Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Beautiful Saturday

Today has been such a beautiful day with the temperature getting up to 73 degrees. The sun was shining, a little windy, but  I can handle that.
We spent the day running around with errands that had to be done. We did make it to Matt's soccer game. They lost, but it was so much fun to watch them play. You get as excited as they are and want to help. I thought he was was going to hit one that had been giving him a rough way to go. I saw that little fist double up and I thought  " Oh please don't hit him even though he deserved it. He may be little, but he can defend himself. The Air guard flew one of their C-130's over the soccer field and tipped their wings at the kids. They thought that was really neat.
We have bull riding finishing up at our civic arena tonight. They registered for free tickets when they were at the Western store buying boots for their oldest. Guess what!! They won.
I thought Kate and Williams wedding was so pretty. I loved her dress and even the dress she wore in the evening was stunning, also. I hadn't got up early to watch since I had to go work I watched the rerun which has been on off and on all day. I wonder if my great niece has got her wedding dress yet and if Kate's will influence her if she hasn't. She is getting married in September.
I want to send prayers out to those that are suffering right now from the storms, floods, loss of love ones. It all can be tragic. I hope the rain will stop for a while to let some of the water go down and they can get the crops planted.

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Melody said...

Sounds like you had a reallly nice weekend! I'm glad you all deserve it. It's the Same old here. sigh.