Friday, October 22, 2010

Two Days Off

We left work a little early today, which I didn't mind at all. It gave me a chance to go by and check my booth. It hasn't been as profitable this month. I noticed that there is several that are moving out all ready.
You signed a lease for three months to start with and then it is month to month. I would think that you would want to stay until after Christmas, but then some of the booths rent is quite bit more then mine.
I will have a busy weekend with finishing shopping for my grandson Matt's birthday which we will celebrate on Sunday. I needed something else for him so I called his mommy. He told her to tell me that he needed a new sweater.
He got hurt school yesterday playing kickball. He ran into a pole that didn't give. He has a goose egg on his little forehead and his chest hurt a little. It hasn't slow him down anything. His teacher said you knew he was hurt because he never cries, but he did then. He only has two speeds full steam ahead or crash city when he is a sleep.
We get to baby sit him on Tuesday evening when his parents go to brother's parent teacher conference. The new Lego catalog came so I know what him and grandpa will be doing. He will be showing him all of his wish list.
Work has been very busy with having two new houses starting and they are in opposite direction. It makes the day go faster when we are busy like that. One of the guys cooked us each a hamburger on the grill so we had lunch together and then it was off and running the rest of the afternoon.
Our family will all be together. We will also celebrate my son-in-laws birthday because his is the day after Matt's. Matt thinks it is cool that he is sharing his birthday with his uncle.
We may get some rain later this evening, but I don't think it will amount to much. Have a wonderful weekend.


Brynwood Needleworks said...

H Shirley:
Hope you have a wonderful weekend with your family. Poor little guy...I hope your grandson is alright. Running full-tilt into stuff is just about always a shock to the system. Give him a little smooch from his "auntie" Donna in Florida.
Hugs, my friend.

Michelle May said...

Hi Shirley,
Glad you got leave work a little early. I hope you have fun this weekend and hope your grandson is ok. Ouchie!
Thinking of you.
xx, shell

Char said...

Good morning Shirley, you are certainly hard to keep up with girlfriend. You are so busy just living life and family.
I don't think we can go through life without a goose egg of some sort. At least it didn't slow the little guy down. Hope he is alright now.
Have fun with the celebrations and have a great week, Char

Melody said...

Hi Shirley! I seem to be getting back to a more normal pace...if I'm normal? Mom hasn't been feelin too well this weekend and Dad's been a bit more tired than usaual so they stayed home this weekend. Jim and I stayed close to home. Got to do some photos for my post for this week and cleaned. Jim did gutters and mulched leaves...hooopeee wild weekend.
Sounds like yours was great:) You got to start it a little early! But, I'm glad you all are busy. When Oh Valley Ant. Mall opened the same thing happened, but somebody filled in the hole relatively quickly...that was 2 years ago and now they are putting in smaller booths to accomodate those who want to come to the mall. Hopefully that'll happen in your mall too. Hope the little one's noggin is better. And, hope Matt and your S-I-L have a happy B'day!
Type Ya Later!

Lynn said...

Hi sweetie :)
Let's hope November will be a better month for your booth, I think people will start shopping now for Christmas. I think it's wonderful that your grandson will be selling his puzzles there too. I hope he does really well.
Hope you had a great weekend, and thank you for dropping by.

Dolly said...

Hi Shirley....good to see you again!
We celebrated 2 birthdays this past weekend too! The weather was wonderful so we spent most of the time house still got trashed though! :-)

God Bless, Dolly

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

My sweet Mo friend you are just too sweet. I loved coming over here tonight and while I am here of course I have to catch up.
As always love how you tell us about your day and grandbabies.
Of course I am a tad jealous you babysitting but delighted for you too.
I totally understand about leaving comments. I don't always leave them either since I am on a plan with limite bytes with my internet service. Hate it but living in the country right now is my only choice.
Glad honey you entered the giveaway. Even if don't cook you can use the gift certificate to eat out with and give the food kits to your family or friends.
Not sure if I will be lucky enough to do another review and giveaway or not but I kind of like someone asking me too. The extra little money comes in handy now that I am not working and still on workers comp. lol
I would love for someone to ask me to review a Ipad or Kindle...hahaha
Love ya