Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sunshine Today

We had sunshine today and was in the 60's today. It wasn't to bad for the errands I had to run. At least I don't have any medication that I just filled that  changed this time. 
Just think St. Paddy's day is just a week away. We won't get our usual Irish supper so you all will have to have it and think of us. He is a little limited to somethings that we can eat until we go see our primary care doctor. He is fitting us in on his lunch hour. He has been there with us since day one.
I have to keep very busy and I do have a couple of new tea towels I got done while spending 24/7 at the hospital. It felt so good to have my own bed last night. We did have some snow and freezing rain early Thursday morning, but let just face it . Our weather has been weird this year. 
We did have a wonderful dinner last weekend with the family. We are going to do it again. Our grandsons want to go there for their birthdays. My boys like to read. Matt got two new books, one about snakes and the other was John F. Kennedy. I am not to enthused about snakes, but I will be brave and let him read his new book to me. 
I am just glad that they like to read.  I am looking forward to the summer and watching the boys with all of their activities. Our oldest grandson is thinking about competing in shooting guns shooting clay. He passed his gun safety class that is required for them to belong to the 4-h club.  
We are going to take every day we are given and  we know we will be thrown some curves along the way. It is just a set back that we have to deal with. Take care all of you. Thank you for your visits, It means the world to me right now. 


Elaine said...

Thinking of you. it sounds like you have lots of nice things planned with the grandsons.. my one grandson always called me the book Grandma.. He has now wrote sport articles for the papers and local web sites. He is working on an english degree

Vicki said...

Shirley, I know you are going through some "rough waters" right now, but I wanted to let you know I am sending up prayers for you and your family. I love to hear that your grandsons love to read (even if it is a book on snakes!!) As a retired school teacher, I know how important reading is for our children. I hope you continue to have some warm sunny days ahead. Sending big Texas hugs to you, my Missouri friend! Vicki

Marydon said...

Sweetie, don't you think for a minute we aren't here for you ... lots of love coming your way.

Enjoy the boys ... take pics of your linens ...

Have a lovely weekend ~

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mariondee-designs said...

Hi Shirley, I hope all is well at your end and that hubby is doing ok. I think sometimes we have to keep an eye on these doctors and their medications they give us.. and we should ask alot of questions re side effects etc. as speaking from experience my dad was in hospital not long ago as he has liver problems and they wanted to give him somac. My dad is a very stubborn man and refuses to take any pills (he pretended to swallow them whilst at hospital). Later when at home we were reading about side effects etc.. the paper that comes with any medication.. and it said 'not to be used if there are any liver problems' as it may cause bleeding of the stomach..we couldn't believe it. So don't be shy to ask anything.
It's good that you can do some embroidery along the way.. doing something you enjoy is good stress relief. Thanks so much for visiting me the other day.. I just became your follower... take care, Maryann

NanaDiana said...

How nice that you were able to get back into your own bed for a good night's sleep. I sure hope your hubby continues to improve. I know how scary it is to live in limbo with your health.

My one granddaughter LOVES to read, too...just like I used to do at that age.

Blessings to you- xo Diana

Eggs In My Pocket said...

Lifting you up in prayer! Sounds like wonderful and fun times planned!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

My dear sweet Missouri friend. I can not thank you enough for the sweet precious words and hugs today.
I am the one the one that should be hugging you.
I pray for you and hubby often and wish too that I could be there to help you.
Thank you so much for the prayers for Clint. He has been diagnosed with a kidney disease that is breaking my heart but we both have each other and will get through these days.
It has rained here hard for the last four days and I need some sunshine. hahaha
When you ever have time honey you need to be Blogazine guest so everyone can see your lovely tea towels you make
Have a wonderful week and hugs back to you

Rebecca said...

Sounds like fun with your grandboys!

Thank you for visiting Miss Shirley on my post about bullying. It's scary and we must continue to pray for wisdom and change.

Love to you my MO friend~