Friday, November 20, 2009


We are so proud of our daughter. She works for a company that is nationwide. She had told us that she had been nominated for Senior Tech of the year, which we thought was an honor whether she won or not.
She called yesterday all excited because she had just found out that she won Senior Tech of the Year. She has been with this company ever since she graduated from college with a degree in Construction Engineering. She has been on several projects, the last one is the power plant that they are building at Itan.
She, also, teaches a class at our local college. That way she can help maybe find students, who would make good summer time help.
They will be having a reception to giving her plaque which is misspelled and a nice check. It will also be a time for fellow employees to congratulate her. It is a honor also because of being nominated with a group of men and being the winner. It shows that women can fit into a man's world.
I must close because I am doing another craft show with my daughter in law tomorrow and I need to get up early.

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Melody said...

Tell her I said Congrats!! Hope your Show was a success. Mine was from 9a-4p today. We got to set up last night, which made a long day, but made it easier ntoday.It went very well. I was pleasantly surprised. Now I'm off to bed..I'm pooped.