Saturday, April 20, 2013

Spring Where are You

 It is getting close to the first of May and we started off at 29 degrees this morning. What was a beautiful Magnolia tree is now brown because of the freeze that we had. We have had some flooding in our area because of the rain. It wasn't as bad as we have had it in the past.  We should have warmer weather, where is it at. Do you have it if so, share some with us.
I just know it was cold at the craft show today because their door wouldn't close right. With people coming in and out, the door was standing open. It was cold where our table was and I wouldn't have wanted to be close to the door. 
I didn't sell anything, but it was an enjoyable day of meeting new people and having a change of scenery for the day. You always need a break from everything for just yourself and that was today. 
I thought I would show you part of my table and the tea towels that I have done. I just need to get them listed in my etsy shop so that I have something new.
 My little blue bird, bouquet of flowers , my hand embroidered handkerchief. burp towels, bibs, were just a few of the things that I had on my table. I had lots of compliments and lookers. Most that was sold was vendors by from vendors. There was a city wide garage sale not far from where we were at which they said they thought was part of the problem. Of course, you never know what days to pick, you just take a chance when you make plans. 
My daughter in law was at the craft show with me, so my son and the boys were doing the grocery shopping. I would have loved being a mouse and watching that. They were texting asking where in the store was this and that located. You can tell my son isn't use to doing the shopping. They went to my brother's this afternoon. He wants my grandson to show his horse that he had bought for his grandchildren. They have to have the papers to turn in by the 1st of May or he wouldn't be able to show her.  You have to turn in the names of all horses that you think you might show or not.

 The next pictures is of her booth. On her stand is all wooden puzzles that they make using a scroll saw.  On the third shelf down was the spider that my grandson made. She wanted him to make another one, but he hasn't been willing yet. It sold today so maybe he will change his mind. They made the bunk bed and the regular bed in the next two pictures. Your American Girl doll would fit in them very nicely. She had planned on having mattresses and all on them, but ran out of time. 
She has her hands full with working full-time , her family, and dealing with her dad, who is in a nursing home after suffering a stroke which left him paralyze on the left side. He thinks that he can go home because he sees other people go home. He has to have 24/7 care the same as my hubby. Only my hubby is not as hard headed as her dad. She said that she never dream of becoming a care giver for a parent. I told her you just never know. 

I thought they did really a great job and they are cheaper then what you can buy them in the store or the American Girl catalog for. They do sell  and ship them. 

Hope you all have a wonderful week and I want it to warm up. I am glad that I had decided to postpone getting me a few flowers. They are saying that we might possibly get snow this week. Take care and I am sorry it is a little long post tonight. 


Blondie's Journal said...

The craft fair sounded like a great time...I love your tea towels and look forward to them being in your etsy shop.

I am so looking forward to warm sunny weather...lets keep our fingers crossed!


NanaDiana said...

Shirley-It is really cold here, too. 26 yesterday but we are all the way up to 32º now. I hope we ALL get some warm weather soon. Too bad about your magnolia tree.

I am so sorry you didn't sell anything at the craft fair. I do think vendors are selling less and less because of the economy. I know I don't buy at craft fairs like I once did. It's kind of sad because I know it is a good part-time income for a lot of people. How fun that your grandson's spider sold. Maybe he will make another one now.
I hope you have a good Sunday, Shirley. I suppose you are spending the day with your hubby. I hope he is improving. Blessings to you- xo Diana

Vickie said...

Oh Shirley, we have the same junky weather. It snowed here two days ago. =(
I'm sorry you didn't sell anything this time.

Kerrie said...

I woke this morning to chilly windy weather, too! The sun is shining and it will warm up soon I hope. Your Craft table is beautiful, wish I could afford to buy a dozen of your towels, your work is so beautiful! And Your daughter-in-law's display was great too! As you know, my Bill made many things with the scroll saw. Hugs, hope it warms up for you. K

Cheryl @ TFD said...

Your table looks great! I'm sorry you didn't sell anything, I'll bet that garage sale didn't help any.

I hope that your weather warms up soon. It has been fluctuating here. Take care!

Beedeebabee said...

Hi Shirley... Your embroidered towels are just beautiful! Too bad you didn't sell anything, but at least you had a great day. :) The weather here is sunny, but very chilly. I like it that way though! Have a fun day sweetie! xo

David said...

Shirley, Ah yes...hours spent at craft and art shows! My mother was a big arts and crafts person, with everything from stitchery to oil paint to pottery. I spent many hours at these shows. One in particular, in East Lansing Michigan, resulted in the sale of hundreds of ceramic beads! We even ended up going home and digging up my mother's rejects just to have more to sell on the 2nd day! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

Nook and Cranny said...

Sounds like you had a good day at the craft show regardless of a no sale day. I used to do craft shows, they are hard to do. A lot of people like to go to them but a lot of them do not buy. There is just no way to figure any of it out.
Thanks for stopping by my blog post "journal week". It is so much fun to visit with our lil grand daughter no matter what we are doing.
Hugs from Vermont

Jillayne said...

Your table looks like it was lovely Shirley - I am sorry to hear you didn't sell anything but I am sure it will all go once you get it in your Etsy shop.
The wooden creations are simply lovely - and look like they are beautiful quality - that's craftsmanship!
It is cold here too so I can't send you warm weather but I am wishing it for us both!