Sunday, April 14, 2013

May 11th

The magic day of May 11th is the first horse show of the season for the two boys. They took the horses yesterday so that they could get all of the shots, test, and etc that they had to have. 
I ended up going out an spending time with the boys because dad needed to go to the ER. Cleo didn't like the way she was having to be backed out of the trailer and put him into the divider gate. It was scary because it was the same shoulder he had rebuilt in the past when he had shatter the ball. He didn't break anything nor puncher anything, just going to be sore for a few days for which we can really be thankful. 
The picture is of my oldest grandson and his horse Fergie taken the last show of the season when it was cold, rainy, just not really that great of a day. They let them wear coats when they showed. I missed it because of grandpa being in the hospital. One thing about this year brother will not be competing against brother for big brother had to move up an age bracket. 
They are both looking forward to getting started.
The past week went much to fast while our oldest was home. I did enjoy the time that I got to spend with him and I had a phone call a little while ago letting me know he had made it back to his apartment o.k. . He was on the backside of the storm and just had to deal with the wind, which has been something else here today. They said that our airport had gust up to 40 miles a hour today. We have had a little rain, but nothing to really speak of. We could use some more .  We never really want him to leave, just reminded me of when he would come home on leave from the service.  He stopped by the house and picked up a few things before he left.
I went to the city yesterday to JoAnn's which they have remodeled.  Their inventory looked bigger then it had been. I spent over a hour looking around and realized I needed to start back home. I could have spent more time just looking going up and down the isles. They have one section for crafts for the younger generation to get them started enjoying it with the rest of us.  If  you are into scrapbooking, they have enlarge that area and have so much more to choose from. Our daughter and I will be going down when she has a day. They were busy so I went by myself. 
Well I hope you all have a wonderful week. I am not sure what mine will bring. Take care


Blondie's Journal said...

It's neat that your grandsons are such horse lovers! What a fun sport to be involved in.

JoAnn's really has changed a lot I hear. They have a lot of beautiful things for the home that I've seen in Blogland. If I could sew I'm sure I'd be there a lot!

Have a great week, Shirley!


Beedeebabee said...

Hi Shirley! I love the photo of your grandson and his horse. My sister has been riding since she was little, and she just loves it...I haven't been to JoAnn's in a long time. The one over here isn't that large, but I still enjoy going there. Our Michael's is a super store though. It's so easy to spend hours in a good crafty store, isn't it?! Hope your week brings you only good things, sweet girl! xo


Hello Shirley,,, Happy Spring if you can say it has arrived yet or not... Good Luck to your grandson with the 1st Horse show of the season... Our Your Magnolia Tree was very pretty with its Spring Blooms.. Happy stitching. Hugs Judy

Nook and Cranny said...

Great pic of your grandson and his horse. Glad to hear the boys don't have to compete against each other, can't see where that would be much of a good thing, but then again maybe it is, who knows.
I wanted to thank you for stopping by my "new neighbors" post. I love seeing the bunnies, any wildlife is good with me.
Take good care for now.

CatieAn said...

oh how fun the horse shows are starting soon for your grandsons. I bet you love that. I love the Joann's we have here as well. I could stay there for hours looking at patterns and all the lush fabrics.