband in the wheel chair. The fall is when I love to travel because of all the pretty colors especially when the trees are at their best.
My latest two tea towels are done ready for the border. September's has fall leaves and acorns. October is for Halloween. I will post as quick as I get them finished which will be a little later this evening. Halloween reminds me that I have a friend who just put a concrete floor in his barn. We are trying to talk him into having a party before he starts putting everything back into it.
During our adventure today, we met a group of old cars, saw an old steam engine on an eighteen wheeler. I liked the yellow Gto Pontiac convertible. Guessing I would say it was in the early sixties. We never know where we are going or what we are going to see. We just take every day that we are given and make the most of it.
You all have a wonderful week


Lynn said...

Hi sweetie, I am loving all your fall pictures, it comes earlier for you than here by the look of it, our trees are just starting to turn, isn't it beautiful? Problem is then they all fall off.

Melody said...

Hi Shirley! Love your new fall banner. Thanks for stoppin by. I hope John's feeling better, maybe it's the change in the weather? I wish you guys sould come over here too..or we come there, but It's hard for us to get away too. Mom and Dad are doing ok, but not great. I really wish we could get a break from whatever this is. Thanks for the prayers. The rest of my shows are indoors now, but the weather effects it anyway. Better get back to work.
.....friends stitched together by embroidery threads............