Sunday, September 2, 2012

The weekend is going so fast . Mine started a little earlier  Friday afternoon with hubby giving me a scare. We have managed to stay out of the hospital which I am thankful for. We got the report on his liver test if you want to call it that. It said that he was stable for all that he has wrong with him. Gee! can't they tell you better then that. I still have a lot of unanswered questions. I hate being told well he is stable. I want to know so I know what I have to do to take care of him.
We are doing the best we can under the circumstances. I did go Saturday in the rain to get my mammogram done. I don't really like them because I don't like being squished. They always hurt for a while afterwards. I just wish there was another way of doing it. 
Our son called tonight and he had just got his electricity back on. He was going to try to cool his apartment down. It said 90 when he turned the a/c on, but he will do it gradual. He would check in with some one every day so that we knew he was o.k.. 
I have been embroidering today to keep my mind on other things right now. because I would just worry and if I try to talk with the doctors office I would only get the doctor on call. I will sit tight until Tuesday . There is always the emergency room if I think it warrants it. 
This going to be my next project for a new arrival due in January. They will have a baby shower around Thanksgiving because family will be home. They are even having Christmas early this year. The family is scattered in several different directions and it is hard for everybody to get home. 
I hope they will like it. It will work for both a boy or girl so I have that covered. 
We haven't done much this weekend except for yesterday. I hope you all are enjoying your weekend and if you are traveling be careful on the roads because people do weird things. I know they can't drive on wet roads in our area. Have a wonderful day tomorrow. Take care. 


sweet violets said...

Well,I'm glad he is stable and not in the minus catagory!!! They never give ya anything ya can chew on do they???

Now, that quilt looks like it will be amazing when you are done with it!!! You do such nice work and I know they will love it!!!

A quiet weekend for me, everyone I know is away or busy with whatever....but I managed to make a trip to Hobby Lobby yesterday and do some damage!!! take care....

Dr. Kathy McCoy said...

I know it's so hard to live with uncertainty, but I hope the weekend is quiet and uneventful for both of you.
How wonderful you'll have a new addition to your family in January! I really love the quilt!

Debby said...

Hi Shirley. My friend has an ill husband as well. She always wants more information and more options than they give her. But he has been ill for a long time now, so something is working to keep him "going on." He amazes me. I have known her for 20 plus years and he has had significant health issues the entire time. (heat, kidney, diabetes) As long as he takes it really easy he can do most things. I hope that you find this encouraging.
I don't like the mamograms either. Had to be a man that invented them, don't you think.
Have a good restful day._

Blondie's Journal said...

I hope you get some information from the doctors soon, Shirley. It's a lot of stress for you. I'm glad you can keep your mind off things when your sew. I read! Your quilt is going to look fantastic!

Take care, my friend!


vicki said...

Shirley- this quilt is going to be SO beautiful! Such a lot of stitching!!

I'm sending up prayers--