Friday, May 21, 2010


I was so thankful when 4:30 came this afternoon to get out in the warm sunshine. We had 73 degrees and no rain . We have had so much rain this past week while we were gone and after we came home.
Last night was Matt's pre-school graduation. they looked so cute in their little red caps and gowns. I will be posting pictures soon of him. It has been so stressful for his mom because they couldn't tell her until the last moment that they were going to have the summer program where they are going. School gets out the 25Th for my oldest and the two of them will go the 26th to their summer school program. Jacob got to go visit his new middle school this week for a day so they could see where they would be going when school got started back up in the fall. I don't know for sure what my youngest grandson is going to be doing, but then his other grandparents babysit him. If they want to go some place, they just take him with them. His main concern is that he gets to go to the zoo this summer. He is my grandchild who has a play farm with animals such as lions, tigers, giraffe, bears instead of the pigs, cows, chickens.
We are going to have 80 degree weather all this next week and not suppose to have any rain. I just know I need to get my yard mowed or get a couple of goats. I wonder how my neighbors would like that idea. He He. My son says I need a hay baler because it is getting so tall. I asked him if he wanted it to feed to his horses being each boy has a horse now. I am waiting for the youngest to tell his parents he needs a horse too. He might not being he has his battery operated motorcycle. He just thinks it should go to the bike shows with mom and daddy's bikes.
I just wanted you to know I am still here and I will be catching up with you as soon as I can reading blogs and leaving comments. You have a wonderful weekend.


Dragonfly Treasure said...

Glad warm weather has found you. Mother nature is very confused over here. Hot one day, cold and rainy the next.

I bet Matt looked adorable! Sounds like a busy summer is lined up!

Lynn said...

Hi Shirley :)
Sorry it rained for your vacation, hopefully the weather man is right and you have a nice summer week this week. It has been on and off here, not bad at all.
Your children finish school a month before ours do here in Ontario, they go until the end of June.
Thanks for dropping by to visit me, I do try to get around but with moving soon I only really have time to sit and blog in the morning with my coffee.
Have a great weekend,

Sheila said...

Hi Shirley.. Such a great post ... Yes it has stopped raining here too, and sunshine for several days.. Only thing is humidity and 90's for several days.. But at least , like you said, you can get to the outside things needing done now. So glad to see your back from vacation and settled back in .. hugggggggggggs Sheila

Marilyn said...

Hope you have warm weather the rest of the summer!!
Have a Wonderful Weekend!