Sunday, October 21, 2012

A different Anniversary

 We have celebrated anniversaries, birthdays, and other holidays in many different ways, but this was the first for a nursing home celebration. They were waiting for me to get there Friday evening so they could sing Happy Anniversary to us and wish us many more. It was nice and I ate supper with him.  He is progressing with his physical therapy. Each day he is getting a little stronger, but we have a ways to go yet. I have a meeting Thursday for a progress report to find out more of what to expect. They have started him on the steps and he made it up to nine. 
We have two cub scouts. This is Ethan's first year and Matt's second. They both earned their badges in riflery and archery. They got to shoot a BB gun out at Camp Geiger. They thought that was good. Jake went to and was the official photographer for his mom and took pictures of the boys. They had a good time. Their Uncle John was an Eagle Scout and you can only hope that maybe they will continue on through their life and become one to. 
The weekend turned off to be a gorgeous.  We spend time sitting outside enjoying the fresh air visiting with others who was doing the same thing. Friday was cold and rainy. I was wondering why I saw so many highway patrolmen. It was homecoming and they have a lot of underage drinking going on. Wrecks where young people have been seriously injured or lost their lives. You wonder where the parents are and if they know what is going on. 
It  doesn't seem like the month should be flying so fast, but it is. We  have two family birthdays this week, but we are going to celebrate later. Hopefully grandpa will be out of the nursing home. My grandson doesn't care because he is going to Branson on a trip. Ours was postponed this year, maybe next who knows. 
I have been putting the finishing edges on the tea towels. It gives me something to do while I visit him. Well it is getting late and tomorrow is back to work. Have a great week


Debby said...

Glad you had a little celebration. I'm glad that your husband is getting better. It has to be hard.
So many celebrations coming up. You take care of yourself.

Vickie said...

Well it was a different Anniversary wasn't it? So glad he is improving. Soon he will be back with you. Have a great day.♥